In Austria

Familiar scheme, where there is a certain amount of tickets with questions and answers to them are not respected. Dominated by written work and projects, the latter need not only to prepare that already requires time and effort, but protect. Second, the exams need to register. And not the last evening, and at least a few days. And sometimes that month. And finally, unlike the former Soviet countries, the session in Austria is shorter and not exempt from the basic educational process. Therefore not surprising if the student for a day appointed exam and a couple of lectures. A grading “machine”, so beloved by students of universities of Russia and Ukraine, Austria is not practiced.

So Austria did not really learn for the sake of “crust”, but for the sake of knowledge. That is why graduates of Austrian universities are valued on the world labor market as qualified, responsible and organized professionals. STUDENTS SELF-MANAGEMENT IN UNIVERSITIES OF AUSTRIA in the usual understanding of the student government – is mayor, who shall be appointed or selected by the dean’s group in order to communicate to students of the university management decisions. In Austria’s approach to this issue is more serious. Election of “representatives of the course” or “speaking on behalf of the course” (as literally translated Jahrgangsvertreter and Jahrgangssprecher respectively) are held by secret ballot with all the attributes democratic will.

Register all willing to participate in the presidential race, drawing up lists of candidates, voters have the opportunity to get acquainted with the programs of all applicants. On Election Day opening polling booths, where each student a course can anonymously cast your vote for one of the contenders in their old age. Counting of votes shows who will represent the interests of the course. This approach is absolutely justified. Options warden at universities in Austria which is wider than that of its Ukrainian and Russian counterparts. The representative exchange rate can and should defend the interests of students to teachers. Sometimes it can lead to a curious, in our understanding situations. For example, there are cases where students need to replace the professor, as, in their opinion, it is not enough quality teaching their subject. And Dean agrees consider the students signed the petition! But – on a democratic basis. Hears both sides, appointed a general discussion, designed to solve the problem, and by joint discussions is a way out situation. Thus, Austria gives the students not only high-quality European education. In the universities of this country to prepare their own thinking, responsible and enterprising citizens of modern democratic state. And the beauty, culture, mild climate, excellent environment and many opportunities for recreation – a nice bonus for those who decided to join the ranks of Austrian students.


Then add the cocoa butter, but we all need to heat does not exceed 70 C and was not prolonged, in order to avoid changes to modify the cocoa butter and increase by 2 – 3 the temperature of its melting point. After a complete meltdown of its foundation was stirred for 40 C. In the final basis determine the melting point and time, the total strain. If the melting point of more basis or less a given, it corrects the introduction of paraffin or hydrofat, adding them to the heated to 60 – 70 C, a basis for thorough mixing. The finished base is filtered through a fat druk-filter as a filter material – belting cloth or brass mesh. And with the help of compressed air passed into the reactor, where the drugs are introduced.

Keeping the basis of drugs. At the same time take into account the physical and chemical properties of the components. Their dissolved in water (procaine, resorcinol, zinc sulfate), ethanol (iodine crystal) through (menthol) and prepare solutions, concentrates. Often in the suppository is extract of the herb thick, which was dissolved in mixing an equal quantity of water temperature 45 – 48 C. Concentrated solutions of drugs filtered through calico and fed into a reactor. Medicinal substances which are insoluble in water, ethanol, oil-based typing as a suspensions (zinc oxide, bismuth nitrate, etc.).

Grinding of drugs leads to trehvaltsovoj mazeterke, and large-crystalline materials – in a ball mill. Crushed drugs are mixed in a cauldron equal to the number of bases or sesquialteral heated to 40 – 50 C and coming from the reactor through a filter druk. The resulting slurry is cooled, concentrated and grind. Grinding was repeated several times to obtain the necessary grinding. The finished mixture is stirred suppozitornuju for 45 min, analyzed and fed to the packing. Formation and packing the candles. Produce candles in two sizes: 1 (weight from 1.2 to 1.5 grams, length 29 mm, o8mm), 2 (weight 2.3 – 2.5 g, length 35 mm o10mm). Time the total strain is not more than 3 – 4 '. Pouring suppositories produced on machines with separate operations of casting and packaging, or on automatic machines, suppository. C analysis of the existing equipment for production of suppositories can be found in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets, "Analysis of equipment for the production of suppositories."

Social Democratic Party

Why lose the reformers, which attributed some of his hopes … extra-regional forces, in particular, the most anti-Iranian community-minded U.S. politicians and Israel? But only if they are? There are indications that the elections in Iran, "with hopes of" looked in Azerbaijan. Why? The fact that it turned out – it turns out, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, on whose rates and even the political affairs of the reactionary circles in the West and Israel is an ethnic Azeri. Until a week before the presidential election, when the crowd greeted him Mousavi supporters at the airport, the Azeris of Iran is not hiding chanted: "The people of Azerbaijan support your son!". Moussaoui answered them openly and not less kindly: "Azerbaijanis have always been a freedom-loving nation, and I hope that they could choose freedom! ". Of course, it was somewhat as if Iran's presidential election distinctive ethnic intrigue – M.

