South American

The conference did not agree a way forward to establish a legally binding agreement. Although negotiations will continue next year, the loss of an objective "legally binding" made the Copenhagen summit a huge missed opportunity. The world must now resume travel Bali on the way to Mexico, where a just, ambitious and legally binding to avoid catastrophic climate change must be taken notes that the Brazilian government blamed the United States (U.S.) to end the hopes of the world and threaten human life with the imposition of an agreement without consultation group generated by a minimum countries behind the representatives of more than 190 countries attending the Summit on Climate Change. The position of the South American country, was set by the Environment Minister, Carlos Minc, in line with the rejection that five countries held after the presentation of the document by the President of the Summit, Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the last day of session, including Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. The minister recalled that the United States, the largest historical polluter of the environment, was responsible for the "fiasco" in Copenhagen, in the absence of a formal commitment to reduce GHG emissions and said, from the Danish capital, that "the final text (for the top) leaves much to be desired, this is an sad day, a lot of frustration "and complained that" despite all the effort the result is very small, oriented to the needs of the world. "The resolution adopted at the Summit set a target ceiling of two degrees of global warming on pre-industrial era, which was criticized by many nations, especially the island, as this cap is the din of these countries.

Governmental Institutions

b) to the reinforcement of the critical conscience on the social problemasambientais and; c) the educaoambiental execution of programs, projects and aesde in partnership with all the sectors of the society. d) to stimulate the planning and the tourist use of atividadeseco as form to practise the ambient education. Section III Of> Art ability. 5. I implement in it of the State Politics of EducaoAmbiental, competes: I – to the Pblicoinserir Power the politics of EducaoAmbiental; II – to the public and private educational institutions dossistemas of state and municipal education, to insert the politics that deals with estalei through the responsible ambient sector for its implementation in all osnveis and modalities of education, engaging the society in the conservation, recovery and improvement of the environment; III – to the CIEA/AP to promote maneiraintegrada the ambient education of between the Governmental Institutions and Not-Governmental that acompe, next to the strategical plan that develops; IV to the state agency of Environment and Education, eoutros agencies of the state public administration: ) To carry through accords and adjustments aiming at the implantation eimplementao of the Programs of Ambient Education, as well as promoting action ambient deeducao integrated to the programs of conservation, emelhoria recovery of the environment; b) To implement practical actions of ambient management naprpria organization, as form to emphasize the ambient ethics through the conscientious use and adequate ogerenciamento of its residues, at the same time where if it carries through ambient asensibilizao. V – to the medias, to collaborate in active way epermanente in the diffusion of educative practical information and on environment, being incorporated the ambient dimension in its programming; VI to the companies, entities of classroom and institutions to privadasadotar action of ambient education, promoting destined programs capacitao of the workers, aiming at the effective improvement and the control doambiente of work, as well as the reduction of the impacts of the productive process I nominate environment; VII – to the society to search the formation of values, attitudes ehabilidades that propitiate directed the individual and collective performance stops To the managing agency of ambient education to stimulate professional aformao in graduation level and after-graduation (specialization, mestrado, doutorado) for the professionals who act in the educaoambiental area.

Green Dream

On the basis of these answers, we evidence that many parents, inhabitants of the land division, understand that many actions are harmful to the local environment and are committed by the proper population, that in contrast, would have to preserve and to conserve the place where they live. ' ' Many ambient problems are resultant, without a doubt, of the economic situation and the standards of behavior inadequados' ' Silveira, Marques and Guedes (1997, P. 31). To this direction, we agree to Rasp and Hisses (2010, P. 3) when affirms: All the activities human beings generate some type of residue (…) and need some form of management to hinder that the same ones cause some ambient impact, or at least that they cause a minimum impact. We can say that to poluir it is inherent to the man, and that to revert the trend of current ambient degradation we need to change our style of life and the way as we treat our fellow creatures and the environment where we live. However, many resident people in the Land division Green Dream not yet despertaram for the agreement of that the ambient preservation is basic for the quality of life of itself proper and of the too much individuals and for the maintenance of the proper environmental resources.

We understand in this direction, that the ambient education if constitutes in an indispensable tool to be established next to the population of this locality. We believe that the proper school and the Education can (and they must) to play concrete and excellent actions that come to contribute for the process of awareness of the inhabitants, being been educators, pupils, parents and community, the agent mobilizadores and multipliers of this process. Ahead of such perspective, many strategies can and must be created: the elaboration and educative distribution of cartilhas confectioned with the pupils, showing to the community the necessity to take care of of the environment and the consequences of the existing degradation well already; accomplishment of lectures in the school with subjects directed to the question of the preservation and ambient conservation, amongst other actions that can instigate the mobilization and the social organization.