Treasury Regimen

The act hardest of the military regimen occurred in 1968 ends, with the instauration of the AI-5, not forgetting that the political parties had been extinct (it only remained the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING and the MDB). The contradictions of the military governments had been diverse that the Congress was open and closed to the default of the agent chief executives, the press were censured and the persecutions intensified politics, had increased the tortures, the murders and disappearances of people, institutionalizing, the violence against who dared to question the regimen. At this time &#039 occurred the such; ' miracle econmico' ' of Dolphin Grandson, then Secretary of the Treasury, that he affirmed that the country grew and the middle class starts to have greater purchasing power, but increased the number of the empobrecidos ones accenting the social inaquality. The crisis of the oil in 1973 was a hard blow for the military who, already without the same support of the bourgeoisie, with serious internal divisions and suffering pressures from the population start if to rebel against the AI-5, when met the way for ' ' opening, slow, gradual and segura' ' proposal for Geisel. In the decade of 80 &#039 was made; ' reform of partidos' ' , stimulating the creation of new parties politicians and the return of the old ones.

Em1984 acampanha for ' ' Direct J' ' it demonstrated that the military regimen was with its counted days The military regimen, in democracy term, finished if becoming a retrocession. The lack of democracy, the terror, the violence, impunity, the censorship, the lie and the murders go to even introduce in the country the feeling of shame of being Brazilian. As it affirms a professor who suffered in the meat the stigma from the regimen: ' ' I think that the effect arrasador of the blow in the country was given in the plan of the ethics. To be ethical started to be synonymous of subversive or then idiota' '. Memorable the 31 of March of 1964 and the military regimen needs to be studied in the perspective of if understanding History, leading its prosperity and growth that while happened the military governed, but the democracy and the manifestations of freedom had been also restrained. We live the democracy again with imperfections injustices, but we must always improves it.


The Pane of the Europe in 2011 Prof. Ivan Santiago Silva* The Europe is the true center of the international system of the States, cradle of ocidente, the capitalism and of the ideas that had conquered the world they had formed and it: the planet Land already was European property, as well as the Old Continent fascinates great part of the humanity. Portugal, France, European East, Switzerland, Germany, everything inspires History, power, and allure. The Europe, is since before the Roman Empire until the current days the great center: of the thought to the art; of the style of life to the international events. Now, in 2011 it is the focus of the world-wide crisis. To detail briefly, the Europe entered in collapse in function of the high indebtedness of the country-member of the Zone of the Euro.

To understand better, is enough to glimpse that European union is a economic block that possesss an only currency, the Euro and that its country-member controls its public expenses of individual form. Although the treated ones to the constitution of the regional accumulation to establish limits, the States are independent and they do not obey a common governor, therefore they possess its proper laws. In such a way, what time happened of this was that countries European of Zone of Euro (that they are the countries that are part of the European Union and adopt the currency only Euro, therefore they exist countries, as the United kingdom, that is part of the block but they do not adopt the currency) if had become indebted much more of what the foreseen one (being the established limit of 60% of the GIP) and had arrived the indebtedness of 90% the 100% of the GIP more than. Ahead of this the situation was unsustainable and the investors (that, by the way, also rumors) had started to distrust that gain much money spreading these countries could pay its commitments.

Russian Federacy

Had to the fact of that, during its launching, the vector is ejected of the silo for a system of pressurized gases, hindering damages to the silo, it has possibility to recharge the silo and to launch one second safe one of missiles before the enemy ogives reach its targets. Missiles R-36M2 are equipped with digital edge computers, what it guarantees one better performance of this during all the phases of the flight. The cited missiles can operate in such a way in missions of against-force as in against-value missions. Considerable possibilities exist of that eventual a first Russian attack with such weapons obtains to still destroy good part of intercontinental missiles American LGM-30G in ground. Missiles R-36M2 are, certainly, the main weapon of attack of the Russian Federacy, guaranteeing not only the national security as well as global the strategical balance. Another model of MBI in service in the RVSN is missiles RT-2PM Topol, of which the Russians operate 180 units. These are carried and launched for trucks special, being total mobile. This guarantees a indescritvel strategical advantage, since it makes impracticable the performance of the enemy missiles in against-force missions, therefore its necessary localization is unknown.

In such a way, the Russian nuclear counterattack practically is guaranteed. Being able to be launched by its trucks from prepared places as patios and garages in military bases or even though from localization inside of forests, what it complicates already the difficult task still more adversary to find them, such missiles can be gone off in few minutes. With a reach of 10.500 kilometers and carrying a 550 ogive of kt, such missiles possess a precision of up to 150 meters, according to some sources, it becomes what it apt to act, with effectiveness and efficiency, in against-force missions. Its throwers special are capable to cover great distances, beyond possessing equipment that allows that these execute the acquisition of the targets.

