The Existence

I rescue this so distant example of the existence in the contemporaneidade exactly to show how much the form that we perceive the world always it is atrelada the work forms and consequently, the existence possibilities. Our model of thought meets flooded with the influences of the activities that we practise. Being that, in the same way that the 50000 human beings of a.c, we also only can see until where our thought it reaches. E, to clarificar this reflection and to take it a little more far, I question: it will be that currently we with relative searches are not still more busy the survival, however this happens of a more complex form, where instead of fighting directly in the forest against other animals for food, fights with men for jobs (which the times in them occupy more daily time that this primitive fight) to gain the money that consequently we will spend with the purchase of foods and utensils? That is, which the possibilities and how much time have the man contemporary to occupy with the creative cio? To think and problematiza other things? To exist of other forms? to take this reflection still more ahead, I consider to the reader to imagine itself in a society in which the industrial automation and artificial intelligence were so advanced that the existence of politicians was not more necessary, works, money, policy, etc. In which we fossemos supplied with you remeasure daily of foods in the door of our houses for robots. For even more opinions, read materials from James Donovan Goldman. Where houses could be constructed in weeks, where families more were not crossed by interests and monetary necessities, think as this would modify the creation of children and the relation man woman, for example. At last, it is very simple to visualize how much such change would modify the configuration of the relations human beings of the society, its values and, mainly, the psychic production of this society.

The Image

Thought – relatively lightweight, thin form of energy, so it is so quick and easy changing. Matter is relatively coarse, it is a dense form of energy, therefore it is slower moving and changing. Matter itself also has a large variety. Living matter is relatively thin, is changing rapidly and easily influenced by other objects. Stone is much more dense form, which is slowly changing, and it is more difficult to influence. Yet, even stone, in the end, changes its shape under the influence of a thin, light water power. All forms of energy are interrelated and may affect each other.

Energy possesses magnetism. One of the laws of energy is as follows: the energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract the energy of similar quality and vibration. Thoughts and feelings are own energy, which attracts the energy of the same nature. We can observe this law at work when we, for example, 'accidentally' meet someone whom just thought, or 'accidentally' find a book that contains exactly the information, which now need. Form follows idea. Idea – easy, fast and agile form of energy. It manifests itself immediately, in contrast to the more dense forms such as matter.

When we create something, we always first create it mentally. Thought or idea precedes manifestation. 'It is necessary to cook dinner, "the thought that precedes the cooking. The artist first, a thought or inspiration, then it creates picture. The builder takes the first drawing, then builds a house. Thinking like a compilation of a detailed plan, it creates an image corresponding to the form, then the image magnetizes and directs physical energy to create imaginary forms, which ultimately manifest on the physical plane.

Great Patriotic War

Intonation the speaker's voice – it is not dependent on consciousness thing, which carries information about the mental and physiological state of the organism at a given moment. How can people perceive the tone of voice? For more unconsciously and always emotional. We do not think about it, but very often the case that tone of voice interlocutor paint our own emotional background, and we change our plans and decisions. In other words, it can act as a major incentive for decision-making sphere. The importance of intonation for the transfer of emotional state is so large that is difficult to to express their thoughts, words and phrases. Having studied a lot of material on the subject, I realized finally what was right, my mom! Understand how important intonation in our lives, how many different areas of our existence on earth affected by this issue. With the help of intonation, we can express our feelings, emotions, and to lead, to resist, to dominate and manipulate the situation.

Fill our lives with variety and color. Now I understand intonation that the strongest weapon, reading about the Great Patriotic War! If Hitler had not had a strong oratorical skills, our earth would not recognize him so much grief, sorrow and grief! This did not represent himself sergeant major, was able to speak and his speech cast a spell like no other. A huge number of soldiers fell under his influence, and were ready to execute whatever he wants. Many things can bring us bad 'tone' in mouth of the bad people, and it's sad! Plus, it's very contagious! If one person is upset, crying, frightened, laugh, something fun talks, the second without knowing it begins to adopt a different style. I can wrong? I think all the people whose occupations are associated with a society, we must always be very careful and cautious. doing your job. it must be remembered that despite the different emotional states, not with using intonation to transfer it to other people.

