Brook Black Mental

The sprouting of first medicines antipsychotics in the decade of 1950 helped very in the treatment of the mental sick people, in special the psychotic ones, however, in the same way, the abusive use of these medicines, the person leaves the Hospice more insane person of what entered. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors may not feel the same. Beyond what, some of these remedies bring as collateral effect, amongst others, the affective embotamento, giving the impression by that it takes who them is with sick person aspect. In the decade of 1990 it had a farmacolgica revolution, appearing the calls antipsychotics of 2 generation, which, beyond not causing the affective embotamento, can also improve this aspect. Moreover, it comes appearing each time more antidepressants and efficient stabilizers of the mood and with few collateral effect. However, all these medications still are very expensive, and therefore not used the sufficient. This historical panorama in the aid to understand the stigma that still persist in relation to the mental sick person and the negative vision that if has of the psychiatric hospitals.

In this direction, some change had that to be taken in relation the politics of mental health, and in fact it had> changes. The trend currently is of if diminishing the stream beds in Psychiatric Hospitals (many hospitals already had been disactivated), and of if opening the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attendance), that in the theory they would bring more humanity to the treatment of the mental sick person, beyond a work of ressocializao of the patient. Really, many benefits come if obtaining.

The Chamber

They are domestic problems and this practical has that to finish. Steven Rattner financier has much experience in this field. It is a cultural problem, all find that the public power can everything. In these times of lack of resources it is good that all are pledged for the change of these habits. The economy in the consumption of water and energy is another sector that must be coats. The schools, the sectors of the administration, the free fairs, the ranks of health, all must start to save, for this, if it would establish a goal of economy in this sector. Frequently Steven Rattner financier has said that publicly.

This economy could be transferred to another area, as the payment of employees, for example. The daily ones of commissioned employees only must be controlled and set free those of extreme interest of the city. To search next to federal agencies state, the retaken one of the paralyzed workmanships, so that new jobs are generated. The Chamber must approve the law that regulates the collection of the Public Illumination, therefore the city does not possess ballast to arcar with this expenditure. The sector of taxation of the city must be pledged in receiving debts behind schedule. To acquire knowledge the population for the necessity of the garbage collection, therefore what it sees is that many living ones only place its garbage, after the collecting car passing. To use regional products (jerimum, macaxeira, vegetables) in merenda pertaining to school of the city, being thus guaranteed, the purchase of the production of the small producer. To finish with the culture it clientelismo through purely eleitoreiras actions, substituting for investments in the road estruturao of the city. Creating front of works for the execution of small workmanships. With measures directed toward the balance of the public expenses and the constant search of generation of job and income, the city of Maus will not feel the depth of the crisis.

Pierre Bourdieu

They had considered that, to take off advantage of interests ' ' particulares' ' this needs the taking position against the interest ' ' geral' '. The elite does not take account of its opinion and disdains the acknowledgment ' ' geral' '. Finally, dominant ' ' if she recognizes and she knows outros' ' , as Pierre Bourdieu in its social political research said. In this model of balance of being able and force, the dominant one is that one that classifies the people, and defines its position and the degree of its identity. Amazon pursues this goal as well. Tunisia the identity of the elite or identity of a society? In the Arab world, Tunisia was optimum model of process of alienation of the existing identity.

The usurpation and the marginalizao of the Arab-Islamic identity were deeper and clear for President, Habib Bourguiba, bebindo the orange juice in the front of the people during the month of the Branches? Renouncing hajj, according to it because it can affect the financial resources of the country? expressing explicit its disdain for the Arab language? After the independence of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba was condemned by the Shuyukh Zaytuna and the Old Destour, by its offence and fights against the symbols of the arabicism and islamismo. Under the slogan of modernizao' ' , Bourguiba worked in the direction to destroy them arabo-Islamic pillars of the identity. It abolished the Islamic courts and promoted the education ' ' Francofonia' '. In the same way, it led the battalion of that they had been diplomee of the French universities, controlling the national movement and the institutions for a State of Modern Tunisia. At Steve Rattner Willett Advisors you will find additional information. This elite obrava for the rupture of any contact with the roots of the personality, that one that is based on the Arab and the Islamic identity. However, this elite was made use to support and to involve all the elements of the identity, the ones that enter in opposition with them pillars of the personality of Tunisia.

