Website promotion in search engines has become an integral part of the lives of their owners. Amazon describes an additional similar source. In an effort to improve tematicheksky citation index (TCI), established by Yandex, as well as the PageRank (PR), counted by Google, people forget about the true purpose of their sites – the usefulness of the visitors. Additional information is available at Amazon. Very often, websites overflowing with a variety of 'chips', the number of internal links are overloaded and hand column, and use hidden and prohibited methods, losing confidence not only a search engine, but the visitors themselves. Sites are deprived of readability and ease. People on such resources, as a rule, do not stay long.

Lesson 1. Treat your site like an artist relates to his picture. For the site – a baby. He, like a child in need of constant care and attention (as would be ridiculous as it may sound). You must pay attention to every detail, every tag, every written word Only an idealization technical part of the site can lead you to success.

You can not miss a single superfluous letter, breaking the site. Also, in any case do not put the key content in scripts: crawler does not index dynamic information! Lesson 2. Individual approach to each page. Each page – a single 'trait' of your site. You need to carefully analyze the content page (whether paper, a description or list of references), to identify semantic-based and most often repeated words on the subject. These words, and will hand column (keywords) for this page.

Network Organization

Each web page should have its own unique address, so that the user could apply to him. Under a web page can be implied on one page, and maybe dozens or even thousands of pages, each of which must have your address. Absolutely any indivisible unit of information on the Internet – an audio file, video file, exe-file or a text – has its address at which you can reference. The page address in the Internet is called url (Uniform Resource Locator-Universal Resource Locator). Get all the facts and insights with Richard Blumenthal, another great source of information. url to appear not just as recorded in special institutions. Domain (domain name or area) – is a unique name for a specific site on the Internet. As mentioned above, – it domain of my site, – this domain is the search engine google.

Domains come in three levels: first level domain, second level, third level. In the above example we domain ru denotes the territorial (regional) membership website to Russia Regional areas (top-level domains): ru – Russia kz – ua-Ukraine us – United States de – Germany su – Soviet Union, however, is not always the domain of the first level indicates the territorial affiliation. It can display the page type or the type of organization that owns the web page. The following notation: com – commercial enterprise biz – for business org – non-governmental organization info – for information Sites edu – educational institution gov-governmental organization mil – military organization net – Network Organization pro – for professionals tv – for television companies (the domain was purchased from the island of Tuvalu), etc. Thus, by first level domain can be found or the location of the page, or affiliation.

But it is also necessary to understand that these present to some extent arbitrary, since, for example, domain com, org, net, anyone can register. Domain the second level – the domain name, which is lower than the first level domain. That second-level domains are predominantly used by webmasters to link to a site on hosting. For example:, domains. (These domains are free) Third-level Domain-domain name which are still lower than the second-level domain. These domains are usually used to create mini-sites, forums, and large sections on the main site. For example: and – third-level domains

Cats New Born

Behavior of the cats new born Unlike other species that, for example, in very just a short time can walk and follow their mothers, when the cats are born not yet completely are developed, and arrive at the world blind and completely destitute. Generally, a healthy cat will give to light between four and six kittens. When the cat is on the verge of giving birth, it is common that it looks for a nest or a space that she considers safe to give to light her young. For example, if in the home there are dogs, although they take well with the cats of the house, the cat can interpret that they could be a threat for his puppies, and will try to look for a remote one of them so that their babies are born. Each childbirth is variable as far as its duration, and although the cat, in the majority of the cases, fixes itself single, it will be necessary to be kind to the development of the events. It can happen that the cat is very tired when the last kittens arrive, or that some is in bad position and is joined in the childbirth channel.

If we see that it takes more than two hours and it does not manage to give a light, will be advisable to make a consultation veterinary. The cat eats the placenta of each kitten and them aid to be born, breaking stock-market and eating it also. The she herself short cord of each baby. Safe by a bleeding that is inevitable, after the childbirth the cat and the kittens will have to shine clean. He is advisable then that the place used by the cat to give light is cleaned suitably putting a clean towel and thus leaving to the family in a comfortable and dry space. The kittens will have to be active from a beginning. The cat is in charge to lick them vigorously to clean them, to dry them and to stimulate them.

For this reason, it is very important to leave at the disposal of the mother cat his food and water, so that it can take forces thus to feed and to take care of his children. As far as the feeding, specific foods for cats exist that it is nursing and are very advisable, since they contain all the necessary nutrients for the cat and its puppies. To the few days of to have been born, the babies are on their awares. Although in the first days of life no they can walk, the cats use one’s wits them to move towards the teat of the mother, and will fight a con others by the glands that produce more milk. If one is domestic cats will be very simple to approach the mother and power to take care of of her and her little boys, while more complicated it will be with cats in the street that will perceive the human approach as a threat. Source: Note of Press sent by the cat in house.

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