POI Objects

Nuvi 1200 is the most fiscal navigator in the new line of Garmin. Navigator 3.5 with a screen inches. Navigator no frills and extra multimedia features. Differs from its predecessor, Garmin Nuvi 205 a slim body, updated firmware and maps' Roads of Russia 5.16 ". Paulo Coelho may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Can display the lane on multilane highways and contours of the buildings in 3D. At the same time it has all the standard features – and re-route planning, voice prompts, determining its location, the application package. Among the new functions – the ability to calculate the most efficient route in terms of fuel consumption – function 'ecoRoute'. Another very useful innovation – while moving the device does not just say: 'After 200 meters turn left', but street names, such as: 'After 200 meters turn left into Tver'.

A version of this navigator Nuvi 1200T comes with a radio traffic and displays, so mirror. Next on the rise of the functions, quality and prices are wide and thin Nuvi 1310 with Bluetooth. Traffic jams can not display the navigator, but on the phone with Bluetooth can talk through it without taking your hands off the wheel. The device comes preloaded with maps of Russia, a large number of POI Objects and 2-or 3-dimensional maps. Finally, we reached one of the most interesting, in my opinion, the Nuvi devices in 1410 It has a number of new and very useful features that have never been before. Now the device while driving will be show lane to which you want to go – it will help navigate the complex intersections to be reconstructed and pre-select the congress on the road junction.