I have a certain terror of the word radicalism, therefore to be radical is to defend a thesis, but at the same time the expression passes me an idea, not to accept the opposite. Many world-wide conflicts, had had origin for its governing to defend radical ideas, are religious, ethnic and cultural they. Today in Brazil we have some left extreme parties, and right, this me cause a instigante curiosity, therefore if really they arrived at the power, as they would place in practical its ideas. The scaling to the power, of the current Brazilian government, sends in them to a transformation, since the foundation of the party of the workers, until the arrival to the central power for president Lula. This ' ' mudana' ' it made with that many sympathetical of abandoned it to the party. The motto ' ' it loves it or deixe' ' , very present at the time of the Brazilian military dictatorship it was revived. The old MDB, although to be a mixture of the existing oppositions in the period, of the dictatorship also it passed for this change, it had that to straighten itself, therefore arrived at the power in the after-dictatorship and had that to carry through diverse arrangements politicians in reason of the governabilidade. Today around of the world, we have innumerable governments, that they use to the dictatorship, the repression as form of if perpetuating in the power, and there I ask reader, you I agree to this line of thought.

To have an opinion and to know to argue are very important, but to know to hear I still consider of bigger importance. This thought is not only applied in the politics, but in all the sectors of the society. I dialogue me seems to be the word-key in a globalizado world, where everything is instantaneous and a simple action can be changedded into something gigantic, positive or not. The PT of today not the same, compared with the one of twenty years behind, but if had not suffered this ideological mutation would have obtained so important social advances, and even though the re-election in a country, where the social inaquality, still is alarming. This neoliberalismo petista cause arrepios in many, but really how much it will cost, for the petistas to remain itself in the power. I make a question now, if the president Squid, had looser the 1989 election, would have reached so great popularity? one asks complex, therefore the inflation in the end of the decade of 80 was alarming, to obtain any success, at that moment was practically impossible. Perhaps to have lost the election for Collor, has been the beginning of a matureness of the party as a whole, where to lose it was interesting, for the PT.

Workers Superintendent

Who denounces, fight for the preservation of the environment is who suffers and tumbles with ' ' agricultural crime organizado' ' or it suffers being victim of a governmental eminence incapable to stimulate one politics of changes for the current picture. The national association of the servers of MDA (SINDSEP-DF) already announced that in day 16 of June, the servers will be of crossed arms. The stop is part of the day of fights for improvements in the work conditions and wages. Recently in the position of President Nacional of the INCRA (Serving of the house), Celso Lacerda, the new head will have a great challenge for the front, to reorganize a complex and questioned agency, almost that the time all. Enlace in a structural crisis, the INCRA? discouraged and plastered for the bureaucracy? figure as the spring master of the lethargy that lives the Agrarian Reformation in all Domestic territory. The choice of a national Superintendent ' ' silver of casa' ' to command the INCRA, it points a new horizon searched for the government, to guarantee a profile technician to direct the institution, however, this new route that searchs the government is prominent for what already it is of rule, mainly in relation to the indications of the Superintendents in the States, therefore, the indicated ones for the position they appear of the old politics of ' ' fraction interna' ' of the Party of the Workers. In alagoas, the situation does not run away the scratch, without a management based on the planning, its performance did not obtain to improve its qualities in the execution of the demands of the agrarian reform in the State. The supervision of the INCRA Alagoas, since the government Squid, passed for the command in the agency; an agronomist (Mrio Agra), architect (Gino Cesar), professor (Gilbert Coutinho), and the secundarista former-leader (Estevam Oliveira, current temporary superintendent), and who will be the superintendent now? We are in the sixth month of 2011 and since January that the social movements wait, namely, who really will go to assume the folder in the State.