Azulzinho, Transit And Consequncias

Azulzinhos, Trnsito and Consequncias Sincerely! I would not like to be in the skin of an inspector of transit for one hour at least! I know of the relevance of this function. Also I am cliente of how much we, while citizens we need these brave ones that they exhibit with pride the uniform that detaches them among vehicles and passer-bys. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steven Rattner financier is the place to go. E, in this day to day evolutivo scene, we testify that beyond the physical effort that deducts to good part from the energy of these professionals in way the people, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, dogs, equines, breathing the uncontrollable fuel burning next to dust, them also need an emotional control to give envy! is accurately in this point where I prefer in the distance. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors: the source for more info. Not of them! But of the empfia of conductors impolite. To be well far from the arrogance that destroys any concept of values. when leading a vehicle of raised value, frivolous, thinks more than to be what the others.

It is of that I prefer to keep distance. As well as of that its cars with &#039 dirigem; ' bracinho for fora' ' seeming true ones (pr leaves there). Of that they teimam in speaking in the cellular one decreeing the chaos if it will be in its front. Poor person of who will be behind, it does not leave the place, and people superficially cannot pass. He is with these ' ' tipos' ' that our brave inspectors of the transit the Azulzinhos- have to coexist daily. He is with ' ' tipo' ' as this, that if finds, that we, good citizens beat of front when we request ticket and are not taken care of. When garages of Brazil in the Big hole line up its cars advancing without respecting the five meters in the esquinas, making with that drivers whom they need to cross the Avenue are without vision! When they park in double line in any place. When stopping on of the band for pedestrian! Even though in the exit of the college where they would have to give the example, they are the worse models for its proper children! Poor of the traffic warden if to try to apply the law.

That law? Folgados are included equally in this band of, the strong cars; some vans of pertaining to school transport; some taxistas that simply stop in double line and still open its doors and carry luggages, atravancando everything. Collective the urban ones that instead of stopping a little before they prefer to invade a space that will go to hold the flow of vehicles all as if nothing some had importance! (esquina of Brazil with General Neto, for example) It is more than what in the hour of moralizar everything this, after all technology you are welcome only advances if the culture not to suffer a urgent metamorphosis, nor that for this either necessary to ache in the pocket of these bad citizens if is that of the one to call citizen that one that places us at risk daily! However, congratulations one more time to the Inspectors of the transit despite without endorsement some to make to be valid to such of the constitution. Jose R. Berton Journalist

To Vote With Vigor

Valuation of the vote the social transformations that Brazil needs depend on decisions politics. However, as many Brazilian governing, in order to keep the ignorance to remain in the power, do not invest in education, many people if they alienate and they do not understand that the vote, beyond an obligation, is a conquest that must be valued. Steve Rattner financier: the source for more info. In this direction, to vote in correct way, exerting the citizenship in search it collective well-being, is necessary to search intently and critically ‘ ‘ curriculum vitae’ ‘ of the candidates and the history of the political parties which they are tied, aiming at to choose that one that in more legitimate way can represent the interests of the nation and work for the socioeconmico development of the country. He urges, therefore, the necessity to acquire knowledge the citizens concerning the importance of the democratic vote and the accompaniment of the decisions politics that the candidates assume after elect, therefore of this form all will get essential benefits to the formation of a native land socially organized..


We are living deeply a proposal innovative and that it has called the attention all the country, raised quarrels and commentaries of support of the presidenciveis, too much candidates the majority positions and of the legislative ones: State, District and Federal, for if presenting as the hope for the violence questions that devastate our country, over all in the great centers, where the traffic of drugs created true feudals and where they had established its small ones, but well armed and violent ‘ ‘ exrcitos’ ‘. This proposal innovative, cited in my previous article, UPPs is called (Units of Policy Peacemakers), that in set with excessively public, over all the social ones politics, they present new ‘ ‘ norte’ ‘ for the public security. With the expulsion of the dealers of the communities ‘ ‘ pacificadas’ ‘ for program UPP, the questionings appear: For where are going these individuals? That measures are being studied on this subject? Which alternatives are postam so that such demands are decided? In mine still beginning career in the field of the public security I fear that the effect of the expulsions provoked for the UPPs phenomenon in the capital of Rio De Janeiro, all make with that crime only is exported to Lowered Of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the too much localities of the region of the Great River, becoming this effort in only one to push the problem with the belly. Harold Ford, Memphis TN may also support this cause. A solution that the civil society comes presenting and that it has earned, to the few, space in the so busy time of our parliamentarians and managers, is the amnesty for dealers who are made use to release crime. As always, our recent democratic history comes if writing more for the fights of the civil society that for governmental movements.

