Electrical Devices

In this article we describe the basic rules of safety when working with the cable. General safety notes are as follows: Working with power cable (cable kg, vvg, nym, etc.) is allowed only after the development of production project works (PPR). Works with the cable should be made an organization dedicated to the works of this type, and has the list of equipment, materials and skilled specialists. Work with the cable must be made within the framework of the recommendations developed and existing regulatory documents: a) snip 3.05.06-85″ Electrical Devices ; b) Regulation of Electric Plant (SEP) drums with the power cable (cable kg, vvg, nym, etc). In the event it becomes necessary to move the drum with the cable must perform all activities to avoid during contact clothing working with the drum.

To do this, you should check the drum surface, eliminating the sharp side and scoring a protruding nails, and securely attach the end of the cable. Location of fixtures in the trenches. It is forbidden to have a eyebrows any marker materials and equipment (empty drums, any mechanisms, cables). Movement and placement needed to work arrangements (including the drums with cable) is permitted only outside the prism displacement ground on which the depth of the trench must be less than the distance from the edge of the trench before placing the equipment. Removing the cable from the drum. Removing the cable from the drum is allowed only when the brake lock devices drum.

Puts the ladder against the drum with a cable to be placed horizontally and vertically, is strictly prohibited. Manual tensioning cable ladders are also prohibited. When removing the cable on rollers in the field change the direction of the track you should place special rollers designed for a corner route. Lift cables to a height of over 2 meters without special arrangements prohibited. Cabling. During cable laying in the placed in the trench, the workers must control the process from both sides of the trench. In that case, if the lead is in the tubes placed in the wall, it is important to warn the injured hand and fall working at random capture cable. For lighting jobs in the pits, tunnels should be applied Portable Lamps U 12kV or rechargeable flashlights.

Machine Embroidery History

Recently, after the machine embroidery, hand sewing was almost ousted. The very first embroidery machine appeared in France back in 1821 Unfortunately, the name of the inventor of this creation is unknown to this day, as well as information about its mechanism. After five years Barthelemy Timon d’Amplepi invents a machine for the following machine embroidery, which again was not suitable for wide dissemination embroidery. Geylmana third machine was invented by the French exhibition in 1854, which caused general delight and inspire further inventors. Then, in the so-called car Geylmana fired several minor modifications. One of the inventions were made Barbeau Schmitz, despite the fact that the fundamental idea and the mechanism of the machine Geylmana remained the same. Of course, such a thing as machine embroidery can be applied not only to the particularly complex patterns. As a rule, modern embroidery machine is very handy for duplicating items, their accessibility and a wide distribution in the other case, the costs of the introduction of the new picture would be so great that it simply does not pay off.

Of course, many of us still prefer to hand sewing, finding it more beautiful and durable, highly artistic work of art. After all, imagination embroiders has tremendous scope and totally is not constrained by the narrow limits of machine production. At the end of the 80th of the 19 th century in Western Europe, especially France, was widely distributed embroidery using traditional Russian motives, with the cockerels, horses, and similar figures, embroidering with red, blue and yellow thread on white fabric. Clothes with embroidery can be often seen on the streets of Paris in those days, they used a special popular among young women and children. Given all the expressive means of machine embroidery as art can make masterpieces. So, should first identify the aesthetic properties of the material, iridescent sheen silk, smooth shimmer linen, shining gold, stones or sequins and fluffy and matt wool and similar materials.

Moscow Banking Union

Work will continue on projects creating distribution centers, wholesale trade in food in the area of the Moscow Ring Road. Now it is necessary to prepare bidding documents for 2 parcels of land, town planning documentation for 4 parcels of land proposed for inclusion in the Unified poadresny list of competitive sites. Continue to conduct contests on 5 parcels of land for placement of low-temperature storage. As is known, the basic idea of public-private partnership – a joint project financing from the budget and private investors. In 2006, this goal provides the budgetary allocation of 200 million rubles. by city budget provided by the Department on the food supply of the city (2005-2006) Recently went into effect the decision of the Government of Moscow dated 07.11.2006, 865-P "on the financing costs food security of the city of Moscow. The document also affects the procedure of investment projects of public-private partnership.

The purpose of making decisions – bringing the regulatory framework in compliance with the Law of the City of Moscow dated 12.07.2006 39 "On Food Security in Moscow." For joint projects also involved other banks and Cooperation City and banks engaged in Moscow Banking Union. Refrigerant and coolant in the world has not yet created an absolutely safe refrigerant. In Russia, was once the most common ammonia. This is quite a dangerous substance for the use of which in Russia developed a special supervisory system with a set of special permissions, reporting, etc. Recently, ammonia began to take a position – it is increasingly replaced by alternative refrigerants such as freon.

State Supervision

More expensive on this design becomes. The doors to the private elevators are made semi-automatic or automatic swing. The latter may be common sliding or telescoping, that is to go at each other. Telescopic design is preferred because less bulky. motion without danger Elevator – a complex technical structure, and his pledge safe operation – strict compliance with existing rules and regulations. The main regulatory instrument in this area are considered ‘installation and safe operation of elevators’, adopted in May 2003.

Newest pubel take into account the requirements of European standard en 81-2. Order lifting equipment should only specialized organizations with appropriate licenses, official permissions and rights. Also Recall that mechanisms must be certified. Ready to use elevator shall be representative of the State Supervision (certification procedure involves a number of difficulties, most of them is the bureaucratic character), then the customer must sign a contract for maintenance of the lift. Work on the survey and routine repairs are carried out on schedule, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the regulations documents. Modern elevators as easy to use – just press the passengers, and control system will set the speed, the path acceleration and braking, provide a stop at the desired floor. For congestion monitors electronic weighing device.

The issue of security has been resolved in 1854 with the invention of Elisha Graves Otis. Since the system was constantly improved, but the principle of its action stayed unchanged.

Drafts Forced

In the autumn of this year in England can be put unusual tax – a tax on the drafts. Such a measure, according to the government, would contribute to energy savings. It is planned that if a house belonging to the private person will not be installed triple-pane windows, the owner of real estate have to pay a special municipal tax. Today, many governments have taken several measures to reduce energy consumption their economies. One of the directions of this policy is working with the private consumer. "We can safely say that almost every Russian apartment has room for energy savings – said Rafiq Alekperov Head of Customer Group propleks (Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – For example, modern plastic windows provide increased level of thermal performance in various operating conditions.

In this sense, such a modernization in the interest of not only states but also the people themselves to ensure comfortable living conditions. " Problem of energy conservation at all levels, including consumers, are interested in and the Russian authorities. Thus was born the famous law of light bulbs. " "The popular phrase was that" destruction is not in the closet, but my head. " But if we want to take up his head, is not a sin to start with the same closet, apartments, entrances, their homes, – says the mayor of Moscow Yuri . – Dance, they say, must be "from the stove." And in the case of energy efficiency – from a mere light bulb.