Spatial Planning

The latest led lighting and led floodlights are used as backlighting for svetodizaynerskoy landscape, and for strong directional illumination of buildings. Carefully designed and well executed landscape illumination on the forces significantly transform the surrounding area, animating spectacular light and color 'smear' evening and night scenery. led landscape street lamps in the most direct manner designed to implement the project svetodizaynerskogo evening and night lights, seamlessly blend into a landscape design project area. Landscape design is not without paving embedded fixtures, which can walk and ride. Such outdoor recessed led lamps are mounted in the paving slabs, bricks, gravel, lawn.

As a rule, they are made from high-impact polymer material that has anti-skid properties and abrasion resistance. Different emission color and size of lighting fixtures allow you to select the option most suitable for embedding in a sidewalk plitku.Takie led lamps perfectly suited as a marker lights sidewalks, curbs, steps, walkways, car parking areas, dance floor. And the presence of a variety of colors glow opens up tremendous opportunities for Spatial Planning and the lighting design. Powerful led spotlights have a lifespan of about 50 thousand hours. Essential for lighting wall facades of buildings, houses and shopping centers. Naturally, they have been successfully applied to illumination of trees, lawns, plants. In this case, you can use the rgb projectors automatically smoothly varying colors glow. Highlight the bushes and trees can be both green and other colors of led static floodlights.

Underwater Waterproof led lights and spotlights for pools, fountains and ponds will highlight a multi-colored illuminated jets of water. led lighting, bollards are used for marker lights, visualization of certain areas and forms, delineating the necessary units. For example, as road bars, signal, crash, or parking posts. led lamps emit light flow of well-defined, saturated colors, which eliminates the use of filters to reduce the efficiency and saturation flux. And it allows you to obtain stunning in its diversity, opportunity illumination, a non-transferable play of light and color, not limiting themselves to the creativity of design projects. Undoubted advantage of led lamps – high reliability and a tremendous cost (small consumption). Therefore, the led street lights – the perfect solution to the shortage of electric power.

“Poems – Breath Of The Soul

On the 90th anniversary of VM Kubaneva. Every era raises its heroes. Basil Kuban – poet and journalist – is a prominent representative of the heroic generation of the second half of the 30s of the twentieth century. It was the first time Soviet five-year plans, collectivization of agriculture and industrialization. Built factories, power plants, cities grew. In the collective transplanted from horse to tractor. His happiness in the work we swarm. Growth of the state – our own growth.

Tomorrow can become a hero Everyone now bezvesten and simple. This characteristic makes his generation Basil Kuban. The poet lived only 21 years old, but that life was bright and fruitful. Basil was born January 13, 1921 in the village of Orekhovo Kastornoye region Kursk region into a peasant family. The family then moved to the city of Voronezh region Ostrogozhsk. There’s the future poet learns in high school and writes his first poems, which since 1936 are printed in the newspaper “New Life”. All who knew Basil pointed out that he was the soul of the team and a true romantic. His overwhelmed overwhelming thirst for knowledge: I vyznayu have all the secrets of life and the best words posoberu that, irrepressible blood warmed, they give the ardor pen.

