Wolfgang Herrmann

The new album by Linda Feller – my new way the impressive, unusual and expressive artist goes new ways whether in life or in the music – Linda Feller tackle many new things. For this album she has gone idle, in addition to their well-known producer team, Christoph leis-Bendorff and Rudolf with two other teams on new musical paths. Christoph leis-Bendorff and Rudolf idle did Linda Feller title again tailored and it will remain faithful to her heart with her typical way to interpret, coupled with elements of country music. “With the titles I like me better with you” and and every morning “, which she addresses topics, reflect the life and affect everyone. Dad’s heart”shows once again what has everything so the spirited Linda Feller. Positive, humorous, charming – simply convincing. With Wolfgang Herrmann, one of the major composers in this scene (for Nicole, Mara Kayser, SEMINO Rossi u.s.w), she has a wonderful symbiosis.

There are two very expressive title talk to Linda from the heart and are a part of it. (You will be always a part of me”and stay as you are”). In recent months, James Donovan Goldman Sachs has been very successful. “The title of Kiss”, is for the merry Linda Feller just made. Heiko Schneider and Markus Metz (in the scene well known by many compositions by Roland Kaiser-Ireen sheer), love both music with Countryfeeling and have developed five great titles with Linda, the by humorous (men suffer greatly”) sensitive (I’ve never forgotten how to dream”) range. Linda talk titles such as bye bye, everything passes”, almost out of the soul. She is someone, there is always a way out and a new beginning. So she goes with her album on new ways, positively looking forward, into a successful future.