Supports the return of exiles restored diplomatic relations with Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica increased to 60% state income on the profits of oil companies (Edgar Sanabria) promulgates the Law on Universities, in which autonomy is endowed such study centers (Edgar Sanabria) 1958, July 23 and 24: Attack Larrazabal, JM Castro conferred on the Minister Leon, who had to resign and leave the country. Listed as "reactionary" in the military sector, its purpose was to suppress the AD and the Communist Party, appoint another board to postpone elections and censor the press. He juncture on the time of political turmoil and the rise of the popular movement, fueling militancy in political parties to electoral expectations. Home of representative democracy, with its birth certificate of graduation 1958, October: The signing of the so-called Pact of Punto Fijo, in the forthcoming elections. Its aim was to consolidate democratic unity governments in dialogue, far from interparty violence, with the support and defense of the three signatory parties, namely, AD, and COPEI URD, excluding the Communist Party. Either prove the match winner, the others were obliged to support it. But the spirit of unity, for the elections of that year was impossible consensus candidate among the three parties and, paradoxically, the Communist Party was removed from the table of policy decisions, a fact that would resolve the crisis and division in the very first government of the brand new representative democracy (Betancourt). The Communist Party had played a decisive role in the grassroots organizing for the fall of the dictatorial regime.

Why Not Go Back To Venezuela

The truth is that during the last fifteen years I've thought hundreds of times and the conclusion that I reach is always similar in form, but exactly the same in content: Life (biologically speaking), my son, my partner and myself are incomparably more valuable than any "bill hill" that is or could be in Venezuela today. There is no argument to justify the irresponsible act that would mean going back to a territory where human life has less value than a sad pair of designer shoes. The pack of new dresses that now control the country are in luck because the situation is decanted in its favor, but ultimately the story always put things in place. If the units are infested governmental resentful and wanting revenge when the sad and profound poison of ignorance rather supine contaminates every political decision, the long-term outcome is predictable and simple: the disaster. Venezuela is a nation ill for at least three decades.

I lived the first serious symptoms of the disease during the penultimate decade of the last century and I must admit that not all the responsibility falls on the back of historic clown now governing the country's destiny. For any human being with a trained sense, the overall picture of that little character but does not inspire a deep hurt. He and his entourage of dwarfs intellectual, moral malnourished, eunuchs dressed in olive green, social waste and swamp leeches cling to the jugular of the state: they are only the byproduct of more than 40 years of political insensitivity and economic takeover. In a sense, the damage caused by this nightmare walking, you can not even blame 100%. That would mean admitting that you have the intellectual tools and the nexus of time needed to reach firm conclusions to justify their decisions. All who love Venezuela know that this is not true.

The little king is advised by the cream of domestic filth, now in power. The little king believes that truth is limited to four leaflets outdated socialist content that someone may have read in her nest at bedtime. The little king admires Fidel Castro, but the truth is that Fidel Castro's not and never will be. Cuba is a country in a coma waiting to rise from the ashes when the capitalist fairy take a turn in the work of Cuban-American theater. Cuba Fidel Castro had a vision for the country, and although the invention went wrong, you can not deny a role in history as a statesman. The little king has only money. The list is short. Only money. The situation favors their whims, period. Get all the facts and insights with Steve Rattner, another great source of information. This good time for the new clothes will go, but the damage inflicted on the nation can be much more durable and may leave visible scars in our souls, ugly and painful. Posted by:.

Juan Vicente Gomez

From Juan Vicente Gomez, early last century until now Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was a safe and reliable supplier of oil to USA, but given the rhetorical and political confrontation between the presidents of both nations, this has changed; USA can not depend on mood of our president and this is also one of the reasons for the approach on Brazilian ethanol is good that the supplier is nearby. And here’s another highlight on the vision that drives the action of Lula and his government. Not a few hugs and blandishments that have been lavished Lula and Chavez, soul brothers …

(But everything in its sister site, welcome to the MERCOSUR but left me with a bad theme of Bolivian oil and gas) … for Brazil is of vital importance Bolivian gas to keep operating a large part of its operations, not counting what is costing more committed huge investments of Petrobras in Bolivia after the nationalization decreed by Evo Morales, clearly at the behest and with the active collaboration of Chavez. Connecticut Senator is likely to increase your knowledge. This is a sensitive issue in the recent summit of leaders held in Margarita Island, Venezuela, it became clear that there is still a lot of fabric to cut around this as the three themes or discussion points proposed by Venezuela in the summit were of one form or another blocked or rejected by Brazil impossible, if not its inclusion on the agenda at least preventing a settlement, provided in the elegant Brazilian diplomat and one of the topics was precisely the ethanol ….