Acquainted with the poetry of Mayakovsky, a young Kubanov was struck by the power of his poetry. In the poem “It is simple and great” poet admits, once authoritatively logged in as a living, his poems in a narrow world of mine. Results for the nine months alone Basil learned French and was free to read novels of Honore Balzac, Romain Rolland and other French classics. Kubanov read so many books and dreamed of writing a novel, an epic about the life of the Soviet countryside. But the war interfered with to implement these plans. In his letter Kubanov writes: “Yesterday I was in a movie, watched” Alexander Nevsky. ” The picture shocked me … I was first, it seems, with some animal force felt as great as nearly as awful danger of war, the danger of invasion of our land bloody robbers. And I asked myself sharp and bitingly: “What have you done? What are you doing? What will you do to relieve your homeland victory in the coming battle? “In the poem” Red Star “the poet writes: If you want peace – in-dash brow vybey target. All bourgeois do not like our government, their dominion open ruin. Gold rings for all. Its radiance for all Snyuhayutsya Intermedia is the enemy. Be prepared to meet these rati! Take care of every blade of grass! When the war started, Basil Kubaneva sent to flight school. There he became seriously ill with pneumonia and was forced to return home, where March 6, 1942 and died at the age of 21. Therefore, until the end of life believed in our victory over fascism: It’s from Berlin to Moscow far away, And from Moscow to Berlin closer! From Basil Kubaneva were poetry, journalism, letters, diaries, which convey to us the exact signs of his time, his generation and profound meditation on art, love and friendship. Creativity Basil Kubaneva was remains important because it teaches us to love their homeland, people, man: I leave with no one and nothing. I – all my wealth and inheritance. Saying goodbye to the world I said: Let all the mutual consent to seek, let man will love humanity.

The Petitions

Officials impose an ultimatum. In these situations, you must first obtain from the Office of Immigration permission to stay in Germany. For this purpose, before the expiry of the visa petition filed appropriate. As a result of the work was obtained Fiktionsbescheinigung – official document, which our heroine felt much calmer. This – not a visa, but not yet permit. After the birth of your child's interests were filed a petition to protect the family community with his father (Schutz der Familieneinheit mit dem Vater), and for his mother – a petition to protect the family community with a child (Schutz der Familieneinheit mit dem Kind).

In addressing the petitions were denied. Officials demanded the immediate departure of mother with a child on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, the threatened forced expulsion and subsequent prohibition of entry into Germany in the long term. Their argument boiled down to that, he says, now fully grown baby, a mother recovering from childbirth, and nothing prevents them to leave Germany. Justice has triumphed.

Decision authority – not the ultimate truth. It can be appealed in court. And to prevent the expulsion of foreigners on the initiative of officials who served the additional petition to the court – Antrag auf Anordnung der aufschiebenden Wirkung ('m just submission of an application to the court – Klage – does not guarantee an alien from refoulement). Speaking of the judicial term, our countrymen often do not know. But almost any administrative act may be appealed in court. Officials – "government people", they rarely explain the best applicants of their status, which can be used. In difficult situations it is the judge who has independent status, taking responsibility and often makes decisions in favor of foreigners. So it was in our case the court agreed with arguments of counsel, granted the applicants protection against expulsion. Subsequently the child was guaranteed the right of residence in the family community with his father ( 33 AufenthG), and his mother was granted a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) on humanitarian grounds ( 25 Abs.5 AufenthG). Recall that an alien may be granted a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, if his departure for legal or factual reasons not possible. At that ended our history. All family members, as befits the together! All concerned should bear in mind that this decision court can apply in their case.

Ancient Greece Government

Later, the Egyptians held a number of improvements, and people began to operate the ferry. In the basement, bath and fireplace stoked a huge hot air rising in the pair separation through small openings. In most guys find the stone beds, which are heated by hot air it. After these procedures had to dip into the pool with cold water. In Ancient Greece Government were very concerned about the health of its citizens. Public baths were more significant in the life of the Greeks, than the Egyptians. The Greeks believed that their good health, they are obliged to exercise and bath procedures.

Baths were built of cut stones and the building itself had a round shape. This form of bath rooms, in the opinion of the Greeks, the most suited for uniform distribution of steam across a steam bath. In the heart of room was a stone hearth, which topilsya charcoal. After copious sweating Greeks poured cold water, and then moved into a special room, where were talking about different topics. The best-known and were celebrated Roman baths.

Another called them Roman baths, due to the fact that these baths were located near the hot springs. Originally it was a very modest building, where there were only small bathrooms room and water temperature did not exceed the body temperature. Later Roman bath has been improved and it was a grand structure, consisting of several departments. The first part of Romans stripped. More this department was intended to massage and relax after a bath procedures.