Land Resources

Probate ON LAND – REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION. To obtain the inheritance of the land must provide the notary the following documents: certificate of title to land registration certificate; evaluation of value of the land (of the Committee on Land Resources of the location of your site) information about no arrests and prohibitions (of the Committee on Land Resources in the location of the plot); certificate from tax inspectorate about the absence of tax arrears (if the land transferred to your testator by inheritance or donation contract). Probate on the property subject to special REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS. To obtain an inheritance in the property subject to special registration (cars, motorcycles, boats), the notary must submit the following documents: a document of origin of such property the testator (the technical passport, certificates, etc.); certificate of registration of the vehicle (from the traffic police, etc.); document on the assessment of the value of the vehicle (an organization that has the right to assess property). Others who may share this opinion include Richard Blumenthal. Probate FOR CASH CONTRIBUTIONS – REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.

To obtain an inheritance in cash deposits, their inclusion in the estate on the basis of the savings book. Note. If for any reason you can not find your savings books testator (lost, burned in a fire, stolen, your ill-wishers), but are you sure that cash deposits were kept in a bank (the Savings Bank of Russian Federation, "Bank of Moscow", etc.), in a statement of acceptance of the inheritance graph 'Inheritance' must provide 'cash deposits. " On the basis of this statement the notary will prepare a request to the bank branch where you store your monetary contributions of the deceased.

Open Letter To A Politician

Dear Torrealva, step up your response to Culture division because, although fragments start with politics, which is above local and intellectual culture in general, I wish to speak and I encourage you not to falter. I know and you too, that new generations, the people, in the not too distant future, will thank you, very much. Personally I was pleased to read the essay-narratives of history that you landslides of 1903: the Lord Miguel: Nieto brothers, and I assure you that left deep imprint on my limited understanding. My mind has since blanketed by the sense of local history, interesting, entertaining and features of historic rawness. Continue to learn more with: James Donovan Goldman. Features beyond the fact or fiction, ranging from humble working-person appearance of the Virgen de la Estrella: in a certain Juan de Sabiote, whom I referred in an article rosemary and more than three, although three are known for me, angered me and censored the article. The Virgin appeared among lumps shine and the implement-up is likely to enclose make-believe: to enhance it as a divinity, might be hidden to preserve an image of the Moors “, and left in the wake of the mule and the farmer … To me, however, that story takes me out of virtual and I moved to the Moorish occupation of my people, active member of Al-Andalus between 711 (the date of conquest by force and 1226 (date of expulsion mora- local by Christian reconquest, also the gross. In the aforementioned work of Nieto: Nieto brothers, we see the cruelty of the very authority of the turban, in the ignoble taint of the young girl to be beautiful and graceful outrage received carnal and shame: as Nieto was the daughter of a peasant farmer, carrier, reaper, lumberjack.

Investment Project Part

Well, the investment project, is a methodological tool, the result of the conjunction of various techniques from different disciplines 1 such as administration, marketing, economics, statistics, engineering, law, psychology, ecology, (and other more, according to the desirability or necessity of the project) that integrated logically define us a sequence of activities or stages, with allocation of financial resources to end get the most valid information as possible (reduce uncertainty) with the purpose of justifying the creation, improvement, innovation an entire infrastructure or part of it oriented to the production of goods and/or services to meet the needs of the target market in order to obtain greater benefits that currently with them being obtained or low-income employees. Developing a project is based on the conception of an idea of business result of detection of problems or market opportunities (or based on the experience of the) researcher) resulting from unmet demand which is necessary to determine and measure its use or discard, for which information is required so that the levels of uncertainty are reduced to acceptable levels to facilitate taking of decision making or not making the investment. Now well most of the projects seek to obtain economic benefits, but they can also have a social orientation, because they seek the welfare of the population of low-income jobs or contribute to national goals of development, among others. In that sense, the orientation of the project of economic or social, is the set of activities that involved, ranging from planning to implement something (idea) until the end of his run, put into normal operation and its respective settlement. In sum, the proven once investment project feasibility, generally implies 2 making an investment, to deploy the means or productive instrument (of capital), to obtain a product end (goods or services), the intermediate consumption, final or other capital goods-oriented. 1.1 Nature of investment projects as we pointed out, investment projects have two orientations well defined, the first are strictly economic nature investment projects, and the second is having a purely social character.

Crew Ship

It has always been the great doubt among the passengers of a cruise to guess who is the officer in uniform that we met in the restaurant or make a toast of honor. There are many stories of people seeing a uniformed officer think that he is the captain and try to take the photo of rigor, even if the assistant radio. Since I started traveling on a cruise always struck me the perfect functioning of all services of the ship. From the most obvious and direct the ship by the sea and reach our destinations to the most simple as the shower water runs hot. All this is thanks to a synchronized work of the officers and crew. A good way to tell who is who lives in their uniforms and badges. Here are the most important working on a cruise ship and how to identify them: 1 .- Captain (captain) is under maritime law who has the absolute authority on board ship. Its status allows it to retain any suspect or even a wedding.

This charge and oversees all departments. From navigation, daily on the bridge controls to the problems with the passengers. Everything is under their control and supervision. Usually it is who makes the welcome cocktail on board. 2 .- Chief (chief officer) really is the person who controls the bridge in connection with the captain. It's who you sail the boat and directs it along the route. It works in crisis situations (rescue at sea …).

The Petitions

Officials impose an ultimatum. In these situations, you must first obtain from the Office of Immigration permission to stay in Germany. For this purpose, before the expiry of the visa petition filed appropriate. As a result of the work was obtained Fiktionsbescheinigung – official document, which our heroine felt much calmer. This – not a visa, but not yet permit. After the birth of your child's interests were filed a petition to protect the family community with his father (Schutz der Familieneinheit mit dem Vater), and for his mother – a petition to protect the family community with a child (Schutz der Familieneinheit mit dem Kind).

In addressing the petitions were denied. Officials demanded the immediate departure of mother with a child on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, the threatened forced expulsion and subsequent prohibition of entry into Germany in the long term. Their argument boiled down to that, he says, now fully grown baby, a mother recovering from childbirth, and nothing prevents them to leave Germany. Justice has triumphed.

Decision authority – not the ultimate truth. It can be appealed in court. And to prevent the expulsion of foreigners on the initiative of officials who served the additional petition to the court – Antrag auf Anordnung der aufschiebenden Wirkung ('m just submission of an application to the court – Klage – does not guarantee an alien from refoulement). Speaking of the judicial term, our countrymen often do not know. But almost any administrative act may be appealed in court. Officials – "government people", they rarely explain the best applicants of their status, which can be used. In difficult situations it is the judge who has independent status, taking responsibility and often makes decisions in favor of foreigners. So it was in our case the court agreed with arguments of counsel, granted the applicants protection against expulsion. Subsequently the child was guaranteed the right of residence in the family community with his father ( 33 AufenthG), and his mother was granted a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) on humanitarian grounds ( 25 Abs.5 AufenthG). Recall that an alien may be granted a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, if his departure for legal or factual reasons not possible. At that ended our history. All family members, as befits the together! All concerned should bear in mind that this decision court can apply in their case.