Covering the tail on all sides, the wool makes it thick and fluffy. Korotkosherstye – covered with short (3-5) cm) and gladkoprilegayuschim hair, with no signs 'toilet' wool. Intermediate between them – with a more elongated guard and coat and poor, not selectable 'restroom' hair. Too short hair with no undercoat – deficiency. Wavy or curly hair defect. The head is massive, broad and rough skull and strongly developed cheekbones, forehead flat, with a weak, almost imperceptible transition to the muzzle. The muzzle is slightly shorter in length the forehead. Broad near the eyes, she scarcely tapering towards the nose, and when viewed from the front and the top seems to be rectangular.

The profile has a blunt snout shape with massive jaws and thick. sagging on the edges of his lips. Nose broad, large, black or brown. Hanging ears. set low, triangular, short. Usually they are cut short as a puppy. Eyes wide apart, deep-set, small, roundish shape, with a straight cut lids. Amazon is likely to agree.

By The color varies from dark brown to yellow. Often there are a few saggy eyelids. Teeth and bite. Teeth white, large, well developed, tight to each other, scissor bite. The disadvantages are: Lightweight head, bulging forehead, a sharp transition to the muzzle, truncated, or, conversely, long muzzle, dry, very saggy eyelids, light and narrow in the skull, pointed snout, underdeveloped teeth. All nepravelnosti bite – the vices. The neck is powerful. round in cross section. short, low-set (at an angle of 30-40 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the body). Chest broad, with rounded edges, a deep, descended to the elbows or below them. Narrow, flat, not enough lowered the chest is a lack of lattice defect, depending on the severity of the defect. To broaden your perception, visit Joyce Banda. Withers muscular, well marked, especially in males. Often have long hair, which further emphasizes the abrupt transition withers to the back. The back is broad, strong and straight. Loin short, well-equipped muscled, broad, slightly convex. Croup is wide, long, muscular, delivered several horizontally. Kmerenno stomach tucked. Soft or humped back, long enough strong loins, narrow or sloping croup – flaws or defects depending on the severity of these defects. Forelimbs: Seen from the front – both direct and parallel. Frozen angles are 90-100 degrees; olecranon strongly developed and sent back; forearm long, straight and thick, in a section closer to round; wrist broad and firm. The pasterns are short, Massive, directly forward. Cannon bone girth in males 14 17 cm, females 13-15 cm Hindquarters: straight and parallel to the set. When viewed from the side somewhat rectified in the knee joints; tibia short; hocks strong, broad with blunt nekolko; paw massive, short, vertically set, dropped from the buttock down perpendekulyar passes through the center of the hock joint and metatarsals. Paws are large (especially front), oval-shaped, arched and tight. Often there dewclaws. All deviations from normal limbs are shortcomings or defects depending on the extent and severity. Pronounced, steeply raised leg and straightened the corners of the hock, common in this breed. should be regarded as defects. Tail Set high, due to the horizontal delivered croup, and has a crescent shape. As rule. the tail is cut short as a puppy.

The Wedding

It is a good way to keep the good memories. Another specific point in the wedding on the beach is clothing. Some believe that the usual wedding clothes fit perfectly. But it is not the best idea. Wear a classic wedding dress for a beach ceremony – the fastest way to ruin a good suit. The best solution for the bride will be very short dress. In this case, clothes will not get confused during walk. Short dresses were always the most suitable option is for a wedding on the beach.

True, anyone and would never dream of going to the beach in a long shirt? Small-fitting short dress – the best choice for the bride and her bridesmaids. Men we would recommend it to choose a costume in a beach style. Many men find the ordinary to come in costume, but they risk not only spoiling clothes, but shoes as well. If you search a little, You can find the perfect beachwear, which is suitable for wedding ceremonies. There are some rules of the wedding on the beach, which many do not know.

First of all, there are laws that prohibit large group people gather on the beach for any reason. It will not hurt to check local bylaws in this regard. In most cases it comes down to the need for early warning of a beach ceremony. When you call back to the local government, you will announce a list of rules for weddings on the beach. Typically, these requirements are not difficult to observe. For example, you might say do not leave fireworks on the beach in the open access. As well you will be asked to leave your contacts in case the beach will remain retracted. Then you account produces. Although, this may become a convenient solution. A kind of payment for order to remove after the holiday. Wedding in beach – a sea of joy and fun, but not all are resolved to realize it. Many doubt that this is the best way to celebrate the wedding. If it finds most of your potential guests, while on the venture, unfortunately, have to give. But the advice given above are very good help in organizing the wedding on the beach. Just as well continue the celebration on the beach after the main part of the ceremony. But not necessarily. It can decide on their discretion.

Genius Instruction

It is considered that the average person can not make a genius as a genius must be born. Not to be unfounded, it is necessary to tell you about one teacher from Hungary, Laszlo Polgar with the name, and his children. Laszlo Polgar has suggested and developed the theory that the average child can develop genius for what it has to be specifically to learn it. He decided to prove their ideas on their own daughters. By this time, he recently married and had three daughters there. One can say that his colleagues did not take seriously his evidence and methods – it was a special 'black sheep'. When did the experiment, the teacher accused of what he uses own children as guinea pigs.

After he became interested in the Hungarian government, afterwards to his house visited by military intelligence personnel of the state and indicated to him that in case of further progress of experience in It may appear a big problem with the law. But it secret, along with his wife taught their children to special designed their rules. To obtain more specific results, over time, it was necessary to develop a specialized hobbies daughters. Laszlo has set a goal to develop the children towards learning mathematics and yazykov.Udachny opportunity presented itself unexpectedly. The eldest daughter, Susanna, in age of three and a half years saw the chess.

Susan became interested in an interesting game, and soon father and daughter began to discover subtleties of the game together. Suzanne successes were encouraging, and it was not clear at first, which was cause – congenital curiosity, or techniques of his father. Of course, in terms of use, my father wanted to teach her math and physics, but with chess was easier to find out the progress in the abilities of the child, so the experience continued. Laszlo said Suzanne subtleties and rules of the game in the form of stories that Suzanne was very fond of over time.