Andria Loyal Donadon

Council member Andria Loyal Donadon 62-for its availability in giving the 63-first orientaes to us of 64-positive experiences that we can prove; 65-Ao Dr. Wyller Brulio, Member of the National ALB 66-that it directly assumed the 67-marcante process of support to the Installation of the ALB-MG, 68-giving us legal endorsement we will act 69-dentro of the Norms of Superior Advice ALB. 70-Aos Presidents of the ALB of Brazil 71-that in they had given its abilities to them; 72-Aos members of the IHGMG, especially, 73-For in them supporting in the Noble Hall of the House of Joo Pine, 74- each one of the Academics who 75-Believe our DREAMS. 76- RG Embroidered with its gold wires, 77- D. Vanda-Dressmaker of the Fardo 74-Aos writers available Poet, Professional 75-Aos 76-A all the gifts, for all the attention, DEBTOR! – – FRUITFUL MINES GERAIS-BELO POETICAL CULTURAL HORIZON CAPITAL OF THE PEACE. – H-Horizontes is infindos The-Art shows capable people, L-Letter has welcome subjects, P-Pela searchs, culture brings P-PAZ in light transcendente Universal The-Love, action remake, Z-Zeal to the environment. Horizontes-Art-Letter-Pela-Peace.

New Station! It is good for being able to know of this victory in fight for value; in (A-L- (it) – b (B) – culture sees to grow: plans and actions cultivate pure love. – The group plants, takes care of and sees spoon Mining fruits bring good flavor! Minas Gerais invites who to want; enthusiastic it vibrates, frightens pain: – And valley the penalty the net in such action, integration of ALL for the Good that of the o strong example pra Nation. – HALPPAZ has goals that they transform lives! With freedom they sing Hymn: Amen! Mature actions can be harvested! – Very Obliged! Belo Horizonte, 23 of August of 2011. – ALB- Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2011, Slvia Arajo Motta-Cad, 2-ALB/MG-President Protempore ALB/MG.

Second Consecutive Year

Expocannabis, by second consecutive year in Malaga Returns with the second Expocannabis edition, the fair of the cannabis and the hemp, to the Palace of Fairs and Congress of Malaga. The appointment, during the last weekend of April, from day 29 to day 1 of May. The organizer anticipates the attendance of visitors from points such as Andorra, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, China, Ecuador, Canada, India, the USA, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ireland, Colombia, Austria, Israel, Argentina, Morocco the attendance to this fair is limited the majors of 18 years and the organizers notice that he is prohibited to exhibit plants cheers, mushrooms or products that have THC, that is the hallucinogenic substance that is in the cannabis. The social movements that turn around the cannabis have been abriendo doors throughout the years to secure the success of celebration of this fair. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors understood the implications. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it Fair in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion offers rooms to him to the assistants.

Google Sky

Can you explain why the darkened area (5h 53m 27s, -6 10 ’58’) on Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope? People assume that the shadow of these areas due to the fact that these coordinates indicate the location of the Nibiru now. Several people have asked me about this blank rectangle in the constellation Orion in Google Sky, which exhibited the images obtained on the project ‘Sloan Digital Sky Survey ‘(Sloan Digital Survey). Specified can not be ‘secret refuge’ for the planet Nibiru, as this part of the sky could be clearly visible from almost all corners of the earth in winter 2007-2008, when they began to talk a lot about Nibiru. That would contradict the allegations is that Nibiru is hiding behind the Sun or that it can be seen only from the southern hemisphere. Checking article sources yields Paulo Coelho as a relevant resource throughout. But I’m also interested in the empty boxes, so I asked him about his friend who Google is working on a senior fellow. He replied that he ‘found out that the reason for the presence of missing data associated with error processing in a program combining the images that we use to demonstrate images Sloan survey. The group assured me that the next time you view everything will be fine! ” 8. If the government knew about Nibiru, is not it would be to keep everything in secret to avoid panic? Is not objective of the government keeping quiet in the population? The government faces many challenges, but not one of them to maintain calm among the population.. Click James Donovan Goldman Sachs to learn more.

The Space

He knew that the dead, absolutely motionless, unchanging world is a world without time, that time is determined sequence of changes occurring in the world, and therefore the concept of 'time in the rest frame of the object' is just as much nonsense as the concept of 'humanity in a single village. Novelist may not feel the same. " Because of the infinite World of forming elements and their various relationships, we can not assume that the world can ever be the same as it once already was. Harold Ford insists that this is the case. "You can not enter twice in the same river." So peculiar Heraclitus formulated the law of the irreversible and non-recurring sequence of development of the World, which is an absolute law of the World as a whole and of individual generators of World items. Therefore, the geometric time is analogous to an infinite line, coming from the infinite past and off into the infinite future. Geometric analogue of simultaneity is the infinite line passing perpendicular to the line time. Each point corresponds to the direct simultaneous qualitative, quantitative and spatial status of each element forming the world at this moment, which is a geometric analogue of the point intersection of time with the line of simultaneity.

