Computer Literacy

The growing "informatization" of society requires a modern man of proper level of computer literacy. And if young people socialized in the bowels of the information society, this time requirement in most cases is not a problem, older people have more difficult. Meanwhile, the information "isolation" is often the cause of social isolation. It's no secret that computer skills in today most cases are a requirement of employers. For many people approaching retirement and retirement age is often ignorance of the computer insurmountable obstacle to climbing the career stairs, or, at all – a barrier to successful employment. In fact, this obstacle can be overcome and. Designed to facilitate this training centers, specializing in computer courses.

Today St. Petersburg has no shortage of such training institutions. Therefore, the choice of the Training Center are often the determining factors such as duration of existence of the CA, which speaks of lessons learned; qualification of teachers; occupancy groups (less than men in the group, the more productive learning process), the ability to get professional help in finding employment after graduation; document, obtained by completion of the course. This last point is most important for employment. In the era of computer technology in a competitive environment it is important not only well aware computer, but also have proof of your competence. Many training centers at the end of training give students a variety of certificates and diplomas of a course.

As a rule, preference is given to CA in which every student, who passed final exam, give a government issued identification. Of particular interest are the centers in which the addition of a license can obtain a certificate of international standard. The most common certification system is a PC user ECDL (European Computer Driving License) – European Computer Driving Licence. To date, this program covers 70% of the world, testing of this system were more than 6.5 million people in 166 states. ECDL certificate is a plastic card with a photograph and a unique number, the format resembles a driver's license. It is an international document certifying that the holder is computer user on a set of programs. In the United States and Europe ECDL has long been the accepted standard of computer literacy. The certificate ECDL provides a significant advantage with respect to employment in the those abroad, but also significantly increases the odds in comparison with competitors who do not have this certificate.