The Loss of Pepe Moreno Aguinaga

Two, three, even several times their cry echoed in the peace of the graveyard in this cold evening of November 14. The sun was almost hidden, the cries grew everywhere “And the corpse, alas, kept dying,” the warlike Aguinaga Moreno family, men and women, adults and young children, had already tired of both mourn, they were doing from the hospital, at home, at church, in the streets, in the cemetery, but “the body Ah went on dying.” There were so many friends, grieving, weeping, some neighborhood Avenue of the Army, other Claretian school, other college, and many of the fight, the party of your dreams for justice, democracy and socialism, all powerless an absurd and stupid death and there before us, lay lifeless body of a faithful friend, selfless, caring, cheerful, active, energetic. His promotion remembered him as the moth in the neighborhood, then, as the noted chief Brigade of the Boys Scouts of Claretian. For even more details, read what Sen. Sherrod Brown says on the issue. His college friends remembered him as the fighter who stopped his studies, his friends, his family to walk through the mountains in the north, south, sowing their dreams in every worker and every peasant in the village teaching planting Chota, Bambamarca Tocache and others to defeat the dictatorship of Velasco and Morales Bermudez and restore democracy without anything to change, without seat and without charge. And so it went, walking with his dreams and left without cumi, without charge, leaving a harvest to a legion of friends there helplessly crying, because “the corpse, alas, kept dying.” Maybe some Pythagoras remembered how right when he said “early pick a friend, because life is short” because we no longer will cross the Central market, we no longer greet the passage St. Augustine, and do not receive in my office , we shall not take a coffee to talk about politics, literature and so many things. How right he attended Cicero when he said that “life is nothing without friendship” and, indeed, and the flowers fade without the heat of the sun, so life is fading without the warmth of friendship.

Your absence has faded from our lives, it seems that the great Solomon had thought of you when I wrote a chapter of Ecclesiastes, saying: “A faithful friend is a safe haven and find it is a treasure” And there, in front of us Inert had the faithful friend, the safe haven, the treasury and yet, all our tears together, all the pain the world could not revive him!, for “the corpse, alas, kept dying. But in the midst of sadness appeared hope! hear in our hearts the voice of Mary, the same Mary who guided their steps in the Claretian, we hear the voice of Jesus Christ, the same with their immense power raised Lazarus! And they told us so strongly enough to suffering and pain! Then the body will no longer dying! Pepe Aguinaga continue to live and we will meet again to continue dreaming of a new world, with a new man, with a new society built on the basis of fair distribution of wealth. We shall meet again after death and in spite of it. Meanwhile, rest in peace, dear friend of all life we will continue listening even if you are silent, we will continue talking even when they do not respond, continue to remind you but you are no longer with us! .