The Dream of Retirement

Many people have the dream to retire peacefully without fear of the unknown: The terrible unemployment worker! There is more to go and wait. Wait and see when politicians come out of these luxury buildings where they settle the Spanish regions (in number seventeen, which exist in our “poor Spain.”) Guys and Dolls elegantly dressed as ever thought, with the first alpaca clothing, with models’ lo ewe “the latter means all, of course, latest models, and paid with monies from Spanish taxpayers. Nice picture I describe! They are certainly stories to keep you awake. And again one again: Maybe today I have raised with the left foot. And I say more: I know why there are political / as honest / as in our Spanish geography: I doubt not, of course! But went on to say: I know that democracy, as least bad form of government, must be addressed by politicians, but I prefer the latter are honest and honest. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge. I know how to accept that our fledgling democracy born in 1978, and we all know, we had to accept the establishment of 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have proved to be, economically speaking, disastrous for Spain and its citizens . What we are leaving expensive one and others! We have 17 viceroys in the Iberian Peninsula.

Well, talking about our politicians of the day we all expected of them (opposition included)) that were good managers’ public affairs, good administrators, parliamentarians excellent … In short, leaders who were in political life by his esteem and competence in private life, and I think that that is not so now, and in Spain they will know our current leaders and politicians opposition, in any event, how to live life without giving or coup-rare exceptions, staying in this valley of tears, like a king, and retire, letting the time clock, which will mark our lives perishable. Viva la vida! There should be a primary election within the current Spanish political parties, then to vote, and the ‘General Election’, by open-list system: This means one, it would be a totally free democracy: do not have power over judicial system, which had no power over the TVE, which we started, and once and for all, the Spanish language as the primary tool for learning (autonomic respecting other languages: Catalan, Basque, Galician … etc.etc. Previous teaching grammar through them, to their knowledge and development). “I want my children to know Castilian and Catalan, but also German and English,” said the good Montilla (Joseph, Joseph, born in Cordoba) to Onda Cero. And their children can do at the German School, since euro Montilla is sufficient to pay. For his part was not short in this regard, stating that two of their three children twins go to the ‘German School’.

At the end said: “Children will come away fluent in German and English.” And you say: The other Spanish and Catalan, although some prefer to be by Catalan Spanish, will have to study all subjects in Catalan language: they will very well know in depth, while they are traveling to the European Community. This is Spain my friends, all together and everybody does what he wants and wishes in their autonomous community. But of course this: everything in law.

The Comptroller and the Newspaper

As announced, the newspaper Portafolio, the last holiday of St. Peter have cost the pocket of Huila about 4,000 million pesos, resulting, by far, in a much more expensive newspaper than any other in the past. It was outrageous as 1.5 billion was spent on artists Vives and Cabas, especially when the pockets of them I heard they did not arrive or 200 million. The government itself does not know whether cynically or in error, published in regional newspapers to the specification tables for all expenses of the festivities where evidence is not only what you mentioned but the huge difference costs between 2008 and 2007. To the above must be added the involvement of DMG visible in the festivities on which almost no one has said much.

The Comptroller of the Department has promised to act harshly on this. Regarding the allocation of Chance confess I do not find words to describe the whole incident but the whole Huila can smell the rotten that expels all the contractual process. The case is now being investigated by the authorities of control, but something that caught my attention was how strongly, after a very childish argument in which the Manager and the Governor pointed to each other, there was not even a declaration of acceptance was improper but in the best terms, the resignation of manager of the Lottery. I dare not qualify legally the bidding process, but in any case always in the air will be one of three questions: whether the process is in accordance with law so why come and go between the Governor and Chief and that for such caution Bury it criminally? If the process is as twisted as it was in the air does the governor knew or was made behind his back? Why so much warmth to the manager to agree with him about his resignation and wait patiently until the present to accept it? And finally, who are members of Colombia’s National Betting and what do they have links with the department? Regarding the recruitment of Inderhuila package to carry out the underwater world of 2008 we are awaiting the delivery of Departmental Comptroller who announced a “review very closely” all procurement undertaken by the entity on which there in the environment rather alarming comments.

