Pre Plaster

This type of plaster has some bumps, so often referred to as textured plaster beetle. What made plaster beetle This type of plaster made from high quality components. In the course of attending a special white cement, various chemical additives, and marble chippings. The layer thickness after drying of the solution depends on the size fraction used components. A property? Textured plaster beetle is unique. If you would like to know more about Connecticut Senator, then click here. It can be applied to almost any surface without prior training.

Plaster beetle is particularly good with the possibility of cracking the wall surface. Decorative plaster beetle can be used in heated and unheated rooms in. Plaster beetle resistant to moisture, steam passes, it is not terrible temperature drop, and at the same time, decorative plaster beetle looks polished and beautiful. Textured plaster beetle has been successfully applied in almost any finish premises, but especially popular in the repair of office buildings and facilities, with public gatherings: concert halls, shops, etc. Plaster beetle before applying the plaster surface of the pre- prepared. Its completely clean of dust and dirt, buried burrs, remove oil stains.

If the wall surface is uneven, it should be pre-aligned. If you put the plaster on the dusty concrete bark beetle surface should be pre-treated them with special solution, or just use putty. Plaster beetle is wet on wet method. The dry mix can be bought at the store. Before starting, of course, should be carefully considered statement. Typically, the dry mixture to 25 kilograms of six liters of water was added and thoroughly mixed all. The resulting solution is flexible, it should be used for three hours. Usually, before starting mixture is kept at a minimum of 10-15 minutes. In the process should be constantly stirred solution: the fact that the marble aggregate in its structure settles on the bottom, which leads to disruption homogeneity of the composition. Thus, application of plaster on the walls of bark beetle is the usual way.

Electrical Devices

In this article we describe the basic rules of safety when working with the cable. General safety notes are as follows: Working with power cable (cable kg, vvg, nym, etc.) is allowed only after the development of production project works (PPR). Works with the cable should be made an organization dedicated to the works of this type, and has the list of equipment, materials and skilled specialists. Work with the cable must be made within the framework of the recommendations developed and existing regulatory documents: a) snip 3.05.06-85″ Electrical Devices ; b) Regulation of Electric Plant (SEP) drums with the power cable (cable kg, vvg, nym, etc). In the event it becomes necessary to move the drum with the cable must perform all activities to avoid during contact clothing working with the drum.

To do this, you should check the drum surface, eliminating the sharp side and scoring a protruding nails, and securely attach the end of the cable. Location of fixtures in the trenches. It is forbidden to have a eyebrows any marker materials and equipment (empty drums, any mechanisms, cables). Movement and placement needed to work arrangements (including the drums with cable) is permitted only outside the prism displacement ground on which the depth of the trench must be less than the distance from the edge of the trench before placing the equipment. Removing the cable from the drum. Removing the cable from the drum is allowed only when the brake lock devices drum.

Puts the ladder against the drum with a cable to be placed horizontally and vertically, is strictly prohibited. Manual tensioning cable ladders are also prohibited. When removing the cable on rollers in the field change the direction of the track you should place special rollers designed for a corner route. Lift cables to a height of over 2 meters without special arrangements prohibited. Cabling. During cable laying in the placed in the trench, the workers must control the process from both sides of the trench. In that case, if the lead is in the tubes placed in the wall, it is important to warn the injured hand and fall working at random capture cable. For lighting jobs in the pits, tunnels should be applied Portable Lamps U 12kV or rechargeable flashlights.

Holy Spirit

John said I did not know him (John 1:31) but that Jesus was manifested, was presented to Israel, to John himself, he had to come baptizing with water, and Jesus would come to el.Porque this was the sign, the code so that the two might be found. And John testified confirmed to all and more of Christ, because when he baptized him, he saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove and rest on Jesus, as he had been warned by God, that descend on those who saw the Spirit and stand on it, this is who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire. And now John had the pleasure to present to the people, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. And as the Lamb of God would take away the sin of the world? We know that dying on the cross. . And as the Lamb of God receive the sin of all humanity? As profetizou Isaiah in chap.

53:4 really, he took upon himself our infirmities and carried our sorrows upon himself ;…….. In the four Gospels, we see that the writers did not detail the time of the baptism of Jesus, they only wrote very quickly without giving much phased at this important moment. Important moment, the timing of the crucifixion. We read in Leviticus that Aran was chosen by God and how did these offers by the people. Before the sacrifice, he lays hands on the animal, was transferring the sins of the people for the animal, and when the animal was sacrificed, the sin of the people was erased before God.