Solid Residues

This volume of recycled material can be tripled, but for this they are necessary two-way actions: motivating the population to separate the reciclvel of the organic garbage and extending the qualification and the conditions of work of the catadores (collection instruments, have carried and storage, as well as intermediao in the sales of these materials to the industry). The first step of the consolidation of municipal politics of solid residues must leave of a Diagnosis of the Situation of the generated Solid Residues, cotejando these information with the socioeconmicas characteristics of that city. Another aspect to be analyzed is relative to the conditions of life and autonomizao of the population segment that survives of the catao of reciclvel material. Stories and depositions of workers in the catao of you recycle allow to affirm that this occupation appeared of the necessity of complementation of income for people with survival difficulties. ' ' The cardboard catado and resold guarantee the milk of crianas' ' said Pink D. when it counted to be one of the pioneers and that it was in this work since the decade of 40. At a first moment, these men and women acted individually, without exchange with its pairs and were submitted the proprietors of the scrap iron deposits that not only bought what they got, but defined the value to pay e, in some situations they supplied a wagon and same they allowed it spends the night in the way it collected garbage. It was in the decade of 70 that these workers had started to argue in group its difficulties for the lack of the work instrument, for the unreliability in virtue of the lack of local insurance to keep to the wagon main instrument of work and for having that to submit the owners of the deposits. It was difficult to accept that the price of the cardboard diminua when the value of this product in the market falls, but that it did not increase when the market if heated, generating each time more value for the Capital.

Reformation Politics

Currently in the House of representatives a created commission exists to argue on the reforms politics that are in progress and being waited voting. It has many years, proposals come being cogitated, but still without a unanimous decision. To each time that if waits an outcome in the Chamber, some politician enters with a provisional remedy and the voting of the reforms finishes being stops later. Some of the changes suggested in the reform politics are: the vote in list, the public financing, the partisan allegiance, the clause of barrier, the end of the private vote in the Senate and the facultative vote for the people. Measures that cause quarrel, mainly between the lesser parties that will be most wronged and that they promise to vote against the reform. But the reform politics if drags, not for force of the lesser parties, a time that are absolute minority in the Chamber. If the parties biggest wanted to approve the reforms, them would make, but this goes very beyond being the favor or against.

For backwards of the reforms they are the interests politicians and the fear that the changes can bring, therefore to move always generates unreliability. Now in electoral year, this reform politics does not have the minimum possibility of being approved. Who knows in a next government, or perhaps if it makes as always: in the speech the reform politics is essential, in practical it always can wait a little more. Unhappyly one of the main reasons for this delay, is that the people nor knows that this proposal of reform politics exists. Thus without pressure in the politicians for conclusion of the voting, them they will always continue accomodated and postponing a possible progress, a time that the reform politics is base for the reform that they are necessary in Brazil, as the reform tax, administrative, of the education, member of labor party, financier, previdenciria, among others.

Reception Processes

The reception of a hotel is very important, therefore it is the center, where if recepciona the guest/customer and of where this will have its first impression of the company. Sector where the guest will have more contact during all its lodging until its check-out. Therefore, it is very important that all the recepcionistas are lined up with the processes, procedures and politics of the company, since is of this attendance that depends the conquest and fidelizao on the guest. So that a hotel is recognized is necessary that it has a good attendance, beyond good installations and services. So that this occurs is necessary that its recepcionistas well are trained and cliente of which processes, politics and procedures they must follow. This goes to help in the atendimentos and fidelizao of the guests, a time who will have standard and quality in the atendimentos, independent of who is. In the present time the more demanding people are each time making with that the companies have that if to strengthen and to search new alternatives and differentials to please them to search its allegiance.

Knowing as the company it takes care of and which are its politics, the guests are more the will and tend to come back, therefore they know that there well they will be taken care of and they will be felt well. The reception transmits, or must transmit, the image of the company, therefore, the recepcionistas must be trained so that they know which procedures and processes must follow and as to make them, beyond being cliente of which the politics that the company follows and demands that they are followed for one better course of all. With this, it is possible to identify to imperfections and errors, as much in the processes saw system, as of position before the customer, thus being able to charge improvements or to present solutions for these problems. The proper recepcionistas can suggest improvements and alterations of processes and standards for one better attendance and development of the work, since they, beyond the guests, will be benefited with these attitudes. Having clear processes, procedure and politics in the reception it is possible to have a bigger control on motivated activities of the sector, recepcionistas more, therefore will know for what they will be being charged and evaluated, will have one better image of the hotel before the market, beyond captivated guests, taken care of well and satisfied with the services.