Education Politics

We live curious situations that would have to take us it great reflections. To each day that passes is asked for where we will go if the people of good of this country not to reflect and they start to have action. My Father of the dear Sky: that Brazil is this? Until where we will go banalizando the life of this form? That values we are proliferating in this world consumerism and it makes of it of accounts? When the parents with its families, the educators in the schools, the politicians and as much other responsible ones for the destinations of this country will go to wake up to understand that easy life, money, exaggerated consumption and life of make of accounts finish taking off the essence of the existence? Until when we go to have that to coexist inside of a hypocritical society, blind that he does not desire to see its children if finishing in the alcohol, the drug, prostitution and as much other easinesses that the consumerism proliferates. I am convinced that he will be for education, for the politics and example that we could revert this situation. It will be that this tragedy of the goleiro of the Flamengo would not be a breach that demonstrates as many human beings are living? The society of the consumerism, makes of it of accounts that live of the appearance seem after all that it started to leave the mask to fall, of accounts, until today, in the history of the humanity, only satisfaction of corporeal properties, if having much money, fame, power, of if to have everything that if it imagines, they are not elements essences to get the full happiness. By the way, still in the case of the goleiro, he was proven, in both the cases, of the victim and of the male defendant who the total delivery to the desires (flesh time and material) is the door of the barbarity, that is, the human being loses its dimension, unhappyly all knows that he is this that walks happening in submundo of our society..

Teodoro Da Silva Son

Certain day was seated in a snack bar, heard a girl of approximately 08 years asking for the mother because that it did not vote, the mother was without favour and hesitated in answering, then the girl completed, is because, child does not have responsibility.

Ahead of this rank I was thinking, will be that all the voters have responsibility at the moment to choose its candidate, reflecting and analyzing the referring facts to the scene politician, I arrived the sad conclusion, of whom the majority of the voters does not possess responsibility, therefore if they had, she would not have as much corrupt politicians and nor would be necessary to vote Law of clean Fiche since the responsibility impedizia them to be elect. Of this form if she cannot affirm the girl who the responsibility lack hinders it of to vote, therefore if thus was many would lose this right, the certainty is that if the adults are not if making responsible for its votes, the children also could perfectly be voters and who knows with the innocence that they possess, suddenly would know to even choose better the candidates, because that one dictated ‘ ‘ It is more easy than to take off candy of the mouth of criana’ ‘ , already more he is not true, and them since very early they know what it wants and what is its, that is, using its criticidade, of this form can be affirmed that an adult is so easy to deceive a child how much who does not have responsibility.

The vote is the used instrument to reveal an opinion, to choose a representative or an option between the diverse ones that they are presented, to answer for the destination of the country, state and city, and here use another dictated celebrity, if ‘ ‘ the child is the future of mundo’ ‘ , because it cannot of some form express its opinion? As they will be made responsible by the future if they cannot decide the gift that it affects the world directly where will be responsible? The certainty is that the children do not vote, for not being considered responsible for its acts and to have as representative its parents or responsible, however, they who today are voters, must think more and try to use the maximum of its responsibility for not keeping silent ahead of a question of this, but yes she gives to example its children whom the difference of an adult vote for the one of a child shows, that for more I criticize that you have it is them as legally responsible..

Brazilian Crisis

The crisis of the coffee sector, stimulated for the international crisis of 1929ainda remained causing low in prices of the main product of Brazilian exportation, taking the government to burn part of exceeding production. The crisis anger to facilitate to the blow and the access of Vargas to the power, that made association to the problem of the coffee, guaranteeing to the cafeicultores freedom of movements exporting and import. The coffee crisis assisted the growth of internal industrialization. Several defend had been them that they had led to this process: The depreciation of the currency; The high one of the exported products; The growth of an urban consuming market. But the situation of internal industrialization was not steady, lacked stops in its growth investments in this sector for the improvement of its products, the economic crisis and the representation lack politics made it difficult the situation still more.

The Armed Forces will go to have decisive paper in the process of Brazilian industrialization, as much the high ones how much the low steps were of common agreement how much to the importance of this sector for the development economic politician and of nation. (p.262-263). The New State was at the hands of the Armed Forces and its representatives, therefore it was the only nucleus organized and active in the accomplishment of the blow. The instability economic politics and of years 30, the tenentista movement threatened the homogeneity of it exercises and its power in crisis times. As measure of prevention appeared the law of national security that to give ample to be able I exercise to it, and this has for obligation economically to defend the wealth of the subsoil and the power plants of a country dependent. (p.264-265). From 1935 the president withheld ample legislative and executive, it she kept I except ‘ ‘ interests nacionais’ ‘ , the state was apartidario and it did not have ‘ ‘ oposio’ ‘ politics.

