Happy New Year

There is a famous festival, which people celebrate in most countries of the world, regardless of religious, political, ethnic or other differences. Given this fact it is no wonder that this holiday is associated not with historical events, and with the event chronologically. Every year on December 31, at midnight, or rather in the first second the following day, ie on 1 January, new year begins! Why is this festival so popular? Man tend to be optimistic about the future, even despite the fact that these hopes are not always true. In any case, on Dec. 31 year old, with all its joys and sorrows to the past, but in the new year there are still many days to do something important, including last year to correct the error. Not one New Year’s Eve is not without greetings and wishes. With the New Year is usually associated with the most pleasant memories, some current successes and victories, or just happy event.

Therefore, New Year’s holiday in the first place requires a solemn words, congratulatory speeches and sincere wishes. And congratulations to the new year are the main attribute of this holiday. As for tradition, according to which adopted to celebrate the New Year, given the very broad geographical localization of the holiday, here is difficult to say something defined. Say this familiar to us, and seemingly unchangeable attribute as festive Christmas tree, in hot countries usually changes to a palm tree. Even the appearance of good character who come to these days (with gifts) to children of different countries differs substantially.

And the dishes on the festive table, depending on the national cuisine, there are very different. It is no secret that national and religious versions of the New Year (celebrated on different days) exist in around the world to this day. In Russia this holiday is the Old New Year (celebrated from 13 to 14 January). However, in the age of globalization, these options have long been in the shadow of the international celebration, that is, congratulations New Year often hear it on December 31. So it will be this time, because the front – New Year 2010!