American Housing Survey Years

Debts incurred when buying cars in 2001 amounted to 7.8%, which differs slightly from previous years (1995 – 7.6%). The next largest share of consumer debt are the costs of various goods and services: 2001 – 5.7%, the same as in 1995. Unpaid debts related to loans extended to education in 1995 was 2.7%, and in 2001 – 3.1%. Investment projects of American families left behind a trail of 1% of the total consumer debt in 1995 and 2.8% – in 2001 (this category does not include debts incurred when buying a house). The most generous creditors of American families in recent years have been the agency, mortgage loans and commercial banks. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In 1995 they owned, respectively, 32.8% and 34.8% of debt of American households, and in 2001 – 38.0% and 34.1%. The state's role as a direct lender is very low: in 2001 only 1.1% of debt of American households owned government organizations. Low interest rates (often below 6%) for a mortgage loan by installments at 30 years for a long time, especially the last decade, stimulated the growth of debts for housing loans.

According to the American Housing Survey, in 2001, the average debt of one American family's home loan was $ 69,227. Each of about 14 million households, or 19% of the total population, had housing debt in excess of $ 100 thousand Only 2% of homes in the U.S. is fully redeemed by the owners. According to the National Association Reeltorov, the average American family living in his home on average 7.1 years, and then sells it, with the unpaid loan of more than 90%. University graduates leave the alma mater not only with a diploma, but with a debt of $ 20 thousand.

In 1999-2000 academic year, about 60% of students with bachelor's degrees, benefited from the federal student loan. The average loan amount was $ 16.1 thousand for students in private schools this figure is even higher. In the same academic year, 66% of newly Bachelor of private universities were heavily indebted – the average debt was $ 18 thousand Charity According to the report, the organization of Giving usa, in 2003, the size of charity donations from foundations and individuals amounted to $ 241 billion, up 2.8% over the previous year 2002 ($ 234 billion). 74.5% of the donations come from individuals, 10.9% – from various charitable foundations, 9.0% – as a bequest, and 5.6% of the victims corporation. The main recipients of donations are traditionally the church and various religious programs, which donated 35.9% of the total. Also, traditionally the leading recipients of charitable funds are organizations and programs involved in education – 13.1%, health – 8.7%, public services – 7.8%, art and culture – 5.4%. Donations to the international programs in recent years, growing at an accelerated pace, but their share in total accounts for only 2.2%. In 2003, the size of donations equaled 2.3% of U.S. gdp.

Machine Embroidery History

Recently, after the machine embroidery, hand sewing was almost ousted. The very first embroidery machine appeared in France back in 1821 Unfortunately, the name of the inventor of this creation is unknown to this day, as well as information about its mechanism. After five years Barthelemy Timon d’Amplepi invents a machine for the following machine embroidery, which again was not suitable for wide dissemination embroidery. Geylmana third machine was invented by the French exhibition in 1854, which caused general delight and inspire further inventors. Then, in the so-called car Geylmana fired several minor modifications. One of the inventions were made Barbeau Schmitz, despite the fact that the fundamental idea and the mechanism of the machine Geylmana remained the same. Of course, such a thing as machine embroidery can be applied not only to the particularly complex patterns. As a rule, modern embroidery machine is very handy for duplicating items, their accessibility and a wide distribution in the other case, the costs of the introduction of the new picture would be so great that it simply does not pay off.

Of course, many of us still prefer to hand sewing, finding it more beautiful and durable, highly artistic work of art. After all, imagination embroiders has tremendous scope and totally is not constrained by the narrow limits of machine production. At the end of the 80th of the 19 th century in Western Europe, especially France, was widely distributed embroidery using traditional Russian motives, with the cockerels, horses, and similar figures, embroidering with red, blue and yellow thread on white fabric. Clothes with embroidery can be often seen on the streets of Paris in those days, they used a special popular among young women and children. Given all the expressive means of machine embroidery as art can make masterpieces. So, should first identify the aesthetic properties of the material, iridescent sheen silk, smooth shimmer linen, shining gold, stones or sequins and fluffy and matt wool and similar materials.

National Fascist Party

Most famous of these was salyutovanie lifting up his right hand. Economic crisis and ongoing strike of the left have strengthened the ranks of the fascists. Sen. Sherrod Brown contains valuable tech resources. They crushed the demonstrations and the headquarters of the socialists in Italy. In December 1921, Congress Blackshirts in Rome 'Union of Struggle' was transformed into the National Fascist Party. By the spring of 1922 it had 320 thousand people (40% of workers) in the summer – 470 000, and in autumn the number the Nazis had reached one million. Mussolini opted for the armed seizure of power. Fascism has a number of characteristics. First of all, it is nationalism and racism.

