Russia Organizations

For example, if breeder with the buyer taking a very decent amount will not give the supporting documents to the animal or the buyer will send far and for too long in the presence of defects in the kitten, which he and the color, it. Such cases in life plenty! However, in fairness I must say that among foreign breeders of course there are decent and honest people who have a great number of animals and work flawlessly for many years, but alas too little. Make a reservation at once, we are not talking about the leaders of social clubs that opened the nursery in international organizations, and why some animals prefer to offer their own breeding people, but not to leave them in their nurseries. This information is also food for thought! Therefore, the acquisition of kittens in the cattery foreign buyer must be very careful, because there do not give a guarantee due to self-management activities. None of these kittens to foreign organizations as the eye could not see them grow up here in Russia, and after the implementation of them will make the documents of foreign organizations where the buyer has their own need to receive ancestry. Documents at the kitty often have to wait for months, they lose, confuse the data, etc. When contacting clubs cats buyer will be useful to ask the status of the organization, it is a public or commercial.

The fact that social clubs felinology cat breeding (cats) is not a job, a hobby. Many breeders there exist by themselves, that they themselves give birth to a nursery, it ourselves and and sell. These kittens in one Club cats can and had never seen such a club is only concerned with the registration and issuance of documents. There is another kind of social clubs, they litters, but often by outsiders activists who are not composed with the organization in any formal relationship, therefore they can not be held responsible for the results of its operations. The buyer will not see on the metrics of non-governmental organizations with a warranty part of the club or the breeder, because of their distinctive activities.

In the professional clubs of cats, such as the Association of breed clubs cat lovers (APKLK), Buyer shall provide all safeguards, since they operate at permanent experts feline breeds curators who keep track of all the breeding work of nurseries and the activities of breeders. If it is mandatory kittens in the organization of feline, the buyer has able to obtain information not from the person concerned – the breeder, and from the feline, which is responsible for the activities of the nursery. Here is the domestic zoorynok unvarnished! Buyer always need to know what he wants to buy and by what means disposal. Perhaps also appropriate to remember the old English proverb – miser pays twice! Do not skimp on the quality of the animal, if you decide to do breeding work. Refer to felinologist organizations and requires them to comprehensive information about the activities of the nursery, where they intend to purchase an animal (make sure to order the DVD-ROM archives of material from the exhibition with participation of representatives of the ancestors, and this dynasty, the slide show, photos, etc.). If the organization is serious breeding work, then you all give, and if in addition to words and promises the buyer gets nothing, then do correct conclusions about the organization and its nurseries.