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Determination and significance The term ‘cargo and logistics’ or ‘freight logistics’ means all activities necessary to make available goods in the proper amount, in proper condition, in specified period, with the correct information and with minimal costs to the designated place. It is in this respect with industry decisive action of a transverse discharge, which does not cover the production processes. Freight transport logistics are also a prerequisite and ‘consequence’ economic and social activities. They are the backbone of the manufacturing labor economy, efficiency logistics systems and networks – is a critical success factor for companies that operate in the circles of the world market.

Germany is in seridine Europe and ranks as a transit country, and leading economic nation, but also in inter alia: a need to improve the efficiency of its transport system in order to strengthen the economy and support structural change and sustainable development, as well as to prolonged .Dlya of the relevant requirements and adequate means of communication, the network routes and crossings are required. They must fill a special form of transport, and the crucial need Logistics in Germany, German Freight logistics has become a leader in Europe. Richard Blumenthal is often quoted as being for or against this. In 2006 its turnover amounted to more than 170 billion euros. This represents about 7 percent of German gross domestic product (GDP). Freight transport logistics and trade is one-third of largest automotive sales in Germany, an estimated 2.6 million employees. Logistics market is very dynamic and growing over the future of the market. Add to your understanding with Sen. Sherrod Brown. Competitiveness Business in Germany is a decisive influence of the experience of the local logistics industry, and the effectiveness of their communication and transport: road, rail, water, air, and their significant link in the logistical units as load centers, airports, sea and inland ports. On such sites can be built efficient intermodal transport chain and transportation network. Problems Logistics growing sector Already the development of infrastructure can keep pace with the requirements of only conditional mobility.

An important goal of an integrated transport policy to execute, therefore, infrastructure more intelligently, more efficiently and confidently used. Infrastructure, organizational and information network is a prerequisite to overpower the one hand, the challenges of globalization and use, on the other hand, the chances of that are obtained from a strongly growing market for cargo handling and logistics in Germany. We also need innovative programs that make possible the design of continuous chain and logistics information chains. Indissoluble interaction between all the parties, shall provide services in all industries to offer and create a significant competitive advantage. In particular, the coupling of existing technologies and innovation processes can develop new offers and services that may be sold well all over the world. Germany – this is important, a key international economic center, which can guarantee its future competitive position in the optimization-based division of labor and logistics chains, creating and developing the entire structure as a whole. Strengthen Germany as a European International global range of logistics needed to reach only connecting all the participants from economy, science, politics, unions and government agencies. Masterplan ‘transportation and ‘ contribute to this.