Miguel Torga

ANIMALS, present personages animals with characteristic human beings and human beings with characteristics of animals. Vicente is a crow that presents the insatisfao for is imprisoned in the Coffer of Noah. He symbolizes the unsubmissiveness of the man to the elements of the nature and the proper God. Its condition alone is understood in return to ' ' hot womb of me' ' , because ' ' Miguel Torga is always the same man of feet fincados in the transmontana land, because in it he waits to find explanation for the condition humana' ' (MOISS, 2001, P. 262). Vicente leaves the Coffer in dry land search. Amazon: the source for more info.

Transida, the mob without faith looked the reduced top and the crow put on. Handspan the handspan, cabeo is devorado. It remained of it only the top, on which, black, night watchman, only representative of what was root planted in its just half, fearless, he remained Vicente. (…) Escolhera the freedom, and accepts since this moment all early the consequncias of the option. (…) the total ad autonomy creature in relation to the creator (…) Three times a high wave, in an end sudden pull, licked the claws of the crow, but three times withdrew. To each vacant, the fragile heart of the Coffer, dependent of the heart resoluto of Vicente, estremeceu of terror. The death feared the death.

But soon if it became evident it went that you to yield. Steve Rattner financier addresses the importance of the matter here. That nothing it could against that inabalvel will of being free. That, to save its proper workmanship, it closed, melancholically, the floodgates of the sky. (ANIMALS, 1983, p.65) Again we perceive the solitude of the personage, the return to the origin land, as explanation for the condition human being and the feeling humanist, where the human being is praised, after winning the difficulties imposed for the Nature and questioning the deity how much to the free will.


The SPACE AND the MAN Age a time an employee who if called Romo Joo. This work well that it could be initiated of this form therefore, in this phrase, is contained the start of that we know to be fruit of an imagination that if unfolds between fictitious mentos the real world and the imaginary one atrelando it of the imaginary a real elements. According to Jungiano psychologist Johnson, all time who we find this phrase in a text we can know of before hand that we will have one insight that in it will send our proper world to them interior. Johnson (1996.p, 15). See more detailed opinions by reading what Amazon offers on the topic.. The history of Romo Joo is a fiction, it is a personage and everything what it is rela- cionada also it is, but, whereas in histories of the age a time all the plot is cons- trudo aiming at the objective to amuse e, if possible, to instruct didactically, in this history the plot it possesss an elaborated touch more in which the environment is so important that it acquires life. Skinner (1975, p, 9) disagreed with the common vision of the society on the habitat: ' ' …

Has some time behind, thought the environment as the simple place where animal and men lived and if they held … ' ' , for it the space understood something; still with, ' ' … Perhaps That it favored or it made it difficult the behavior, but not what it determined its occurrence or its form … ' ' being that on, reaction of the being to the circumstances that ahead of itself are placed in its day the day, will depend its future reality, in a phenomenon that if asseme- it to a reaction in chain that, an initiated time, can until being delayed or being sped up but nun- here hindered. The measure where we will be diving in the personalities of Joo Romo and Miranda we will try to apprehend the stimulatons stimulated that them forcing to behave them it of this or of that form in the search of the reply to the problem of the accumulation of the capital that, much even so was presented formulated in differentiated boardings therefore if, Romo Joo, searched the wealth as resulted of its personal efforts working, stealing and lying to decide the complications that they appeared in elapsing of its day the day; Miranda, however, trod cami- nho of the conchavos politicians, of the laws and customs established for the society which assook it to it manipulating the people by means of the dissimulation in a game where to each step it had well of being thought with the consequences of these steps evaluated and prevented not having as to deny, that the desire to accumulate capital, was common point between them.

Social Political Communication

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In this meeting there was a rare incident at one of the demonstrations, you could call it also an accident. A man ended up not in the past, but in the future in the year 2042. The queries of the therapist produced things that don’t fit into our experienced world and time. It had to be something happened that everything with incredible, positive impact changes. The author of “Renewable means of payment” or “Renewable means of payments” came after years of deliberations on the idea that spawned this viable and feasible, appropriate texts. The Man is not a seasoned writer or publicist, but that what he has delivered can look and understand everyone and almost figuratively see before him. The appropriate experiences that make every day are very helpful. On the Web, see “Renewable means of payment”, we find some demonstrations of the author, he has published since his writing activity in December 2009. It may be seen from his empathy here – simply called logic and politics in our society. Lots of fun and above all skepticism is recommended – for the texts of the new author. We are may hopefully more of him read and listen above all.


This type, the Gouveia, judged that there for having been born in Lisbon it obtained to escape. It telephoned to the consul of Portugal, gentleman consul, I am Portuguese, I am hidden in such part, it comes to save me please, and already now my woman, who is black but she waits a son mine. Ah! Ah! It knows what it made the Portuguese consul? It was to search them it the two and to follow it delivered them in my hands. Ah! Ah! I was thankful to it very the consul, said to it, the comrade is a genuine revolutionary, I gave one to it I hug fort, even so enojado, is clearly, do not think that I do not have escrpulos, preferred to have to it cuspido in the face, but I gave one to it I hug, yes, I fired me of it and later I was to interrogate rapariga. It supported two days. To as much she give birth there exactly, one menininha, thus, of this size, blood, blood, when I think about this what I see is blood. … Blood, ppilas! , blood pra caralho, rapariga, to such of the Marta, with two eyes that seemed moons, costs to dream me it, and the baby to the shouts I smell, it to the burnt meat.

Still today, when I lie down and adormeo, I feel that one I smell of the child – One keeps silent! (AGUALUSA, 2006, P. the 176-177) souvenir is the survival of the past. The past, conserving itself in the spirit of each human being arises to the conscience in the form of image-souvenirs, kept for the individual memory reconstituted by the collective canary, for the collective memory. Ricoeur (2008) inquires concerning the esquecimento, if it is possible or to be happy not affirming that the malaise how much to the joust attitude that if must adopt before the uses and abuses of the esquecimento, mainly in practical the institucional one, it is finally a symptom of a tenacious uncertainty that affects the relation of the esquecimento with the pardon in the plan of its deep structure.