Kali Yuga

Humans kill more fun than for survival or satisfaction. What kind of sadism is this? How awful! And we believe us better than the rest of the species because we believe have a conscience? Undoubtedly we need lower those human smoke and learn to live more helping with the rest. For that you need to destroy the systems that have cultivated greed: the economic system, political system, and any egocentric power-centred system. With security these aspects of personality like greed, envy and hatred, are part of our existential structure for a top reason to simply have these feelings and stay in them. But it is easier to stay in those feelings that have the will to transform them into awareness. We have an incredible capacity to love and also why we tend to believe us superiors and that wrong still. How many times and how many species have shown us that their ability to love is more pure than ours? So we consider these and other things and go down the air of human grandeur which are those that have humanity at this point so dramatic and sad.

Where is our being of light? Where are our light side? Perhaps follow revised, because it is hard to cultivate it, it costs wake him? Or is it that we are still with the effects of the illusory obsessions created by our ego, the dark side and what? rich sit higher than others? This idea, sown consciously or unconsciously in us, has us more one step from our own annihilation as a step away from evolving towards our spiritual essence. That should reflect that we have something not done very well. The practice is the basis of our existential laziness. We prefer a microwave to heat food more naturally. We prefer the organic chemical crop factor time, mass production and labor.

We prefer to stay on the established to shake us and seek new paths and the sad thing is that most expected others to do the changes and do not stimulate your car transformation. Ideas, reflections can stay in the air, many can feel identified with the messages, but what matters is that we reveal the changes in ourselves. If we want to support this stage of planetary changes and cope with the physical, emotional and spiritual tsunamis in which we involved, need to start handling our relationship with what we surrounded by a more sensitive and open manner. Regardless of whether we stay on earth or not, need to wake up from this dream, of the Kali Yuga or was hypocrisy and rina. We are going through an extremely strong planetary process and you don’t have to have scientific knowledge and decipher the Mayan prophecies to be realize that we are being shaken. This is an indispensable requirement for the change in our level of conscience collective. Just to see the crisis that is happening globally in terms of economy, politics, religion and morality, and see natural disasters so straight and so strong as to realize that we need to reconsider our time on Earth, at this time, and be clearer as to the effect that we have on our around with what we do so much with what you stop doing.