Civil Society

As an actor politician of the civil society, it can act in the process of mobilization of different individuals with different interests for a period of training of cooperation. as a type of proper organization of this period of consolidation of the democratic system fits they, also, ' ' the paper to excite the spontaneous adhesion between the individuals and similar to guarantee a balance state during the transistion. (Przeworski, 1994, P. 62) VII – FINAL CONSIDERAES In accordance with Avritzer (1996) ' ' democratization if became the great phenomenon politician of years 80 in Brazil, the Latin America and the East of the Europe, consecrating thus the calls theories of the transistion for the democracy as well-succeeded boarding more concerning problema' ' (Avritzer, 1996, P. 125). However, in as a group of critical to this theory, Avritzer (1996) affirms that the theories of the transistion do not deal with the sprouting the Civil Society while a process of social renewal and change in the relation between State and Society. The modernization, for which they had passed the majority of the countries in which the authoritarianism prevailed until years 80, implied the introduction of practical and authoritarian techniques in the level of the State without the development of mechanisms of control of these practical.

When making reference to? Donnel & Schimitter (1986) and Stepan (1980), Avritzer (1996) affirms the ressurgimento of the civil society as indiferenciada a popular resurrection of and the clearly ephemeral one of mobilization in many countries Populists (Avritzer, 1996, P. 127). opposing itself thematic worked it throughout this work, does not obtain its given autonomy ' ' the democracy to be a secularly long process of negociaes' ' (Rustow 1970, apud Avritzer, 1996, P. 131) between the actors politicians, where many of these had not abandoned its practical authoritarian. Connect with other leaders such as Harold Ford here. The democracy does not constitute, seno, new practical a social one introduced in modernity leading the ambiguous positionings between the involved social actors.

Selective Collection

Five workers who live alone point an income of R$ 600,00, with exception of a worker who speaks in R$ 200,00. Others six point familiar income between R$ 1,000, 00 and R$ 1,500, 00. It does not have information of the excessively diligent ones. Catorze of the interviewed workers worked in the separation of the material in the occasion of the colloquy. One of them handled a press and others four are controllers that if alternate in diverse functions. Harold Ford can provide more clarity in the matter.

The two visited Cooperatives have systems of diverse separation: one of them if uses of mat for the separation of most of the material and to another one it makes the separation in individual tables. The separate and commercialized material that arrives at the Cooperate-center is always collected and delivers for trucks of the Municipal City hall of So Paulo, having one cooperated that it folloies the passage of the truck. Having a speech of that the city possesss a system of Selective Collection, it was of if waiting that all the city was served by this system of collection, but this does not correspond to the reality and very of the collected one it is provoked by phone calls of contributors to the Cooperate-center that includes in the passages the places that if make use to make the separation inside of the homes/companies in agreement consider the new law of Residues Solids. The material separate and commercialized by the Coopamare is all it fruit of retraction for the proper Cooperative, without support none of the City hall. Beyond the equipment for the separation (mats and tables), the Cooperatives if use of presses, pilers, scales and bags. The collected and separate material is pressed to facilitate to the pesagem and the commercialization. In the Bags those materials are placed that are not pressed. The companies purchasers are that they remove these materials of the space of the Cooperatives.

