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As well as the lack of medical care and security programs to workers. 3 The objectives of policies oil policies aimed at reducing climate change and the reduction of the consequences of the greenhouse effect, it will require for the protection of the right to environmental and energy, investments new generation of cleaner and more efficient energy production technology; as well as the production of renewable energy. In addition to projections of sustainable development goals. The solution will necessarily depend on how we can as individuals, States or institutions, that achieve solutions, techniques, sociologies, geopolitics, and environmental options disappear these social and environmental costs. As well as the need of a calculation of the externalities and environmental impacts of the stages of the extractive activity of oil, on the basis of the production of sustainable energy. That will evolve in time, since oil, for decades was always, perceived and used as a natural resource that could provide income to national economies, this based on the maximacion of the cost of the barrel, leaving aside other aspects that could arise from such actions and lead to consequences such as pollution of the environment and the depletion of the oil reserves. 4.

Towards energy sustainability. Humanity needs to survive through access to the necessities of life and that requires live with decency, i.e. have access to the benefits of energy without harming their natural environment, nor that of their future generations. When humanity accepted its obligation and its goal of developing; allow, shelter, food and health, these agreements lead to ensure a fundamental economics and human rights. Characteristics of energy sustainability the central objective of the exploitation of non-renewable resources the State lies in the need for economic resources, making prevail the general interest; reason why the State should disfunction properly exploited resources, ensuring social and economic development of peoples, as well as to you maximize social participation, for the benefit of current and future generations.