For the Nazis the interests of the nation is always above the individual, group, class interests. The latter, of course, should be sacrificed first. Fascism as it absorbed the whole wave of nationalism, raised on the eve of and during World War ii. And the greatest magnitude of the movement in Germany and Italy, largely due to wounded national feelings of the peoples of those countries that have completed national unity later than the others and came out of World War I not only weakened, but also humiliated: Germany – the terms of the Versailles contract, Italy – 'loser among the victors' – the fact that it ignored the interests of the Paris Peace Conference. Nationalism in Europe was not a novelty, he has always been characteristic of the conservative right-wing political forces. Have in common with the traditional right-wing fascists and admiration for the government: those, and others saw it as a center of national spirit, the pledge of stability and order. But the similarity of traditional conservatives and fascists ends. Fascism as a political movement of the xx century had absorbed a number of new features that distinguish it from the old conservatism.

The Nazis put forward and tried to enforce not just the idea of a strong state, but states totalitarian (from the Latin word totaliter – completely, wholly), absorbing a society. 'All for the state, nothing against the state, none outside the state' – these words express the essence of Mussolini's fascist ideas totalitarian state. In Germany, the implementation of this idea gave rise to a conflict with the Nazis the Catholic Church trying to maintain their traditional independence from the state. Such a conflict unthinkable for traditional conservatism, who saw in the church one of the pillars of social order. Traditional conservatism, moreover, reflected the interests of the few elite strata of the population: aristocracy, large financiers, who saw in the changes threaten their privileges

American States

Colombia – South American territory, which borders Panama, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, bordering the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Has a peculiar geographic feature – the Andes, which are located in the central and western gosudarstva.Chislo parts of the country's population is located in the area of 35101000 inhabitants, language – Spanish. Most Colombians support Protestantism. Capital – Bogota. Currency – the peso. Europeans visited the country in 1502, during the period At Caribbean expedition H. Columbus and colonized the territory became only 1510goda. At that time in Colombia was unfriendly Chibcha empire, not wanting to put up with strangers.

And until the 19th century occurred wars of liberation, as a result of them in 1819. Was declared the freedom of New Granada, which included Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. xx century has presented several other conflict in Colombia: Government and cocaine cartels have shared power in the country with each other. However, in 1991. The main Kortel was defeated, but the state is a member of gatt, the un, the Organization of American States, World Bank and the Association of Caribbean countries. Klmatichesky Belt Colombia is not uniform, despite the fact that Columbia is in the tropics. In coastal areas, the average temperature ranges from 24 to 27 degrees Celsius and at altitudes of 200-2300m. Above sea level, subtropical climate, and at an altitude of 2300-3000m.

– the climate is temperate. Above 3000m above sea level is cold area where the temperature is 13 degrees to miss out. Flora also varied depending on its location, but with all this, almost half the country is forests, which can be found walnut, oak, cedar, redwood, pine, etc. Fauna is also very rich: sloth, peccaries, puma, anteater, jaguar, armadillo, various kinds of monkeys. Sufficiently large number of birds, among them the most widespread: cockatoo, a hummingbird, a condor, a vulture, toucan. Colombia is known that it found traces of one of the most secret and exciting world civilizations – the Aztecs. Near San Agustin in the caves found a lot of figures reminiscent of the era of the statue of the Aztec Empire.

South American

The conference did not agree a way forward to establish a legally binding agreement. Although negotiations will continue next year, the loss of an objective "legally binding" made the Copenhagen summit a huge missed opportunity. The world must now resume travel Bali on the way to Mexico, where a just, ambitious and legally binding to avoid catastrophic climate change must be taken notes that the Brazilian government blamed the United States (U.S.) to end the hopes of the world and threaten human life with the imposition of an agreement without consultation group generated by a minimum countries behind the representatives of more than 190 countries attending the Summit on Climate Change. The position of the South American country, was set by the Environment Minister, Carlos Minc, in line with the rejection that five countries held after the presentation of the document by the President of the Summit, Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the last day of session, including Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. The minister recalled that the United States, the largest historical polluter of the environment, was responsible for the "fiasco" in Copenhagen, in the absence of a formal commitment to reduce GHG emissions and said, from the Danish capital, that "the final text (for the top) leaves much to be desired, this is an sad day, a lot of frustration "and complained that" despite all the effort the result is very small, oriented to the needs of the world. "The resolution adopted at the Summit set a target ceiling of two degrees of global warming on pre-industrial era, which was criticized by many nations, especially the island, as this cap is the din of these countries.