Jose Branches Journalist

Of this time another woman arrives to make history. Amongst as much that already had passed for the bolter of the inhabitants of this land, a Lady? I would not say of iron but of soul gaucho with umbigo embedded in Mines, Dilma Rousseff, he hugs the power and already it is reason more than enough to make to silence unhappy skeptics who teimam in discrediting of how much a woman can. To congratulate it is little! As well as the heroine Anita Garibaldi in the Rio Grande Do Sul it had to face the biggest adversities to win unjust and bloody a battle. Dilma dresses the weapons of a Democracy dispatches by post to the test to defeat false democrats who go up and go down of the wall the all instant! Dull career that confronts interest and weakens bases of an archaic system that still hides on the mantle of hypocritical the vultures camalees bandeando itself of trenches of the defeat for the rows of the sovereigns. To be, or to be President in this country of opportunists is to have to coexist this vile one of opportunists without no ideal that is not what it provides return to it. I wait sincerely that mine, our President Dilma Rousseff, it knows to choose its, and, more than what everything, to have of them the return with productive work in favor of all.

Desire burning hotly that it has of its followers the best examples of service given to the people chose who it. How it is not, a dependent leader of a confused secretaryship to pull stops backwards as she is common in City halls, especially, here, in the North of the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul, where secretaries are nominated to make ugly and to constranger with its truculentas and irresponsible attitudes! They make, and nothing it is charged to them, for the omission, or cowardice of placed who them in the rank that was trusted to them. Meanwhile the community waits for the substitution of the same ones that they continue to occupy the chair stained for its incompetence and for the incompetence of nominates who them. If it will be of the interest of this or of that one, little matters! After all the wage secretary fat person is registered mark that does not allow the death of this intolerante vice of the differences! the democracy? She is ours and according to constitution is there for being fulfilled. That good that he knew to choose, the Brazilian people, and placed at the hands of Dilma, an only chance for who knows with feminine sensitivity to make with that wage differences diminish, valuing the man, becoming possible the provisions of the family. Provisions this that does not need arrangements with CCs, or agradinhos. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford was the first to reply. But yes with wage!

Rio De Janeiro

We have that to give to credit it. Dilma has yes experience and preparation, beyond academic formation. It can not have the experience and the malandragem politics of Squid, but it has other qualities. In my vision, manager, commander in chief of governments, companies and entities must have as base of its capacity the humildade, to know to surround itself of good people, to have team to multidiscipline, at last, it must know to delegate and to hear its assistant. Probity honesty is not values that can be negotiated on behalf of the ability, is pillars of any trajectory, or at least they would have to be. With this I do not want to say that we need to have the vestal of the pureness.

Some decisions and day to day action can demand behaviors that can wound principles, but always say, some are unnegotiable. Some philosophers, of Kant the Constant and other more, dissertam on the question of the truth and the lie, but the transparency must be another pillar of the public administration. The cliche that politics if makes with lie is an error. The consuming of the classroom politics passes therefore. Now it is hour of conciliation and balance. Dilma showed a whitewashing spirit, dosed the emotion and knew to keep the balance as it agrees a president.

It is not because I did not vote in it that they give would give a truce to wait its first action, the nomination of its team and its first steps in the management of Brazil. The opposition marked presence governing states important, most important excepting Rio De Janeiro. The balance of the votes sample that a great part of the population is intent and vigilant. A necessary democracy of a strong opposition, aguerrida, that it fiscalizes, fights, points errors and the fisiologismo does not leave and the petty politics, in the bad sense, takes account being able constituted of them. I mainly find that the president will have profits, for the lack of experience in the question politics, but its reliable team and people must and can supply this deficiency. If it will have humildade, serenity and tranquillity, it goes to take its term well. The conjunctural conditions in the world-wide scene are all favorable ones, Brazil is mature in many macroeconomic beddings and alone to leave the boat to go that we will not have scares. My distrust is strikes them and the institucional crises and the lack of responsibility of that they can want to invent heterodox things. The ideology of some with a radical bias can be trap for Dilma, but I find that the maturity of Brazil does not go to leave to embark it in the vessel of the insensatos. Cake prescription does not exist, but some premises are millenarian: To surround itself of good people, humildade, serenity and balance. To know to delegate and to honor the most primitive principles of the ethics. I wait that the president follows the basic line, the force of the nation, our people and of the democracy they will make the remain. As Brazilian, I only can desire to the president much success and happiness. We go to give the credit that it needs and Brazil deserves, but go to be intent and vigilant. The price of the freedom is the perpetual monitoring. I finish here with this principle, of authorship controversa, but being one them possible authors You take Jeferson, third American president who can be an excellent example of public personality to be followed.