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With pointed pen: The best political cartoons from 2009 wanted! No daily newspaper without political cartoon! There are prizes and awards for the writing Guild and the image journalists in abundance, but hardly a tribute to cartoonist. To help out the. The Academy for communication writes the German price for the political cartoon”off. The founder of this price want to search new ways at a time where many people disappointed turn away from politics, to draw attention to political events; and if only to laugh about it. Not a monument, but at least the base for the cartoon to be built. This award not only a form of political communication should be appreciated, he should emphasize also the artwork, and lead to the public. Therefore, the competition results in exhibitions and publications are made available.

The founder of the German Award for the political cartoon”assume that this award both the cartoon and the interest in political processes are promoted. The works since 1995, award-winning learn a lasting tribute in the Internet at. Tender the tender for the German price for the political cartoon “includes the following terms and conditions: participants for the contest are all political cartoons published in German-speaking press media allowed.” Editors as well as the cartoonists/inside are even entitled to submission. Work submitted political cartoons 2009, must have been published in the year before the award ceremony, i.e. in the calendar year for the first time in the German press. Each participant /-in three proposals can be submitted.

The cartoons should be considered as copies in the size DIN A4 on cardboard. Conditions legal recourse is excluded. The jury decides on all disputed issues. Work with cash prizes shall become the property of the Academy for communication, the originals and the rights of use as far as pass. With cash prizes thoughtful and excellent work in a ceremony and a subsequent exhibition of the public and recognized on the Internet. Above and beyond uses the excellent work are permitted and are remunerated by prior arrangement with the usual fee rates. Submission is the submission of competition entries at the Academy for communication keyword: German price for the political cartoon Kolner Strasse 7 70376 Stuttgart is deadline 08 January 2010 jury the jury is responsible for a professional and proper selection and award the submitted works. Stresses and controversies, the jury should convey. The jury is appointed by the Academy for communication. It consists of professional judges, representatives of the Academy and magistrates. Prizes for the prize-winning work be awarded the following prizes: Prize: 5.000,-EURO price: 2.500,-EURO price: 1.

Political Climate Change

Gerti Lucke – future OB – calls for public discussion. GERTI LUCKE – whether IN PES IN WEIssENFELS calls for public discussion. My letter to the editor on MZ-WEB.DE my seriously offering offer! 01.12.2010, 19:01, Gerti on “Harry52”, but also anyone else interested the sewage problem, including sewage treatment plant problems need urgent and substantive clarification. I again offer: let you perform together a public event on the topic of us – because all Weissenfels can participate and have an unconditional right of speech! The podium should Mr OB Risch (City), Mr. Pratzschke (Chairman ZAW) or GF sitting in following people, Mrs Girnius (ZAW), GF von Tonnies, a representative of BI “Pro Walker Rock”, yours truly, Gerti Lucke, and you, dear Mr.

Harry. Other suggestions can be… Goal should be to be able to make a concrete catalogue of measures based on a broad consensus of citizens at the end! Come on, let us dare grassroots democracy! We bind our finally Citizens with a! Here the MZ forum we’re there never really getting anywhere… Let BBs com together! Gerti Lucke, Weissenfels