Since a person is very easy to offend and injure, sometimes even without noticing it. In the world of politics is often manipulated people's minds with a beautiful voice, well set tone! This is clearly seen on the example of state elections. I also noticed an interesting feature, women's and men's intonation is different from each other. I think the ladies do well on this field. Intonation women more emotional, more intense and they very cleverly used this weapon. Describing and developing this theme, would like to draw parallels with the music. We hear a great great works in which can be understood without words that he wants to pass us by joy, sadness, anxiety, confusion, fear, pain, and so on. And the tone for us music of our speech, our ability to express and express yourself! I can not imagine at moment that our speech suddenly changed and become monotonous. We could hardly understand what emotions we want to express a different person. As far as he merrily, sad, hurt, happy is he alone is to him. People no longer understand a lot of only at home, at work. We would lose everything that makes our life beautiful. Theater, literature, film, humor, would lose sense! I think something like feeling deaf and dumb man. This is terrible! All this would have resulted in monotony humanity to its doom. We turned into robots! There is a dead-intelligence, but do not have feelings!

The Detention

No longer first meeting of explanation of the period of training, our supervisor in them presented two articles for reading and theoretical referencial so that we could know the work carried through in day-care centers with small children. The texts had been, ' ' The day-care center and playing: alternatives for the education in the first year of vida' ' also, ' ' To take care of, to take care of and to prevent: the day-care center, the education and psicanlise' '. Very interesting texts, therefore, through these, I could enter in contact with the practical ones of taking care of in the environment considered for the period of training, the day-care center. Basically these texts not only approach the thematic one of the importance of the psychoanalysis in the work with babies in the clinical scope, but also as for the detention and prevention of precocious psychic risks. Another point of the text brings the importance of ' ' brincar' ' its implications in the constitution of the citizen. In the following week we arrive then in the quarrel, decision of the subjects and methodology that we would work with the educators in the day-care center.

At the first moment we choose, the communication between educators and parents, focando in the independence of the child and also in the erroneous paper that the day-care center assumes as of responsible for ' ' educao' ' of its children. Another boarded subject was of the external and internal communication and the infantile aggressiveness. During our meeting we speak on what Winnicott claims on the absolute dependence/partial route to independence. We also argue on the facilitador environment and the formation of the patologias and on the importance of the educators in the process of formation of self. The method of approach to the subject used for us during all the meeting, was always in form of dynamics and later a reflection on the proposal of the proper activity.

Social Perception

In such a way he is absolutely indispensable that if knows the phenomenon of social perception, as well as the existence and the consequences of the social projects that constantly influence our perceptions and cognitions. Thus a more objective and less tendencioso judgment of the others without coarse distortions of the reality will only be possible. The ideal would be the professor to ahead keep certain neutrality of its pupils, but this is a in such a way difficult process one. Therefore our society possesss values that classify as good to that they present better social, moral, cognitivas and mannering qualities. Thus through the understanding of the differences between the human beings they can be eliminated many perplexidades and be gotten greater productivity; an aggressive behavior in the treatment can, also, be hindered educandos them, therefore that we understand that our revolt results of the same elements that constitute its behavior. If nor always it is truth to say that ‘ ‘ everything to understand is everything perdoar’ ‘ , it is certain that the understanding extends our tolerance and hinders an unjust revolt and almost always useless.

The Atendimentos

Vinici and Farah (2001) clarify that, currently, the clinic-school surpassed these two initial purposes and acts today also as a space so that the pupils develop research and participate of extension projects, beyond giving attendance to community. Then, the clinic-school became a source where they are collected given referring to the atendimentos, to the characteristics of the taken care of people, to the average time of the atendimentos, to the factors that favor, or not, the psicoteraputico success and others. These data are used as base for the elaboration of new projects and research, in a continuous process of inquiry that only has to favor the teach-learning of the graduation pupils and its future insertion in the professional market. Of this form, with support in Perfeito and Melo (2004), it can be said that in its more recent configuration, the clinic-school consists as a tripod of the superior education, uniting in one alone space education, the research and the extension. By means of the period of training, the pupil has conditions to place, in practical, what he learned in the theory, acquiring clinical experience. The activities of research among others allow that it verifies, inquiries, the effectiveness and the result of its interventions, being this practical one forms to articulate the theoretical knowledge with the period of training. Ademais, in the clinic-school, is possible to visualize and to understand, of clearer form, the changes that occur with the individuals.

The extension, in turn, of to the pupil the possibility to work directly with the community. Poelman and others (2009) stand out this aspect of the extension, affirming that the clinic-school of Psychology is one of the doors that the university opens for the community, in such way that this can receive the benefits from the academic activity, materialized in the form of the atendimentos offered for the trainees. It is verified, in the present time, a movement of expansion of the services given in the scope of the clinic-school.