Attraction Works Faster

Tip # 1 aligns the energy of your body to a higher level of consciousness. Every day we have around 10,000 thoughts. Of those 10,000 thoughts just 5 or 6 are new and the remaining nine in 1900 and many remain the same as last year we had 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Perhaps this is one reason why our life does not change as fast as we wish, and is also the main reason that some Law of Attraction will not work to create the positive.

We’re really thinking the same thing repetitively as if we were a tape recorder and with that we are constantly creating the same reality a year ago, 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Every day think more than 10,000 times and more than 90% of those thoughts are devoted to recreate what we already have, ie if you currently do not have enough money, much of the time you spend thinking about it and keep creating that reality. We also spent much time remembering the past or do not want to criticize something, complaining, watching news and talked about trivial things. These mental activities occupy approximately 90% of our thoughts and occasionally we come to think of something different.