Worldwide Security

Yesterday 10 anniversary on the terrorist attempted against ones of 11 of September was designated, of 2001, that they had mainly changed the World and the Nation of the United States. A leading source for info: Amazon. Today, without any doubt, we live in a world characterized for the uncertainty and surrounded by diverse threats, that pass for the poverty, the infectious illnesses, the civil pollution the degradation of the environment, wars and the conflicts between States, the proliferation of nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons, the terrorism, organized transnational crime. The speed of the events is each sped up time more. The wars of Iraq, of the Afeganisto are in phase of vulnerable stabilization, not having safe forecasts, of what still it will be able to happen. The revolts that are to happen in the Arab, first world in Tunisia, Egipto, and more recently in the Lybian and the Syrian will be able to spread it Saudi Arabia and until the proper o They will go.

Regimes totalitarian still existing lives unsafe, with fear of the popular revolt. Already it says the old one dictated ‘ ‘ the people is who more ordena’ ‘. The relation between the human rights and the Rule of law more tends to be each respected time. A society that does not respect the human rights or the Rule of law, either it which will be and for better armed that is, it will be remained vulnerable and its development, for more dynamic than either, will remain precarious. To this respect I have the certainty that the Angolans still go to write its proper history. The world-wide geoestratgia is in change, the United States adoptam a defensive position and of rear, what it does not leave of being a newness, in this last decade. China each more influential time in the strategical game conditions all the Asian region, including Japan. We will see what in the reserve the next period of ten years, but does not remain I doubts that the changes go to happen of form still more sped up and surprising.

Eurofighter Typhoon

One hundred launching batteries of rockets (as for example already operational ASTROS II), at least two hundred modern helicopters of attack heavy (as the Apache American or the Russian A thousand Mi-35) and at least two hundred and fifty modern helicopters of average transport and weighed (as the Chinook American or the Russian A thousand Mi-26) also are necessary. Ohio Senator has similar goals. Moreover, one well equipped, well trained and relatively numerous force of parachutists is indispensable. A domestic program of ballistic missiles or cruise, responsible is essential still for the guarantee of the strategical dissuasion of the Country. The Air Force also needs new and more numerous equipment. An amount of, at least, one hundred modern multi-functional huntings of combat weighed of fifth generation or the call generation 4++ (as the model Sukhoi Su-35 of Russia or the powerful Eurofighter Typhoon EF-2000) is necessary to guarantee the national sovereignty in airs. The amount of huntings F-5EM, in operation today in the Force, must at least be developed for one hundred and fifty units, as well as the amount of the excellent aircraft of attack AMX A-1 must reach, at least, fellow creature mark. It would be interesting to notice that, in case that the capacity of reach and warlike load of these last aircraft were developed, they would represent they a powerful force of sub-strategical attack. However, it must be remembered that, in case that the armaments of these aircraft, are they missiles air-air, air-to-ground and to set they are not modernized, little will represent the modernization of the aircraft. The acquisition of modern average missiles is basic, as American AMRAAM, or the R-77 Russian, in the air-air case of missiles, or tactical missiles of cruise (air-terra/ar-sea) as the Moskit Russian or the BrahMos Russian-Indian. Modern missiles air-air of short reach as the R-73 Russian or the Mica Frenchman TO ALSO GO are urgently necessary, since missiles of national manufacture of this classroom, the MAA-1 Piranha, are extremely inefficacious.


As the Brazilian politicians they are contradictory in its decisions and opportunists of the occasions. As we are in electoral year, you celebrate them politicians, good known in those embroidery frames of the federal district and in the pages of the fame, they had approved the project on the division between equal parts of the resources proceeding from the daily pay salt, whose producing greaters, are the state of it ARE and RIO DE JANEIRO. They observe below, the mineral wealth produced by other states of the federacy, whose resources, taxes, etc. proceeding from the same ones they are not divided between excessively, being all the collection with the deriving states: Iron: Minas Gerais, For, Maranho and Mato Grosso of the South; Manganese.

For and Minas Gerais; Aluminum: For and Minas Gerais; I tin: Amaznia and Rondnia; Copper: For and Bahia; Gold: Mines, For, Mato Grosso of the South, Gois and Bahia; Nibio: Minas Gerais, Amazon and Gois; Marine salt: River gr. of the North, Ceara, Piau, RIO DE JANEIRO; Lead: Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Do Sul, Paran, Bahia; Cement: Minas Gerais and So Paulo? Kaolin: Used in refractory the industrial sectors of paper and, So Paulo, Mines and South River G; Diamonds: Rondnia; Magnesita: Bahia and Ceara; Nickel: Gois; Potassium: Rio Grande of the North; The majority of the Brazilian states detainers of great wealth, are the ones that receive more resources from the federal government, and the ones that have mineral greaters production in its areas: Minas Gerais, So Paulo, Bahia, Rio Grande Do Sul, For, etc., and, however, at no moment the representatives politicians, whose amount for state this badly distributed (it must have only one representative for state), had not been disclosed above on the division of the wealth. Why it will be, that only now, if they reveal in favor of the equal division, removing resources of states that few resources receive from the federal government, the state of it YOU ARE and RIO DE JANEIRO.