Business Leaders

Rates Construction is planned to key interchanges and new roads are significantly behind the growth of traffic flow. Experts of the Interregional Association of Business Leaders expect an increase in traffic flow in Novosibirsk, 2015, and a half to two times. Held in 2000 – 2010 years. reorientation of the Siberian business for Chinese goods and China's production only adds to the described problems. Russian companies have traditionally importing goods and raw materials from Europe, now found them in China, and successfully solve the problem of cargo delivery from China.

In this regard, the role of Siberia, and especially of the Novosibirsk region as a transit point is very important. Moreover, Business Siberia that focuses on China and Asian countries are objectively interested in the development of transport and logistics infrastructure in the region. In the interests of its almost completely coincide with the interests of regional government. Logistics supply Siberian transportation companies located in the geographical center of the country, have become a serious alternative to the proposals of transport companies of the European part of Russia on Tariffs and delivery time. Accordingly, to retain this leadership by the region can only develop their historically conditioned transport components. According to statistics, from 2000 to 2009. imports from Asia rose 10 to 74%, while exports to Asia – from 30 to 80%. The lion's share of this traffic accounts for transportation to / from China.

Such an increase in traffic must comply with the development of the Novosibirsk transport hub, including the expansion of networks of highways, railways, inland waterways and air transport. Strategic vector – the development of Novosibirsk as a multimodal transportation hub and the largest logistics center in Russia. In the area of infrastructure development this innovation in the transport sector in the form of a intergrirovannoy transport system. In the field of modern technologies are the key: – accelerate the development of multimodal transport cargo thereof, and the same loading unit or vehicle without transhipment cargo when changing modes, implying, in particular, the use of railway ferries, lighters, encouraging combined, including container – the unification of normative-legal base regulating transport activities and is directly related to the transportation process and improve the quality of transport – to reduce harmful effects on environment – expanding the network of logistics terminals for intermodal transport used for the transshipment of cargo units in all modes.

WorldTradeExchange Sites

Currently, the tender is the most effective way to trade and procurement activities. For customers with an opportunity to attract suppliers, thereby to obtain order execution at the lowest cost through competition among suppliers. Providers an opportunity to expand sales channels, reduce the costs of its organization, including advertising. Search tenders Internet becomes an essential tool in the work of both government and commercial organizations. If earlier notices, tenders were published in newspapers, but now it's online resources, among which can be seen as sites where information about orders, as well as full electronic trading systems, which can carry out all stages of the notice before the conclusion of the contract online. Where to look – the federal website of the Russian Federation to host information for placing orders – commercial marketplaces (OAO Gazprom, oao rzd, jsc Lukoil, TNK-BP, a group of B2B sites, the entire group of sites on Energy (WGC, tgc, idc and individual companies), Rosneft, SetOnline, Sberbank of Russia, Aeroflot, Uniform Trading Systems, ctm Electra Rosenergoatom Trading Platform Railway, Tender Auction House, Volga-Competition, Norilsk Nickel, Sibur, WorldTradeExchange, Vodokanal Fabrikant mts and many others) – Regional trade sites (all 86 regions of Russian Federation) – municipal trading floors (more than 400 sites of cities and municipalities) – the international trade area (the Republic of Belarus, China, etc.).

Total in the total number of power can reach several thousand. How to look first to find the source where the advertised tender, then add it to your bookmarks Internet Explorer, and every morning for at least five minutes to look at him notice of the contracts for svom profile. And this process must be repeated every day with thousands of sources. Even if an organization is looking for trades within the subject of the federation, it is an average of 10-15 sources, ie, more than an hour of working time. With this method of search can be such factors as: – the human factor: a minimum of automatism – a technical factor: some sites search does not work properly, or does not work, and the output information on the pages may be little to read, or even unreadable; most unexpected result, when the seeker simply emphasis sees no notice of the contract goes to another site, and then learns that missed cherished tender. Conclusion In order to be able to avoid the above difficulties, it is necessary to have a tool that will be in a single window to provide timely updated information about current procurement.

Analyst information on procurement and supply to be fully armed and Met are more likely to win the competition, need information about past trades and analysis of this information, otherwise participate in the tenders will be very much like to hunt in total darkness without a flashlight. For example, information about the ultimate cost of the last contract provides an opportunity to prepare in advance offer competitive prices. Or analysis of procurement specific product by region, can concentrate on those regions where the goods are buying the most. In addition, you should always handy to have a legal basis for legislation in the field public procurement and electronic commerce. Ability to get information about tenders, analytics, legal and regulatory framework for procurement provides analytical system 'Seldon'