In our lives we must stop living in automatic and flip us to see, do a high, a pause and realize that there are other things more important and appreciate us for who we are and what we feel and do what really inspires us and we are passionate about in life, find our true essence and not allow ourselves to be absorbed by stressanxiety and excessive workloads which often are and feel them as well because we are not in the right place, nor are we doing what we really want, and many times we never in such situations that unfortunately imprison us and don’t let us see beyond or enjoy life. To understand and see from another perspective to stress should know it handle and not to let you go beyond, that does not exceed or control our lives, but if you understand and know that you can manage and live with the and that does not harm our health, be aware that is present in the working environment both in the family and social, but that if we know how to handle it, detect it and know that it is not good nor bad this means that it sometimes we have to feel that stress to react before a dangerous situation and it can be to have real control over situations and that when the stressful situation knowing us control and seek alternative scenarios as relaxation methods that we can make them ourselves and if already that stress has affected our health then seek professional help as a psychologist or therapist to help us and teach us relaxation techniques or learn by ourselves and knowing that time apply them, knowing that do in a situation of stress and it is impossible to eliminate stress from our lives so we must learn to live with, knowing it controlled and monitored, be aware that to do this we must also learn to eat and having a healthy state optimum and not risk more and harm our health, look for other alternatives, do activities that we relax like going out with the familyfriends, make the hobby that we like or practise some sport but look for new alternatives that we relax and make us forget the stress, this is very important because we must clear our mind and be fully healthy in all aspects to give the best of us in our working environment, not distract us and pay a hundred and likewise give the best to our family and loved ones.

Spanish Agency

Facebook will undergo an investigation by the Spanish Agency of protection of data, for a possible non-compliance related to the safety of the personal data of its users. According to the Agency, it is likely that the social network exists a hole in security, what has failed to lead to advertisers and Facebook companies have taken advantage of to access personal data of users of the same. Apparently, it has been the FACU-consumers, who takes from the 2010 investigating these leaks, which have applied to the AEPD make an exhaustive monitoring of the apparent low security measure that Facebook offers its users. According to FACUA, since last year they have problems with certain applications that the social network offers to his followers and that downloaded and used within your profile. These technical errors are those that have caused the dissemination of data of its users and that they have gone to a hands of advertisers and companies. FACU-consumers, has been much emphasis on provisions of article 9 of the organic law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of Personal data, which in summary States that responsible for all such personal data must adopt all necessary measures to protect and ensure the safety of all stored in personal character. This has leaked information from other years, putting in evidence the social network by its multiple errors in the field of the safety of information. While the report says that clear evidence of the leak of data in favor of advertisers there is, they recommend to users having this type of installed applications that change their passwords to void so codes that have been able to enter and filter all your data..

Web Sites Success

The determination of a profitable success website is not easy, especially if you’re looking for increasing your profits in a short period of time. However, with steps and correct procedures, it is possible even for a beginner to have good web site with great potential to begin with. The first step to determine if it is worth investing in a web site, is by the number of sources of income you may have. The majority of websites have more than one channel of revenue as advertising pay-per-Click (Google Adsense, etc.), or the sale of own products. Basically, in this step you have to analyze the current profitable channels and see if you can extend or add other sources of income.

Never rely only on a source of income for a website. The second step is to find out from which the traffic that has in the annuity. Most of a successful Web sites should have a healthy amount of constant traffic from search engines followed by social bookmarking sites or regular visitors. If the majority of the traffic it comes from search engines, you must request from the owner the list of keywords that produces that traffic. Try key words in search engines and have a look at the classification of the site in the search engines. You must also verify with the owner which are the major search engines that direct traffic to the site.

With this information, checks a site page optimization efforts and will have more ideas for improvement after buying it. The next step is to highlight areas of potential improvements to the site. If you can get at least two quick solutions that increase the value created for visitors, traffic to the site will be increased to the next higher level over time. For example, if you can include a tool online to calculate the financial Network of a person in a financial blog, it is very probably will benefit all your readers in a medium term. The fourth step is to check that links are directed to the site as you are interested in buying. It is highly recommended to use Yahoo backlinks Analyzer to verify if there are links of recoil, since it shows almost all pages which are linked to the site. The previous four steps, should not have problems choosing a Web site of profitable success that can generate a stable income for some time. I advise you to check the history of the seller to know more about the background of the seller before you confirm the transaction.

Personal Loan

Before defining the term personal loan which all we’ve heard thanks to the extensive and aggressive advertising that normally launched financial institutions to promote their services, we will define the loan concept. The one which has been framed as an economic obligation acquired by a person to require money for a specific purpose, where this is committed to repay the amount owed within one stipulated period interest rate (which is the profit of the Bank). We already have clear the loan concept, we will now explain the term personal loan. This is an immediate application for money where the borrower offers to guarantee his own person; i.e., undertakes to pay monthly or biweekly credit memo to the amount you requested. Regularly, is necessary to have several guarantors, those who speak in epic terms swear loyalty to the borrower undertakes to respond for the breach of this. But do not panic, these types of loans have been categorized as an easy and economical solution (Yes, as well as read, economic!) because they allow to perform a myriad of investment interest, which still remains somewhat high, allows you to release stress thanks to the payment facilities offered by the banks.


