Travel Movie

To prevent these techno-crimes was established Ninth Division. This an elite police unit scans both physical and cyber worlds for detecting malicious activity by hackers, cyber-terrorists and mad machines. In conclusion, it should be noted that the universe GitS: sac – it One of the best examples of translating the ideas of science fiction. Freedom Project / Freedom / Freedom Type of Anime: ova (7 episodes). Type of science fiction: The colonization of the Moon, a global environmental catastrophe on Earth. At sunset, 23 centuries on Earth occurred global environmental disasters, resulting in the Earth became uninhabitable planet. Millions of people have moved into the city, based on the moon, under the name Eden.

For survival and sustainable the existence of the entire population was subjected to strict control, which caused a lot of resentment among the younger generation. It is not uncommon, for his disobedience, high school students were punished. One of those penalties was examined by external pipelines of the city. And here we are introduced to the protagonist – Tucker, who witnesses the fall of an unknown object on the lunar surface. He rushes to the crash site, but it is completely unaware that his Life soon changed forever. The next two anime are not science fiction, but they imperceptibly linked with fantasy worlds and unequivocally come to mind the fans of this type anime. James Donovan Goldman understood the implications. Kino's Journey – The Beautiful World / Travel Movie – wonderful world tv / Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World anime Type: Serial (13 episodes). Cinemas – a traveler.

People spend their lives to travel to various small city-states, which are located in the fictional world, similar to the ours. Some of these high-tech, some underdeveloped, but mostly the same. Movies spends 3 days at a stop in each city, this is enough to feel the "taste" of the city, but not enough to want to stay there. Millennium Actress / Millennium Actress / Sennen Joyuu Type of anime: The Movie. Millennium Actress – is one of those anime that is very difficult to describe. We can see the entire life of the protagonist: starting from the moment when she met an artist, anti-government demonstrators in the distant 30s and then fell in love with him, and ending with the fact that many things that she played in the film, repeated in her real life. At the same time, our review of the genre science fiction anime ends. We have described above works of Japanese authors, which represent only a small fraction of all the fantastic world of anime. Therefore, if you are already familiar with the well-deserved representatives of the genre, then welcome to the infinite world of science fiction.