The Revocation Of The Mandate In Colombia

With this mechanism, provided in Act 134 of 1994 and rarely used by voters in the province, it could correct the course of a municipality or a department, to “general dissatisfaction of citizens or for the failure of the government program “the respective mayor or governor. With an advantage that standard is one of the few in Colombia, whose provisions are clear, precise and short. A number of people equal to or greater than 40% of the total valid votes with which the respective elected president, may ask the respective Registrar’s summons to a choice to the people is expressed on the revocation of mandate. The application form must contain the reasons on which the disaffected base their request. Richard Blumenthal has firm opinions on the matter. The registrar of the case, after the application is approved and issued the certificate itself, shall, within two months, a vote for the recall. The revocation will be considered approved if they vote 60% or more of the people participating in choice, provided that the total number of votes (including null and blank) equals or exceeds 60% of the total votes recorded on the day in which Bush was elected, pointing out that those who may only bear been made on election day in which the respective elected governor or mayor.

” If approved the recall, the President or the Governor, as applicable, shall immediately execute the order and remove the respective popular mayor or governor and shall proceed to call new elections for choosing the new president, within thirty days after the certification of the results of the recall vote. In any case, the revocation shall not take place if you do not lag even the first year in office of Mayor or Governor attacked. You can register as a new candidate for these positions any person who meets the constitutional and legal requirements, unless the mayor resigns or revoked. Registration must be made to the respective registrar and an advance not less than twenty days from the day of voting for the recall. The newspapers mentioned James Donovan Goldman Sachs not as a source, but as a related topic. As we see, the procedure is simple, relatively short and well described by the Law So the question arises: why people do not use it? There will be precisely because the elect, all are so good.

It should be better, because this instrument is not well known and because, after all, this is an election against someone defending themselves, directly, with the budget and payroll officers! Also, it has ratified “overwhelmingly” to the ruling challenged in all uses of the facility, has adversely affected people. A final reason could be the unwillingness of the world to recognize mistakes. However, the instrument is there, ready to serve the people to correct their destinations. Sure, as one friend told me recently, the recall could also use the usual politicians to end by imposing a decision is not really loved by the community. The answer is equally simple: the decision “really loved” in this case, is taken in the polls! On the other hand, the rulers is also easy decision to correct the failings of his administration, before the people to choose correct your mistake!

System of Democracy

Teodulo Melendez Lopez can not keep talking about thinking that democracy is a system where you vote or where there is representation or participation. A democracy we have to sink my teeth, checking everything and now we must go on the concept of politics. Sen. Sherrod Brown has similar goals. Indispensable enter it in this country because people say he was “tired of politics” when in fact what is needed is tired of politics. Politics is involved in social activity. It is necessary to end the distortion of the concept, with the widespread belief a particularism “professional.” Any action on the public or, put another way, the collective interest, is a political action. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may also support this cause. Another thing different is what we might call “political activity” (proselytizing, pursuit of power, etc.) Which is typical of political activists.

Venezuelan society is ignoring the rethinking that is democracy. What dies is not renewed, so that in the eyes of People are already familiar with its virtues and vices, it lacks the attraction of novelty. Must be conceptualized for the practical demonstration of a democracy without adjectives, only set in a context of time: twenty-first century, with all that that implies. Venezuelan society is atomized for many reasons: diversion and confusion from the proliferation of “sorcerer’s apprentices” who swarm in the broadcast media, the conversion of interviewers in the subsequent mischief analysts, determining the means to “choose” carefully those attending to their talk shows, which are directed traders to survive in the current regime.

