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Spain and Barcelona deal with privileged positions as a country and city that received more international events in 2008. According to the ranking of ICCA (International Congress & Convention) no other destination is among the three leaders as a country and city. According to the International Union of Associations of the International Meeting Statistics for the year 2008, Spain reached the third position among the international ranking of countries where most events are held, with 467 organized events. While Barcelona won fifth place with 193 events in the ranking of world cities in which most events are held each year. In this ranking, Spain was the only country that managed to get also a city in the top 10. Also, to The Country Brand Index, Spain won the tenth position among the top 10 countries with potential to become one of the strongest brands (FutureBrands study). A market with a strong female presence highlights the fact the high percentage of presence women in the Spanish industry events.

Faced with an economy in which women occupy 41% of jobs in the sector of occupation events for women is 64%, although they hold only 35% of management positions. According to figures and studies, one of five Spanish companies with more than 100 employees has a dedicated staff person in the organization of events. (For more information, ask us for the study: 902 90 31 90 – conclusions of the market survey Eventoplus EVENTS GROUP FOR 2010 For more information or to see the market study full 2010 event, please contact us (902 90 31 90 – Events simpler, more oriented to direct contact and less to the staging or luxury, more demanding of companies in terms of impact of the event, purchasing processes and even tougher marketing for 2010 is expected.