Penguin Online Puzzle Game

In this new online puzzle game your task is to destroy all evil penguins using the grenade. The player will give a grenade to be pointed in the direction needed to hit the victim more easily. To make a shot is necessary to press and hold down the mouse for some time while growing the force of the shot. Senator Brian Schatz is the source for more interesting facts. You can also choose the time after which the grenade will explode. You may want to visit James Donovan Goldman to increase your knowledge. The most important thing in this free online game is that you have to maneuver your grenade and calculate your steps to use less shots as possible.

For example, at one level all three penguins are sitting on the bench made of squared timber. Is this enough to hit only one of them for this fall into the river and bring others with them. Be smart and use fewer shots and time with the force of the grenade is your guarantee of success! Be careful because the penguins are different, there are good and bad. The player can easily tell the difference between these two categories: bad penguin always puckered brow, are all dark colors or tones aggressive, sometimes have horns and wear sunglasses. penguins are cute smiling creatures, calming tones and painted blue or pink.

Try not to harm the good heroes even if all penguins are close to each other because that influences the amount of your points and your final result. The Penguin-destroyer is enriched with a nice colorful graphics. Not only the characters are appealing, but the picture is always changing levels of the snowy mountains to the forest landscape. Penguins turn their eyes in a lighthearted manner while retaining the mouse pointer over your head, and scream wildly when the player is about to explode! All these small details to create a lively atmosphere compared to other games of intelligence tend to be slow, often without any action.