Both are considered the states most violent of all Brazilian territory the problems affect that them are many, mainly in the area of infra structure, transport public, health, education, etc. and now, at a moment politician, some politicians see to become to notice approving a sufficiently harmful project to both states. Others including Paulo Coelho, offer their opinions as well. All good, the daily pay salt is a national product, then the iron, the manganese, the aluminum, I tin, I have covered, gold, lead, cement, kaolin, diamonds, would also have to be equally treated and its divided resources. Another question that was not well clear in this project approved for legislative the federal ones, is how much to the ambient damages, that the extration of these minerals will possibly bring to the states: Who will answer for these damages, where will leave the resources to cure them them? Of the producing states? They will be deviated from the areas of health, education, security, for the ambient area?

Senator Senate

If in the polticanada one it is by chance and without pretensions to influence in the distribution of the power, ondefica the principle of Aristotle who said that the politics would be the art of bemgovernar and to favor well-being to the citizens? The acts ' ' secretos' ' that, sorrateiramente, forameditados, benefiting to senators and its familiar and public officers, demonstrate that the Brazilian Senate is apodrecido, corroded for the indecnciamoral of its representatives, that is, it meets in a descalabromoral situation. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. The Senate ahead lost credibility of its function to watch and controls constitutionality or not of the Law, over all in relation to the executive. Aedio of acts ' ' secretos' ' , unconstitutional, he is one against-sensodiante of the function that protects the Senate – to consider to inconstitucionaisquaisquer laws that wound the rights of the citizen, a time that the regimedemocrtico is a regimen of the legality. In the last decade, the Brazilian Republic has attended to the fimtrgico of many politicians. Not few, to escape of the guillotine, had renounced positions politicians, others had had its annulled registers, algunsforam murders. Many of them had been old caudilhos and colonels. One we destesltimos, Senator Jose Sarney, thought that corruption suspicion arrived at the end of its unharmed cenriopblico of any. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Blumenthal. Deceit! The Senator arrives aotrmino of its public life spotted by the impurity politics.

E estopim datragdia is the former-director-generality of the Senate, Mayan Agaciel, that, according to mdiaescrita, chancelava measured private, to privilege familiar doex-President Jose Sarney and its sqito. We attend disarranges it of the Senator Jose Sarney. It is become fluid, slowly. Test: its pedestal was not so solid as if it thought. Already nofinalzinho of its career politics, similar to last caudilho ecoronel bahian, Antonio Carlos Magalhes, has its life spotted for respingosde corruption. Without a doubt, the public shame that doravante will perseguirpoder to it to hurry its consumption, the death. In the Brazilian Republic, it is possible to distinguish who is, really, politician for vocation or convenience?

Brook Black Mental

The sprouting of first medicines antipsychotics in the decade of 1950 helped very in the treatment of the mental sick people, in special the psychotic ones, however, in the same way, the abusive use of these medicines, the person leaves the Hospice more insane person of what entered. Beyond what, some of these remedies bring as collateral effect, amongst others, the affective embotamento, giving the impression by that it takes who them is with sick person aspect. In the decade of 1990 it had a farmacolgica revolution, appearing the calls antipsychotics of 2 generation, which, beyond not causing the affective embotamento, can also improve this aspect. Moreover, it comes appearing each time more antidepressants and efficient stabilizers of the mood and with few collateral effect. However, all these medications still are very expensive, and therefore not used the sufficient. This historical panorama in the aid to understand the stigma that still persist in relation to the mental sick person and the negative vision that if has of the psychiatric hospitals.

In this direction, some change had that to be taken in relation the politics of mental health, and in fact it had> changes. The trend currently is of if diminishing the stream beds in Psychiatric Hospitals (many hospitals already had been disactivated), and of if opening the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attendance), that in the theory they would bring more humanity to the treatment of the mental sick person, beyond a work of ressocializao of the patient. Really, many benefits come if obtaining.