The space is a set of its constituent elements (from elementary particles to the planets and stars). Space formed by the elements, and not full of them. Spaces by itself, without any of its constituent elements in the objective reality does not exist in the same way as the weather does not exist without its constituent atmospheric phenomena (wind, snow, temperature …), as there is no width and length without measured object.

World Wide Web

The study of any foreign language – is the search for new roads in the world of human communication. Business, travel, politics, friendship and even love are implemented and disclosed in its entirety through communication links. In Essentially, it turns out that people live many lives, how many languages he knows. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. Contemporary reality presupposes an active position at everyone who strives to achieve high results, to achieve their business and creativity. Foreign language becomes a tool through which we realize that potential. Knowledge of English has long ceased to be exotic. He is firmly entrenched in our lives – almost all its levels. Lead productive and fulfilling everyday business life with no English language is almost impossible. Steve Rattner pursues this goal as well.

We are not able to read how to use cosmetics, and not be able to fill out a questionnaire at the airport the other country, if not speak English. And even the Internet – this World Wide Web – is not open for us until the end. A huge number of interesting sites, contact on icq with English-speaking people (who are in the world still majority) – all this is feasible without the English language at a fairly low level. Contemporary Russian education seems to be recognized this problem – English is often studied from the first class and the first three courses universities. Opens a large number of courses, centers, offering their services in language learning. And yet, the problem is solved not through. A large number of grammar, which we methodically taught in school and university, in fact, not only does not help us to speak, but even becomes a kind of barrier that we can not overcome, trying to communicate in English.

Juan Manuel

Condemning violence always based on the dignity and upholding human rights is necessary to mention that action research was developed in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Mexico with 2000 students from 9-18 years, 125 teachers and over two academic years. The research is entitled: “Present Without Violence. Building a Culture of Peace. ” Initial discussions revealed the existence of problematic situations, gender discrimination and the need to design an action plan for educational practice. The project was carried out following contents: a) masculinities and gender, b) sexuality and sexual preference, c) violence in everyday life, d) sexual violence, e) the sentimental education, f) intercultural g) gender and violence, h) gender and xenophobia, i) families, j) relations of power and violence k) culture of peace. The methodology for this project has been adapted to the conditions of each Centre and the degree of involvement of the Senate with the development of the program established, working several teachers and several teachers from their areas in the same class group, or on other occasions, has been one teacher / a.

Also the contents developed are adapted to the context and environment. The ultimate goal of this project was to bring the conflict as curricular dimension and build a culture of peace, focusing on the abolition of gender power relations and coexistence of people, eradicate injustice and lack of solidarity to achieve happiness and harmony in harmony. Among the main findings include the following: “The evaluation of this project has shown that it is possible the awareness of what our forms of expression of violence among adolescents, as a first stage for the development of skills in conflict resolution. 49% of students have improved their conceptions of gender violence and multiculturalism (the percentage is higher in our country: 51.2% of students). And the change is higher in boys than in girls, reflecting mainly those who exercise violence. There is a common-and troubling trend “in European countries such as the claim of adolescent girls of psychological violence, despite knowing the effects it produces-as a sign of equality with male adolescents.

Consequently, equality policies should ensure that adolescents assume values traditionally assigned to women: ethics of care, solidarity, lack of competitiveness and aggressiveness, and expression of feelings like love. We assume that the people promoting behaviors, attitudes and values against the liberators that generate oppression. ” Ignacio G. de la Rosa and Juan Manuel de la Cruz (1998) in the article: “Teens a little happier, after detecting the opinions of more than a hundred of teenagers on the distribution of domestic roles and care of others, given the views framed within a patriarchal ideology of masculinity, but after the educational work done by the authors began to detect changes in stereotypical ideas. These results are encouraging because they demonstrate the effectiveness of education in eliminating prejudice and violence prevention, the possibility of countering this scourge of society that affects half of humanity. Today it is urgent to analyze society and see the deaths that violence occurs against women, deaths are only the tip of the iceberg of the tragedy of many women, the addition of programs that address gender violence eliminating sexist attitudes of school but not as a cross-sectional area but fully integrated into the curriculum. Furthermore, as the violence is learned, it may prevent achieving the ultimate goal of total elimination of inequalities, and eradicating violence against girls and women.

Pablo Freire Act

She is necessary, therefore, that the educators and educandos discover and feel the joy when searching the knowledge, to the curiosity to learn to learn, because to educate is to form, including, necessarily, the moral formation of educating. As in the Freire sample, the consequences of this approach for education are enormous. It agrees to point out that: To teach is thus the form as it takes the knowledge act that the (a) professor (a) necessarily makes in the search to know what it teaches to also provoke in the pupils its act of knowledge. Therefore, to teach is a creative act, a critical act and not mechanic. The curiosity of the (a) professor (a) and the pupils, in action, if finds in the base of teach-learning (FREIRE, 2002, P. 81). As Pablo Freire says, the act to know, to create and to recriar objects makes of the education an art.