Ahmadinejad talk about, for example, that he Talish. And pretty unfriendly (at personal portion to) refers to the Azerbaijani nationalism – witness how he ruthlessly suppressed any desire to confront the Iranian state of Azerbaijanis, when he was governor (ostandarom) Province (remains) of Ardabil. Attributed to him even personally participated in executions by hanging nearly 1,500 Azerbaijanis accused (talking about the second half of the 90s.) Treason, spying for foreign countries, etc. I wonder what was said in Baku on the eve of the election, some politicians in Iran. Thus, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (SDPAz) Araz Alizadeh put quite openly: "In case of victory of Azerbaijanis Mir Hussein Mousavi for Armenia will start the black days.

The Voice

It is desirable that this instrument in order to vote, call it, say, 'The Voice' was fully compatible with USB to a computer to view the information from servers on the issues, even videos. TV will soon be all digital, so well be possible to view these materials, and on TV, at any time. Discuss comfortably with family or friends are brought to a vote matters and any other information, using television, think it will be fine. In order that everyone can actually participate in the management, development and adoption of laws, it should be possible a four-vote. The first level – the possibility of discussion and decision making in municipal settlements, which are closest to humans. Discuss and participate in decision-making will have an opportunity to every person living in this area and a certain point it will be possible to introduce mandatory implementation of decisions. The range of issues to be discussed – anyone! The second level – regional and similar municipalities. For the first and the second level, you can use a district server.

Discuss and participate in decision-making will have an opportunity to every person living in the area. Range of issues submitted to the public discussion at all subsequent levels can be determined during the public consultation again. You can also develop rules and voting and discussion. The third and fourth levels – regional and national respectively, on the same principles. Nationwide in the future will be transformed into a common to all mankind. But this is after unite and become a single civilization.

The Memory Of The Forgotten Heroes Without Hypocrisy

My family: me, my three small, defenseless children and my father and the civil party to the Second World War were without the rights and livelihoods. My father, being old patient in spite of our plight, decided to open a secret their origin: you know we do not carry our name, I was and remain a Makarov. My grandfather was a Makarov Makar, a military man, he was the Russian-Turkish war and the Japanese, he was personally acquainted with the Admiral Makarov, General Stessel, Fok … If not be difficult to find their roots. My grandfather Makarov Makar Varfolomeyevich was among the 13 thousand left in the ‘live’ after the ‘betrayal’ kommendanta Port Arthur AM Stessel.

Port Arthur defended crazy heroes. Port Arthur was cut off from the outside world. Gene. Kuropatkin not obey the order of the Emperor deblokade Port Arthur, a fortress defended themselves. Vicar state Alekseev demanded the emperor’s name to help Port Arthur, but nothing Kuropatkin made. Seeing such disregard for the orders of the Emperor, asked for the resignation of Alekseev. Seeing this mess Chief of the Kwantung strengthen AM Stessel decided to defend themselves with force of 34 thousand against 300 thousands.

National Unity Day

On this day, Russia will celebrate the unity, which is still to be achieved – and to her, and around the world. National Unity Day – perhaps only one of the holidays, smorit in the future. It's not just the anniversary, reminder, recognition merit – it is also called, hope for change for the better. The unity of self is not to say, this thing is worth a lot, because automatically solves many problems. Unity Day – is, in fact, the day of universal happiness. In our troubled times is hard to agree with such an optimistic message, the more so that each party and each sees in it for something different.

That is why this date has not become a real holiday. Ambivalence toward her Of course, not accidental. The origins of National Unity Day, also lie in the era of turmoil and division. In the early 17th century, Russia was one of the most difficult periods in its history, and it saved her solidarity, loyalty to the country's interests, not Possessors. In those days treason seemed perfectly natural thing, every town had for itself, and the power struggle waged on the battlefield with the participation of Russian and foreign troops. A few cities, do not hesitate to offer Prince Pozharsky to the other side and were very surprised blank refusal. They were surprised to the extent that they themselves were at his side. What kind of party? What is taught us those old events? In fact, in this situation took place at the time, every nation.

Internal Predictor

Then it becomes clear "surrender" the son of former president Kyrgyzstan Maxim to the British authorities – the one whose hands made it, can still be useful. In what capacity – not so important. If this is the case, then the fate of the Bakiyev is now entirely in the hands Anglo-Saxons. It is also worth noting that Bakiyev chose their place of residence Belarus, which has recently has a close relationship with the financial clan Rothschild barony of which, as we know, is there, where he went, "sit" Maxim Bakiyev (Kyrgyzstan course will be "aggressively" seek the extradition of the latter, and London will be "active" stand in the way – exactly what is needed. After the game should be played?). As we remember, Bakiyev was in Minsk, has decided to "fight" for a return to politics. How else – because his ambitions are needed to account for future violent events in the south. That's has closed range.

It is worth noting is absolutely the right steps in Moscow, which is not susceptible to the disorder in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, has limited its humanitarian mission and aid agency Shoigu Kyrgyz military equipment and special means. Entering the Russian peacekeeping contingent as the risk that the conflict can escalate from local to regional first, and then in the global, where one side will be represented people outside the Russian civilization, and the other – the Muslim countries of the Caucasus, Asia, Africa and Southern Europe. Ie strictly in accordance with the theory of "clash of civilizations" Hangtintona. This scenario was identified and designated by the Internal Predictor in a research note, "The long-term strategy to address the Koran of Islam bosses Bible project." Read and think – all of it described as specifically and essentially, that we add to this can only be that the recent events with explosions in the Moscow metro, in the mine "Raspadskaya" and inter-ethnic massacres in southern Kyrgyzstan – the links of a chain, and act as a mechanism-fuse, transforming this long-term script in its active phase.