Kyoto Protocol

Optimize technology resources and allows to preserve the ecological diversity and the vital constants of the environment. It promotes a model of development that fit, adapts and becomes a symbiosis of technology more advanced and ecology. At the time that allows market run by itself and is accessible in the most necessary for all persons. We have the economic foundations of sustainable developments. Sustainable development Treaty for a Constitution for Europe in I-3, 3 article which refers to the definition and objectives of the European Union establishes that it will act in favour of sustainable development based on a social market economy. It aims to make compatible social progress with the quality of the environment, competitiveness and stability of prices. Its preamble states that it intends to move forward on the path of progress and prosperity for the sake of its inhabitants, without forgetting the weak and disadvantaged.

To achieve these goals are established a series of provisions which may be in rhetoric if not put some economic fundamentals that will make possible this framework of good intentions. During 1997 the Kyoto Protocol on emissions of CO2, was drafted in order to propose measures that reduce these emissions, with dangerous effects before a foreseeable climate change. In the Hague, in November 2000, the Summit climate, warning of the seriousness of the problem. It was noted the lack of a global point of view, before the priority of national and economic interests. The consensus of 180 countries for the reduction of carbon emissions, 8% for the European Union, between the years 2008 and 2012 was reached at the meeting of Morocco (November 2001). But in the same solution vitiate the results. For example allows the purchase of pollutants emission rights in exchange for external debt. In this way remain dimensions of pollution in developed countries and you are deprived of the possibility of progress to Nations with limited resources.

Nicolas Perez

As mentioned by Nicholas Perez Diaz-Arguelles: the most prominent dissidents, such as Guillermo Farinas, Yoani Sanchez, Miriam Leiva, Dagoberto Valdes, Elizardo Sanchez, Hector Palacios, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Manuel Costa Morua and others. end of comment from Nicholas. For me one of the most prominent Oscar Elias Biscet, Damas de Blanco by its trajectory and drive everyone to the regime’s policy. By what not to mention them. But still Los Castros remain in primera plana, there are those not let them present foremost, speak ill, regular or bad. It seems what is still its validity in the news and like him that more.

Why not make it a boycott to press TV or radio which cultivates it and flourish every day, ensuring a presence in our minds. Why does not speak as deserving of free thinking men in Cuba, which are still struggling and striving to their lives and that of s families and they do not renounce die every day in jails inside the great prison. These have to be uploaded from the written and televised as radial press. They are those who ultimately succeed with the help of the exile Cuban freedom. They are the heroes, examples to take, the more genuine leaders of opposition. If we speak of policy on Cuba there are leaders like Guillermo Farinas, Yoani Sanchez, Miriam Leiva, Dagoberto Valdes, Elizardo Sanchez, Hector Palacios, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Manuel Costa Morua, Oscar Elias Biscet who would have to deal with the first flat radiated written press and Tv. says Nicolas Perez: just do a letter to the Congress of United States in favor of eliminating the restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. immediately historical exile has put the cry in the sky and defendant lacking respect for the integrity of the signatories, the letter has been written in the United States. Something humanly understandable but not rationally explicable and politically deplorable.

EE UU President

He spoke on the social network on the economy and employment. Not to increase the debt ceiling would trigger a whole new spiral that it would lead to a second recession in EE UU or something worse, he warned Obama. He is not willing to cut essential health or education programs. The U.S. President, Barack Obama, approached Wednesday younger voters abroad during their first conversation on the Twitter social network from the White House that revolved around the economy and employment. The event, as it could not be less, began with a message from the President on Twitter. Recortariais expenses and investments mantendriais to reduce the deficit?, asked Obama to his followers in a message sent from a computer connected to a screen in which the questions of the participants were projected live.

The President sat down then back to the screen and against the co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey, moderator of the meeting, attended, among several others, users of the social network. Obama used the occasion to emphasize his vision for the future of the country to the dnder investment in renewable energy and education. The countries that will evolve well are those who are committed continuously with education, said the President during a time of the gathering. He took the opportunity, also, to talk about one of the most burning issues of the moment: on the debt ceiling, that Congress should expand before Aug. 2 so that the Government can continue to pay their bills. Obama said that the idea that the country may declare a default on its debt is irresponsible and warned that doing so could cause the country to fall back into recession or something worse. Not to increase the debt ceiling in 14,29 trillions of dollars would trigger all a new spiral that would translate into a second recession in EE UU or something worse warned Obama.

Last February

To this must be added the obstacles encountered by many people for being in an irregular situation or lack the resources to obtain bank guarantees, the precariousness of the majority of the salaries, and the high price of rents. The impossibility of accessing the residential market leads to this situation of the sublease and the disproportion between the number of occupants and a habitable surface. The landlord decided to lease your home in these circumstances obtained huge profits with this business, without taking into account nor to people who sleep under that roof or to the other neighbors of the property. The difficult coexistence the coexistence of a large number of people in a confined space has resulted in the constant transit of persons entering and leaving the portal, at different times, with copies of keys that are not controlled, with additional hygiene problems in the common areas, noise, feeling of insecurity, etc. They are factors that give rise to the coexistence with the neighborhood will suffer. The patera floor is usually born with the consent of the landlord, although sometimes this is also victim. The veteran of the floor can sublet it without having communicated. Front of both cases, the best solution through an action exercised by the community of owners, prior agreement in the neighborhood Committee, which is based on article 7(2) of the Horizontal property law. This standard allows the cessation of the use of a property if the President of the community, after Board of owners, calls him and credited the courts. Last February, PSOE and ERC-IU-ICV parliamentary groups rejected on congressional consideration of a reform of the law of protection of data to enable the owners of a property access to the Municipal register to check listed individuals registered in the owned property, so as to avoid homes for rent are used as patera flats of immigrants. Source of the news: patera apartments, a phenomenon still real and difficult to solve