The education is simultaneously a certain theory of knowledge entering in the practical one, an act politician, ethical and aesthetic. Gestures, tunes of voice, walking in the classroom, poses, participate of the aesthetic nature of the act of the knowledge, of its impact on the formation of the students through education (FREIRE, SHOR, 1986, p.145). The art, in its diverse activities awaken in the new pupils values, developing the direction of aesthetic appreciation of the world, appealing the basic references and knowledge in the domain of the artistic expressions, stating feelings, emotions excited for the texts, sensetizing and establishing interactions through different languages. In an interview carried through for Anger Shor, regarding the relation between education and the art, Freire argues: I think that about the moment where you enter in the classroom, at the moment that you say the students, Oi! How they go vocs? , You initiate an aesthetic relation. We make art and politics when we help in the formation of the students, knowing of this or not.

Education Content

The content analysis is one technique of treatment of information. As technique can be used in some types of research and in such a way to serve equally the different levels of empirical inquiry of different sciences social human beings and. According to Valla (2001), ' ' the purpose of the content analysis will be, therefore to effect inferences, on the basis of a logic explicitada, on the messages whose characteristics had been inventoried and sistematizadas' ' (VALLA, 2001; p. 104). In fact we could the set of used metodolgicos instruments, made possible us a bigger explicitao and understanding to soon of our exercise of research. In this Bardin direction, (2004) it affirms that: ' ' The content analysis allowed a more faithful analysis of the reality, in the measure where for detrs of the symbolic and generally polissmico apparent speech a direction is hidden that agrees to unmask (BARDIN, 2004, p.37). In our research the analysis of the data collected in the field, during the participant comment will be carried through in accordance with the decoded explicativas categories of the transcribed subjects, that are: Education in the social movements, Identity and Formation Politics.

3.8 Auto refletividade: the experience of the field in the formation of pesquisador/the experience of the field in the area of social movements provided a bigger understanding to us of what indeed it occurs inside of this organization, as well as we could prove or refute what let us believe to be truths or unreal situations. The learning was differentiated and constructor of new perspectives concerning the social organizations. The main easinesses found in the place of ' ' pesquisa' ' if they had given in the direction of the integrant citizens of that movement to be one as much that susceptveis to the dialogue and, therefore facilitated our work sufficiently and gave in the confidence to carry through study of a calmer and trustworth experience the information harvested in that locality.

City Politics

The public politics directed to the education in the city of Picu* ** Appeared Rosinalva Martins de Oliveira are known that in last the ten years, necessarily, in the government of president Lula, it has increased and very, the come back public politics to the education. Although to know that not yet it is the sufficient for an education of quality, it is undeniable the difference in relation to the governments had preceded that it. In the city of Picu, the public politics directed toward the education are gifts in form of assistencialistas programs, as: stock market family, the PETI, the AABB community, adopts it one becomes childish, pro the young others; also in the form of other directed programs more to the schools, as: PDE, PDDE, PENATI, PROINFO, beyond the inclusion programs as the multi-functional rooms, of merenda, the pertaining to school transports and others that receive partnerships private as the program from confrontation to the drugs, in partnership with the Banco Santander, that it searchs to take care of children in situation of social risk. Although our city makes use of all these programs, it does not brighten up the situation of the majority of our clientele of children and adolescents who depends on these programs. What we perceive, mainly in relation to the had programs as assistencialistas, is that badly they are structuralized, and the resources badly managed. It does not exist a purpose, an objective, or same a direct partnership with the schools, in the direction to collaborate with the activities, or same with the professors, in a joint action and objective to promote the real citizenship and the learning. The people who are the front of these programs are extremely laypeople, or unprepared. The majority is pointed by the mayor without no academic formation or of knowledge of the social reality of the community.

The STUDY OF Society

I – The STUDY OF the ETHICS AND AESTHETIC Pablo Freire it is before everything an educator. Its workmanship leaves roots in the philosophical and antropolgico field, is extended for the area of the communication, apia in sociological knowledge, and is endowed with implications politics. This complexity to multidiscipline of its thought concurs, however, to stand out and to deepen its basic concern: to give to the educative process the essential conditions so that this contributes to the full and conscientious accomplishment of each man in the seio of the society. Leaving of this estimated, of that the education it must have a global vision of the pupil, with feelings and emotions, it is that if it becomes excellent, the study of the dimensions ethical and aesthetic in the pedagogical thought of Pablo Freire. Practical and the freiriana theory, bases on ethics inspired by the relation ' ' man-knot-mundo' ' , that is, to be in the world, in the construction of its ' ' be-knot-world-with-the-outros' ' , that is, to be capable of if relating with the people and the society (FREIRE, 2001c). The expression of this ethics, if of the one in the forms of the aesthetic one, the rescue and the search of all is also noticed, that the forms of expression human being – its proper aesthetic beauty and the improvement of these expressions. Thus, as in them it presents Freire, the beauty is not privilege of a classroom, but a construction shared for all, needing to be conquered to each moment, each decision, by means of experiences, attitudes capable to create and to recriar the world.

Freire, however, calls the attention for a basic aspect. A deep linking between the educative process and the too much essential processes to the life of a society exists: the activity politics, economic, cultural. The educative process is not only one activity human being among others, but an inherent dimension to any activity of the man as to be social.