Corporate America

In other words, knowing where to go, help them know where to go, and then get to a strategy of both to get there. In terms of negotiation, to call this a win-win solution. Obviously, this strategy can work only if the value of the student, and you think he or she can do a better teacher. For example, during my first three years in education, I quickly realized that what he wanted and what students think they needed were diametrically opposed to each other. However, after many conversations with former students, I soon discovered that students were not so concerned with the merits of a case as they were with the way the matter was being taught. They were more concerned with my attitude would give them the answers. This was a revelation.

I concluded that as a parent, my experience and education that was given qualified to teach what they need to succeed. However, when it was the way they received the information, I was totally at their mercy. Because, no matter how good or important the issue is, if nobody is listening, then no one is learning. It was at that time decided to “go where they were” to bring them to where I was. Individually and collectively met with students to obtain their views on class. I asked them about what worked in class and what not? I asked them about what they would like to see more or less? What would you like to see changed (about myself and / or class)? I asked whether or not recommend this class to another student, why or why not? I asked them what would make the class more productive and more interesting? These questions can be posed in almost any work environment, for almost every department, not only in the classroom.

I asked similar questions of my clients when I was in Corporate America. , All the information I received, with the exception of individual meetings were conducted anonymously. I can not begin to tell you how important this information has been in my career. But in less than a year after the implementation of this idea, which was nominated twice for the distinguished teaching award at my school (the youngest nominee). If you want to become a teacher more productive in or out of classroom is the key contribution of the students? must be sought. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results. If you listen and get feedback from your students, you will not have to repeat the mistakes of the past. For students of its value and contribution, trust me, they hold the keys to its success. Dr. Joe Martin is an award winning speaker, writer, teacher and educational consultant and owner of a new teacher success. Visit today!