Natural Gas

The new technologies for extration of the natural gas come considerably increasing the reserves of this fuel in some countries, notadamente in China and Eastern Europe. In the United States, the current reserves are enough to take care of to the necessities of next the 90 years. The natural gas is a fossil fuel and a not-renewable energy. In relation to the amount of set free carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the production of electric energy using natural gas is the half way enters the group of the technologies ‘ ‘ limpas’ ‘ the group of the technologies ‘ ‘ sujas’ ‘. The natural gas is found in the subsoil, accumulated in porous, isolated rocks of the exterior for impermeable rocks. The extration of the gas requires great amounts of water injected under pressure to open rocky formations. The amount of involved water in the process can not be the biggest problem, but the results of the extration in the quality of the water, yes.

The injected water contains a complex prescription of chemical products and hardly can be reused. During the extration of the gas, the water is contaminated by other chemical products, including great ratios of salt and, some radioactive times, materials. These chemical products? beyond the proper extracted gas? they can contaminate the existing water reserves in the neighborhoods. In the United States, the ratio of energy generated from the natural gas comes increasing gradually, while the ratio of generated energy using coal diminishes 1 quickly. Ambientalistas American commemorates: ‘ ‘ in only two years, we reduce for the half? tax? of growth of the emission of gases of the effect estufa’ ‘. The data had been published by the Worldwtach Institute, one of the centers of research of bigger credibility in support subjects. In the first years of operation of the Brazil-Bolivia gas-line, the raised one offers of the product and the low practised prices, had favored an explosion in the consumption of the natural gas in Brazil. After ‘ ‘ apages’ ‘ electric that they had occurred in Brazil in 2001 and 2002, the government opted to reducing the parcel of electric energy generated in our hydroelectric plants and to increase the quota of energy generated in thermoelectrial moved the natural gas.

Currently, these thermoelectrial ones only operate to complement the generation hydroelectric plant in occasions where it does not have enough water in the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants. In recent years, with the discoveries in the basins of Saints and of the Espirito Santo, the Brazilian natural gas reserves had had a substantial increase. The perspective of that exists the subsal region or ‘ ‘ daily pay-sal’ ‘ it has still bigger reserves. Recently, other reserves of natural gas, this time in the basins of the rivers San Francisco, Solimes and 2 Parnaba had been discovered. One is about a wealth for the country, but the exploration process is complicated, the politics of gas sales for the thermoelectrial ones also Everything leads to believe that, in the next months, we go to attend debates audiences on the curses of ‘ ‘ fuel verde’ ‘ something similar to what it comes happening in Quebeque, Canada 3. The Frenchman-Canadians, who also have hidrogerao in abundance, had said ‘ ‘ no’ ‘ to the shale gas.