Ancient Greece Government

Later, the Egyptians held a number of improvements, and people began to operate the ferry. In the basement, bath and fireplace stoked a huge hot air rising in the pair separation through small openings. In most guys find the stone beds, which are heated by hot air it. After these procedures had to dip into the pool with cold water. In Ancient Greece Government were very concerned about the health of its citizens. Public baths were more significant in the life of the Greeks, than the Egyptians. The Greeks believed that their good health, they are obliged to exercise and bath procedures.

Baths were built of cut stones and the building itself had a round shape. This form of bath rooms, in the opinion of the Greeks, the most suited for uniform distribution of steam across a steam bath. In the heart of room was a stone hearth, which topilsya charcoal. After copious sweating Greeks poured cold water, and then moved into a special room, where were talking about different topics. The best-known and were celebrated Roman baths.

Another called them Roman baths, due to the fact that these baths were located near the hot springs. Originally it was a very modest building, where there were only small bathrooms room and water temperature did not exceed the body temperature. Later Roman bath has been improved and it was a grand structure, consisting of several departments. The first part of Romans stripped. More this department was intended to massage and relax after a bath procedures.