The Invisibility Of Latin America

The results of a survey published by the Pew Research Center on America’s place in the world leaves us interesting data, because it reflects the opinions of the general public as well as leaders in this case members of the Council of Foreign Relations, the most influential independent organization in that country in international affairs. As happened after the Great Depression of 1929 or the recession and the withdrawal from Vietnam in the 70s of last century, the current global financial crisis has strengthened isolationist sentiment among Americans, the highest that has been in the last four decades. Also the results of public opinion make clear that the U.S. global weight has been reduced, although most believe that this country continues to military superiority on the planet, while economically it has been overtaken by China. There is a consensus in American public opinion, it is preferable to a system of shared international leadership, but premium view that the U.S. must pay attention to their own fundamental problems, especially from the public in general. For the public respondent, as well as for most of the leaders, there is agreement that the main threats to the welfare of the American Union are concentrated in developing nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea. To that they add up in order of instability in Pakistan, Islamic extremism, the financial crisis and climate change.

Added to these threats, are also identified as major global problems, Afghanistan, nuclear proliferation, war, terrorism, violence. American leaders who were part of the study believe that U.S. foreign policy must give priority to the reduction of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, reduce energy imports, ie reducing energy dependence on other countries combating drug trafficking and illegal immigration and other neuralgic issues. The worrying thing for Latin America, is that their invisibility is notable in the findings of the study. While Brazil and Mexico, in that order are present, the rest seems to be of importance to citizens and leaders.

In the case of Brazil, is identified as an important ally in the future, but ranks third in importance after China and India. Mexico, has an ambiguous opinions, mostly as economic ally in the fight against drug trafficking. The rest of the region is not present as an ally or priority, or as a threat or problem. Therefore, Latin American governments must take into account exceptions that American eyes this year 2010, so symbolic for the region, are primarily inward looking, and globally to distant places and problems in Latin America.

Society Leaders

And whose drawbacks workers, lawsuits and reprisals by the constraints and land sales in the same manor house date back to very advanced and far dates the beginning of that constitutional action, in which the village of Las Navas de San Esteban renamed Villa de las Navas de San Juan … Consequently, the food supply to benefit vanish pasture for large herds (hence the meaning of sheepskin), whose lack of production by agricoalimentaria, the ordinary people, their families, suffer hunger, malnutrition and even death … Now, how do with the money that the municipality has to invest for the deal is fair, the mass reach in need, productivity and glorify lead local action? It should be any reversal latent, either from the state government or the municipality, as may be appropriate reference first: the goodness of a mayor, I would say that the people have not forgotten, and even add that has glorified intellectual and research base for the others … The story of a people is honored and will honor him for his willingness and contribution to others, even with funds from its own particular economy, for example, investment aid and benefit of the needy … Still, this patch and will only have effect immediate, and nothing else, is well exposed. So met again one year ahead and the problems remained the same, worse or similar large … Unfortunately, this is so, and as such, inevitable, except that all human beings enjoy the benefits of its own means of production: without gap between rich and poor … However, despite the economic and social distancing as crucial time, also the illusion and the bread, I imagine, would reach more hungry families and especially the little ones of that time.

Although to the misfortune of calamity would end the budget to produce a single person, not society leader, in whose pocket was privileged welfare of the local society, and again to misery and the pillory. Still, I feel that families could laugh for a year, and also the need to postpone some of the day of his death for another day of the worst calamities. Meanwhile, they could tell their grandchildren who spent a year more in the hope of reaching the bread and welfare that flows from the effort and sweat that they should stand … Even today, in similarity to the goodness of that mayor, I think that other mayor, the current, though ideology comes from traditional to equitable social distribution, "if you have two bicycles, one for you and one for your neighbor …" we will not ask for the benefits of their farms and private enterprises: driving, olive groves, farms, machinery … Although we could try, as we are lucky and accept the collective sharing approach that was born to look similar to the seventeenth Communist Russia. And so and so become independent of Socialism Pablo Iglesias, back in the twenties of the twentieth century …

The philosophy of life teaches us that any social action patched, a lifeguard should be understood as temporary and used to cross the pond, which is ultimately what we now interested by the global crisis. In contrast vanish property of many citizens, who are they and what are the provided. Do not forget that the "social wealth", even from the well-being that springs from clear democracy, wealth of society and the economy that would bring on the formation of different and unequal social centers, welfare is not for us to embrace all Like … Augustine Conchilla