Soloniana Constitution

Nevertheless he has located it to the tradition around year 559/8, shortly after the beginning of the tyranny of Pisstrato He adds himself to us, that his father decimated his fortune in generosity acts. For that reason Soln began like international retailer. Its poetic abilities they did that outside considered one of the Seven wise people of Greece. In the middle of 590 years a.C. worked to incite the renewal of the conflict with Cirra on Salamina. In 594 a.C. was named arconte of the tica, in order to control the rampante civil disorder in that city, product of the laws emitted by Dracn and the slavery of many farmers by debts. Soln abolished the majority of these laws (from where the adjective of &quot is derived; draconianas"), that they were excessively bloodthirsty with the misdemeanors and had brought about complaints in the population, except the referring ones to the homicide.

It introduced a set of regulations, seisachtheia, that were very useful to improve the conditions in property subjects and earth possession. Their regulations were such successful that entrusted the task to him of rewriting the constitution. The result was called the Soloniana Constitution later. One exempted the citizens of direct taxes. It introduced the Heliaia (judgment by jury). The Council of Four hundred (or Bul) and the Arepago were established like the main consultative and administrative bodies. It annulled all the debts that weighed on the humble farmers and decreed that all the slaves by debts were released; remodel the calendar, and regulated the weights and measures. Their laws were written in wood cylinders special (kyrbeis) and put in the Acropolis. The Escita had great friendship with Anacarsis, that made fun of of Soln by the faith that it had in the written laws to maintain to ray the greed and injustices of his fellow citizens One comments, that decided to finish to us with the rights of chaste, adapting the rights and duties of the citizens to his respective rents, coming to the division of the population in four classes.


Many years later, the 3 of October of 1863, Abraham Lincoln, proclaimed by letter of the congress, a national day of thanksgiving. the last Thursday of November, like a Thanksgiving day and adoration to our beneficient father, who dwells in skies in this proclamation of thanksgiving, 16 president says that he is announced in the Sagradas Scriptures and confirmed through the history, that those nations that it has to the Gentleman like his God, are blessed. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the hand that he preserves to us peacefully, he multiplies to us, he enriches and he fortifies. Vainly we have imagined, by means of the deceit of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some wisdom superior and our virtuosity.

There is similarity to me, appropriate that God solemn, reverente and is thankfully recognized like in a heart and a voice, by all the Americans The general landlord of this celebration also has conserved itself equal from Century XIX. The menu, with any regional variation, it consists generally of stuffed turkey to the furnace, bilberries, some subject of gossip with maize, sweet potatoes and pies of pumpkin. Nowadays, the Thanksgiving day, continues being a holiday during which the American families meet to share the fruits of an abundant harvest and to give thanks to God by their blessings in their earth. In 1941 the Thanksgiving day was declared officially, by the Congress of the United States a holiday, to be celebrated the fourth Thursday of the month of November Definitively, Thanksgiving or Accin de Gracias is a date to share blessings and good desires with the nearest family and beings. In spite of the existing so great distances between territories of the United States, the members of family meet in the home of the relative of the more age, most veteran, generally the grandparents. People such as novelist would likely agree. All reunited thank for all the good one that they have and they request blessings (blessings) together for theirs. In this spirit to share, civic groups and charitable organizations they offer a traditional food to the most needed its community, in particular, to without home.

In most of tables of the United States, the feeding products that used in the first historical thanksgiving, in the first Thanksgiving, have made traditional, cannot lack. Among them we can emphasize: maize (corn), pumpkins (pumpkins), sauce of bilberry (cranbery s willow), and by all means the stuffed turkey (stuffed turkey). The ceremony has been a public recognition of the paper of the Indians in the first Thanksgiving (America s First Thanksgiving) for 350 years. The majority of people celebrates this celebration with familiar meetings in their homes where they prepare a banquet. In many houses it is common to offer an oration of thanks. The traditional main plate for dinner is a great turkey roast. Once finalized dinner, the attending members usually join all to see the soccer match in the television, although others are useful to talk and to rest In the North American cities parades become.

National Executive Committee

Great part responsible for this is that the parties in fact do not show an ideology nor plan of work, the parties are concentrate in obtaining the ballot boxes and later to look for solutions for a country that every six years re-invents all the national plan stopping previous works and beginning from the beginning again. At the moment the parties receive less support on the part of the citizens, and that distrust not only is based on the little reciprocity that receive, but also in the distrust to the own electoral system. This distrust always has existed but it has been seen exponentially intensified from the bitter elections of the 2006. From difamadoras campaigns to died that voted, the result of these elections where both strong candidates were Felipe Caldern and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador were described like fraud by great part of the population. The Mexican electoral system is lost all the confidence on the part of its voters.

Another fact that has hurt the security of the citizens in the political parties was in July of this year in the elections of president and Secretary General of the National Executive Committee of the PRD, all we saw as it were a total fraud and until they declared null by serious irregularities in more than 20% of the installed squares. As it is possible that we are called same like a democratic State if we did not fulfill if it wants with the bases of that system, like complete and true correspondence and citizen participation. If we analyzed, How it is that we have a transparency law? It is necessary to put under law a characteristic of the same democracy? In order to include/understand the future of the parties, we must include the present; the Party of National Action initiated with the motto of being the party of the town for the town, nevertheless now it is known him for being the representing party the Mexican right; institutional the Revolutionary Party has as aim to create a sovereign State constituted by a constitution in favor of the interests of the Mexicans, nevertheless of gave seventy years of upsettings against the human rights, laws in favor of the social polarization and a life altogether unconstitutionality; and what so the Party of the Democratic Revolution, began with the mission to improve and to reconstruct to a PRI without innovations, in the middle of the Eighties the party acquired a quite interesting vision but in agreement it advanced the time his objectives were distorted and it fragmented between a center-left and an extremist left, showing to little tolerance nor attitude for negotiations.

Argentine Republic

In March of 1860 the presidential succession takes place, assumes Derqui like President and Pedernera like Vice-president, Buenos Aires obtains that the National Treasure guarantees the budget by 5 years more, followed leading the Customs of Buenos Aires and it was hoped that it puts together its economy, meanwhile in San Juan was an institutional crisis that affects the Province of Buenos Aires. Art. 30 of the Constitution established that this could to be reformed in everything or part of her, reunited a congress with the approval of 2/3 of the Camera. In 1860 one reforms the Constitution and Integra to Buenos Aires. Main reforms: organic reform and dogmatic reform. In the Constitution of 1853 this settled down that Buenos Aires is the capital, does not accept and proposes that the capital is where the Congress arranges and approves by Law and had to be Federal the territory. Buenos Aires incorporates that to the congress the legislation corresponds to him, the rights of import and export and this will be until 1866, in addition it did not have to exist customs tariffs.

Art. 5: it established the obligations of the Provinces, had to dictate his own Constitution, the justice administration, the primary education, municipal government. It is eliminated 17 Art.s last paragraph (executions to lance and knife). The National Government will not dictate laws that restrict the Freedom of the Press. Art.

33: Implicit rights, the rights are not in restrictive form, but in enumerativa form. One derives the political rights. Art. 35: One considers the names of the National State (Argentine Republic). In the organic part, the reform that arises from Art. 64, says that the Congress will dictate citizenship laws. They must be beaten at the beginning of nationality citizenship (requisite of the president, one abroad demands to be natural or children to him of born Argentineans).