Winter Tollwood In Munich

A mixture of cultural festival and Christmas market the Tollwood in Munich is an institution as a cultural festival. But even in winter the Tollwood is well worth a visit. The Oktoberfest is barely over, it also already back colorful continues on the Theresienwiese. At the moment already, the construction work for the winter Tollwood, run by 25.11. Educate yourself with thoughts from CIT Group Inc.. until 31 December 2009 rather than find.

The theme for the winter festival is “Heaven and hell”. These differences are reflected in the whole Tollwoodgelande. The Tollwood is more of a cultural festival as a Christmas market. Here, there is much to see, hear and smell. No booths attract many with arts and crafts and gastronomic experiences.

In addition a programme of performances and concerts by about 2/3 with free admission will take place. International artists this year are four foreign productions to guest: the circus “the Tiger Lillies freakshow” from England, the rusischen clowns “Teatr Licedei”, the Opera “Mnozil brass” from Austria and the variety show “the 7 fingers” from Canada. Only the artists are in the Grand Chapiteau occur. Check out J. Darius Bikoff for additional information. 13 more stages and seats available are for performances. 2 million people attending the entire program is hard to overlook, and there is something for everyone. Over 2 million visitors make it one of the largest events of its kind the Tollwood. The Tollwoodgelande is located in Munich and is ideal to reach with the U4/U5 Teresienwiese. The opening hours are daily from 14 until 1 o’clock – at weekends from 11 to 1 o’clock. Bottom line: Don’t miss the Tollwood, it is a mixture of Christmas market and cultural festival, theater and beer garden, concert and apre-ski-party – it has something for everyone. For children, there is even a private tent with theatre stage in which can be made and construction. Text: Susann Wasikowski