Model of populism that Kirchner praise to eliminate poverty is decreasing in all or in part the profitability of those who do well, to assign it goes that wrong. Leave aside what’s false about this argument in a country where the State and his friends concentrated by right or left resources. Suppose, instead, that an honest Government distributed effectively among which least earn what they earn others. This line of action will relieve certainly in something for the poor, for example, with hospitals, but would instead discourage the more effective pushing other most promising countries. Very important is also the consideration that makes us Grondona, that another formula, which is bringing the development up next to our borders, is to respect the right of property of those who earn in exchange for a fair and predictable tax pressure that, encouraged by the legal security of a predictable country, reinvest your surplus in that same country where have retrieved. This, predictable reinvestment of those who earn, would be in such a case the main lever where would come from new and more satisfactory sources of work with destination to those who still run behind. It is this only via that grew the developed countries where poverty, today, is only a bad memory. This is another model where the poor and the peoples have enriched… Definitely, Kirchner, President, team, must rethink the way in as far they are facing the problems that they themselves are generating and find alternatives that favour him in the exercise of his management in such a way that ensures harmony, productivity and participation of the Argentines for the rescue of the country towards a development already long time should have been achieved.

UIS Forum Science Innovation

Assemble the water and service company public more complete of Colombia at the regional level, irrigation, industrial use and consumption and large human to provide services of aqueduct (drinking water) quality in any region of the coast and others inside, to departments, municipalities, corregimientos, sidewalks, farms, farmhouses, agricultural projects, etc.). Mounting of a large hydroelectric power plant which ensures continuous, efficient and permanent provision users in the Region, with subsidies to consumers. Establish the economic agro-industrial centre, creating the garden and agricultural window of Colombia, such as warehouse, production and export in the Caribbean region, to split and with which were implemented intensive agricultural production siproagro projects on a large scale to ensure quality production and continues to establish a large industrial economy. Assemble the fishing largest company in Latin America under the system of fish farming, taken advantage of the lagunosos complexes; implementing the river fish culture encouraging the consumption, encouraging the Colombians with low costs making it part of your daily food basket. Institutionalize the Festival of the River, fish and reign of water: (annual festivities) among other HANNIBAL market T. social worker and lawyer 1 Manuel Murillo Toro 2 Jorge Gomez Duarte. Rector UIS Forum Science Innovation and regional development 2000 3 Hannibal market.

Essay: democracy and form of Government in Colombia according to the current Constitution, unpublished. 4 According to a study by Dr. Manuel Jose Cepeda, are geographical regions in which it is possible to qualify to an economic, tax and customs special regime that favours the concurrence of private capital and whose only purpose is to attract investment and strengthen the process of export or generation of foreign exchange through the sale of goods or services abroad. The ZEEEX should becoming economic laboratories in the style of a third country. The basic of these areas objectives, attract investment and strengthen the process of national export is seen added with factors that are of utmost importance for the country in general and for the region benefited in particular, as they are important expectations in generating employment, fostering at the same time training and both training and skilled and unskilled labour required, attraction of technological innovation, simplification and relaxation of rules, improvement of road infrastructure, telecommunications and services in charge of regions and investors, generating foreign currency and projection of the regional momentum.The special regime will grant through the signing of a contract of admission that they held the national Government and the investor, whether national or foreign. Proposed duration for the benefits for 25 years.

Publishing House

The problem of freedom? the responsibility of the individual, find the person your site in the harmony of the universe enliven all the works of the author of the drama life is a dream. And wit? tenacity for the achievement of the objectives, which characterize the characters of his comedies of love, remain in tension the Viewer. Parts of Calderon, his philosophical dramas life is dream, the constant Prince, the comedias-intrigas La dama duende, the warden himself? other, more than once had they been translated into Russian? represented in the Russian scene? Soviet. Many times, the scientists? poets who investigate? they translate the Uteraria heritage of the Spanish playwright, they discover new values in dramatic works. Now, it seems, we are on the eve of a new burst of enthusiasm for the inheritance of the Spanish classic do do the century of? r? not only because that is approaching the anniversary of his birth. The progress Publishing House published a compilation of parts of Calderon with a view to readers, today very numerous, who aspire to know the Spanish literature in the original.

The pieces appeared philosophical life is dream? The magical prodigious, the comedy the warden himself? The statue of Prometheus, lesser-known, but very important for understanding the evolution of the literary work of Calderon. The presentation of the book will be in charge of Dmitri Bisti, one of the best Soviet illustrators. A commemorative Symposium, carried out by the Commission for the comprehensive study of the Iberian cultures was held in Moscow in the autumn of 1981. Your theme: Calderon? Spanish culture in the centuries XVI – XVII. They participated in Symposium leading hispanists of the Soviet Union. Their reports? papers appeared in the number two Iberia publication no periodic dedicated to the Iberian culture.

Solemn commemorative meeting took place in the House of friendship? in centres of higher education in Moscow? Leningrad (Petersburgo at the time). The commemoration of the anniversary calderoniano in the USSR also marked a new stage in the study of the Spanish literature of the 17TH century, allowed to reveal new facets in the work of other classics from the Spanish scene as the great ancestor of Calderon, Lope de Vega. The Spain of Cervantes? Calderon, Garcia Lorca? Antonio Machado, is us becoming more endearing.