Types of Houses in the Country

To help you select the most appropriate heating system, we propose the following classification of country houses and cottages: Type A – one-story house with a basement and without a steep roof; Type B – single-storey houses with flat roof to the basement or no basement; type B – two or more storied houses with a flat or a steep roof and a cellar. For houses of type A is recommended to use hot water heating systems only with vertical risers. Heating systems with horizontal can not be heated attic space with a steeply dipping roof. Hot-water heating system such homes with a basement or without desirable to perform two-pipe with a natural circulation from the top or bottom wiring. When installing the boiler in the basement of the chimney height must be at least 10 meters in houses without a basement boiler is installed on the first floor, and the system should only be wired from the top.

For Type B homes with a basement should be applied hot water heating system with horizontal. The boiler is preferably set in the basement. Due to the fact that the chimney height of these houses are less than 6 m, preferably as a fuel use gas or fuel oil. For homes without basements of type B is also recommended for hot water heating system with horizontal, set the pot is not recessed, and as a fuel it is desirable use of gas or liquid fuel. For the two-storey houses and a type B should be used two-pipe systems with water heating riser and the top or bottom wiring.

Northern Oil

The project was carried out the dismantling of the building power units are transported and mounted in a block-modules at the new facility. Major works were carried out in the lowest possible temperature (the temperature was recorded 335 K). Gas piston unit Cummins 1540 GQNA, operating on associated gas for the primary energy supply field. Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-WH TD 24006.3 30" based on the Cummins KTA 38G5, working in a gas-diesel mode. Energy production at Palnikovskom oil field, Yamal. Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-D KN20 10006.3" based on engine Cummins KTA 50 (3 AIS) unit of 1 MW.

Energy oil production facilities. Customer LLC "Naryanmarneftegaz". Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-D500, 4 KN20" based on engine Cummins VTA 28 unit capacity of 500 kW. Stand-alone diesel plant container type, such as CSB-D320, KN20 4" on the basis of engines Cummins VTA28 (2 DGS) unit capacity of 320 kW. Energy oil production facilities of JSC "Northern Oil" Energy industry problem security of power supply output is directly related to lack of generating capacity in the industry. At this point, when actively growing volumes of production, consumption and increases electricity. The existing power capabilities no longer able to provide the expected increase in load. Fixed assets of the electricity sector are worn, but their modernization requires substantial investment. About deterioration of the power equipment indicates frequent accidents at substations. Increasingly, enterprises, a program of measures that reduce energy losses, optimizing energy consumption and energy supply, including building their own power sources.