Modern Man

The author also approaches the ideas of Kroeber, that in its article ' ' The Superorgnico' ' it showed as the culture acts on the man, thanks to which the humanity distanciou itself of the animal world. Among others contributions of Kroeber for the magnifying of the culture concept, are distinguished the affirmations of that the culture, but of what the genetic inheritance, determines the behavior of the man and justifies its accomplishments. Moreover, it considers that the man acts its cultural standards in accordance with, as well as standes out that the culture is the way of adaptation the different ecological environments. 5 Idea on the origin of the culture According to Laraia, one of the first concerns of the scholars with regard to the culture mentions its origin to it. According to diverse authors, between them Richard Leackey and Roger Lewin, beginning of the development of the human brain is a consequence of the life arborcula of its remote ancestor. Anthropologist David Pilbem mentions to it the bipedismo as an exclusive characteristic of the primates between all the mammals, affirming that practically all the primates livings creature have characteristic behavior of bpedes of time in when.

Beyond the scholars already cited, the author standes out the contributions of Kenneth P. Oakley, which detaches the importance of the manual ability, made possible for the erected position, when providing greaters stimulatons to the brain, with consequent development of intelligence human being. He still detaches, Claude Lvi-Strauss, the most detached antropolgico Frenchman, which considers that the culture appeared at the moment where the man stipulated the first rule, the first norm. In turn, the writer Leslie Whiter, North American anthropologist contemporary, considers that the ticket of the animal state for the human being occurred when the brain of the man was capable to generate symbols. 6 Modern theories on the culture In its boarding concerning the modern theories on the culture, Laraia mentions famous authors to it as Keesing, which approaches initially the theories that consider the culture as adaptativo system, spread out for neo-evolucionistas as Leslie White. However, this position was reformulated creative by Sahlins, Harris, Sheep, Rapaport, Vayda among others that although the divergences agree to many aspects related to the culture. For they, cultures are standards of behaviors socially transmitted; the cultural change consists an adaptation process first equivalent the natural election; the technology, the economy of subsistence and the elements of directly on the social organization to the production constitute the domain adaptativo of the culture; the ideological components of the cultural systems can have adaptativas consequncias in the control of the population of the subsistence, the maintenance of the ecosystem etc. Beyond these reflections, Keesing mention the theories to it culture idealists, subdividing them in three different boardings: culture as cognitivos, structural and symbolic systems, all searching explanations for the culture definition. According to Laraia, other quarrels concerning the culture had been and still they are stopped in this field of knowledge, therefore the understanding of the same one involves the understanding of the proper nature human being, what it becomes the inexhaustible quarrel.

Magna Carta

Also it has asked to the socialist group that if it stays the initiative amendment and its proceeding in commission allow them, so that it is clear the deputies like " worthy parlamentarios" and not like " flock of ovejas" . The deputy has criticized that socialist and popular presents/displays this reform in August, " with agosticidad and alevosa" and he has been sorry that one becomes by the proceeding of unique reading, avoiding the agreement and the negotiation. Llamazares has assured that the reform does not deal with strictly speaking nor about stability but social cuts, privatizations and economic recession. The IU spokesman has assured that the reform " he is not partial is total" and he affects the preliminary title, to the sovereignty of the Spanish State, to the democratic State and the social rights. The Reformation ' exprs' The consider east Tuesday in the plenary session of the Congress abre to the procedure " exprs" of the constitutional reform for the control of the deficit that, if it fulfills the forecasts, will be culminated in one week with their approval in the Senate.

The initiative outpost by the president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the past Tuesday has been transacted by the emergency procedure since of not being thus made, shortening the terms, there would not be time to approve it before the dissolution of Cortes, the 27 of September, after the electoral call of 20-N. For this reason, and after the agreement also in time record reached between PSOE and PP, both groups the past registered the proposal of reform in the registry of the Congress Friday. After the consider east Tuesday from the 10 in the morning and the mandatory term of 48 hours for the presentation of amendments, the reform will return to the chamber for its debate and definitive approval in the camera. According to article 167 of the Magna Carta, the projects of constitutional reform will have to be approved by a majority of three fifth of each one of the cameras that, in principle, groups add both that have impelled the reform, PSOE and PP. Once the proposal of reform of article 135 of the Constitution leaves Friday the Congress, it will follow his proceeding in the Senate, where foreseeably Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week will be put under voting. The constitutional text establishes that, approved the reform by Cortes, a term of fifteen days is abre then after which if one tenth part of the members of anyone of the cameras asks for therefore it will have to be put under rrndum. Source of the news: The Congress approves the taking considering the constitutional reform

Helen Mirren

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