Education Content

The content analysis is one technique of treatment of information. As technique can be used in some types of research and in such a way to serve equally the different levels of empirical inquiry of different sciences social human beings and. According to Valla (2001), ' ' the purpose of the content analysis will be, therefore to effect inferences, on the basis of a logic explicitada, on the messages whose characteristics had been inventoried and sistematizadas' ' (VALLA, 2001; p. 104). In fact we could the set of used metodolgicos instruments, made possible us a bigger explicitao and understanding to soon of our exercise of research. In this Bardin direction, (2004) it affirms that: ' ' The content analysis allowed a more faithful analysis of the reality, in the measure where for detrs of the symbolic and generally polissmico apparent speech a direction is hidden that agrees to unmask (BARDIN, 2004, p.37). In our research the analysis of the data collected in the field, during the participant comment will be carried through in accordance with the decoded explicativas categories of the transcribed subjects, that are: Education in the social movements, Identity and Formation Politics.

3.8 Auto refletividade: the experience of the field in the formation of pesquisador/the experience of the field in the area of social movements provided a bigger understanding to us of what indeed it occurs inside of this organization, as well as we could prove or refute what let us believe to be truths or unreal situations. The learning was differentiated and constructor of new perspectives concerning the social organizations. The main easinesses found in the place of ' ' pesquisa' ' if they had given in the direction of the integrant citizens of that movement to be one as much that susceptveis to the dialogue and, therefore facilitated our work sufficiently and gave in the confidence to carry through study of a calmer and trustworth experience the information harvested in that locality.

City Politics

The public politics directed to the education in the city of Picu* ** Appeared Rosinalva Martins de Oliveira are known that in last the ten years, necessarily, in the government of president Lula, it has increased and very, the come back public politics to the education. Although to know that not yet it is the sufficient for an education of quality, it is undeniable the difference in relation to the governments had preceded that it. In the city of Picu, the public politics directed toward the education are gifts in form of assistencialistas programs, as: stock market family, the PETI, the AABB community, adopts it one becomes childish, pro the young others; also in the form of other directed programs more to the schools, as: PDE, PDDE, PENATI, PROINFO, beyond the inclusion programs as the multi-functional rooms, of merenda, the pertaining to school transports and others that receive partnerships private as the program from confrontation to the drugs, in partnership with the Banco Santander, that it searchs to take care of children in situation of social risk. Although our city makes use of all these programs, it does not brighten up the situation of the majority of our clientele of children and adolescents who depends on these programs. What we perceive, mainly in relation to the had programs as assistencialistas, is that badly they are structuralized, and the resources badly managed. It does not exist a purpose, an objective, or same a direct partnership with the schools, in the direction to collaborate with the activities, or same with the professors, in a joint action and objective to promote the real citizenship and the learning. The people who are the front of these programs are extremely laypeople, or unprepared. The majority is pointed by the mayor without no academic formation or of knowledge of the social reality of the community.


The approach of the work is to demonstrate that the knowledge cannot be something crystallized only the one concept, but that each individual can be open to innovate its lines of thought, displaying its ideas, if unfastening of beliefs and old techniques, producing new paradigms, not accepting attitudes dogmticas, reflecting and questioning. Carrying, using the gamma of knowledge to its redor to be to become a politicized and contradogmtico individual, with critical sense, creative and independent. 1 PERCIPIENT KNOWLEDGE AND THEORY OF the KNOWLEDGE When something is visualized try to attribute to concepts and conclusions, these many precipitated times what it is seen and it felt, believing the directions that the human beings possess. The knowledge way simplest is that one that appears of the information that we receive through the directions, after all the people tends to face the perceptions as pure reality, for example: through the perception, they believed that the sun if put into motion around the Land, while the same one pparently remained immovable and also that the world was squared because the horizon was plain. Being thus, the reality can be affirmed that not this limited what if it can verify for sensations caught for the body and this reason appear a form of scientific called knowledge, that has as objective to show that the impressions of what seems to be real they can be maken a mistake (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, P. 5-6).

With the study of the scientific knowledge new possibilities appear and ways to criticize the reality and with this appear the Philosophy and Science. The Philosophy and Science had been created so that the perceptions were not faced as pure reality, increasing the questioning capacity, thus becoming the knowledge most rigorous. The Philosophy if ramifies in diverse areas and two of them are: The Theory of the Knowledge and Epistemologia (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, P.