State Supervision

More expensive on this design becomes. The doors to the private elevators are made semi-automatic or automatic swing. The latter may be common sliding or telescoping, that is to go at each other. Telescopic design is preferred because less bulky. motion without danger Elevator – a complex technical structure, and his pledge safe operation – strict compliance with existing rules and regulations. The main regulatory instrument in this area are considered ‘installation and safe operation of elevators’, adopted in May 2003.

Newest pubel take into account the requirements of European standard en 81-2. Order lifting equipment should only specialized organizations with appropriate licenses, official permissions and rights. Also Recall that mechanisms must be certified. Ready to use elevator shall be representative of the State Supervision (certification procedure involves a number of difficulties, most of them is the bureaucratic character), then the customer must sign a contract for maintenance of the lift. Work on the survey and routine repairs are carried out on schedule, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the regulations documents. Modern elevators as easy to use – just press the passengers, and control system will set the speed, the path acceleration and braking, provide a stop at the desired floor. For congestion monitors electronic weighing device.

The issue of security has been resolved in 1854 with the invention of Elisha Graves Otis. Since the system was constantly improved, but the principle of its action stayed unchanged.

Tacit Knowledge

Through observation and reflection can make a description of that tacit knowledge. To this, the American philosopher, calls it a reflexion on action, where the activity takes place once the event has occurred or during a break in it. Thus, a teacher who is pressing for excellence, you can integrate this reflection in action, concurrently with the task at hand, being a conversacion reflexivaa or a Oech retrospectivaa . This vision lies embedded in a constructivist conception of reality that teachers face when considering to them as architects of their practice sites. CONCLUSIONS The complexity of our academic reality consists not only of educational and technical challenges. The context, which certainly exceeds four classroom walls, and the values that underlie all academic activities are also part of the highly complex and interwoven particular conditions the what, how and for what we teach.

This problem of reality, coupled with the continuous extension and variation of the particular disciplinary field knowledge, clarifies the need for an organization of activities related to learning of the subject, a requirement for exploration of our own experience and that of same students, and a renewal requirement on our faculties, talents and inspiration, summarized in what we call artea . Read such material, authors of this quality address and share experiences in teaching groups and forums, will gradually primary form, a change which may be translated, and funneling good intentions, a change that will guide teaching plural , teaching and learning, into a tangible reality and empowering. Breaking our own limitations, to eradicate trivial routine and upgrade the teaching profession is a daily challenge and in eternum, stakeout and endless questions.

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