Depth Development

He who are learning the laws of nature expanded the boundaries of knowledge of the universe, trying in vain to understand the meaning of his existence. In the modern world, notably seen contradictory properties of human nature, complexity of his character. Logical processing, compiling factual observation and empirical research can penetrate into the depth of content, to identify pattern of development. In his description of the historical process we have tried to use macro-anthropological approach based on the Kabbalah. This approach to studying the interaction of man-nature "in the present Time is of great importance as a means of interdisciplinary study of coherent phenomena of nature, society, groups and individuals. We can say that the object of our study is to examine and describe the most effective forms of human interaction in society, which would be the most optimal manner the process of natural development of man, nature and society, led to the creation of conditions for the formation and development optimum form of co-existence of external and internal forces of nature.

New trends in understanding the historical process of mankind develops gradually, and the strength of its development is the growing selfishness in it. If in humans did not develop selfishness, the previous generation does not differ from the present, just as we see it in animals. Selfish desire is the essential nature of creation at all levels – is the only thing that was created in the act of creation of the universe. We called it the "desire to receive pleasure" or "selfishness".

Crew Ship

It has always been the great doubt among the passengers of a cruise to guess who is the officer in uniform that we met in the restaurant or make a toast of honor. There are many stories of people seeing a uniformed officer think that he is the captain and try to take the photo of rigor, even if the assistant radio. Since I started traveling on a cruise always struck me the perfect functioning of all services of the ship. From the most obvious and direct the ship by the sea and reach our destinations to the most simple as the shower water runs hot. All this is thanks to a synchronized work of the officers and crew. A good way to tell who is who lives in their uniforms and badges. Here are the most important working on a cruise ship and how to identify them: 1 .- Captain (captain) is under maritime law who has the absolute authority on board ship. Its status allows it to retain any suspect or even a wedding.

This charge and oversees all departments. From navigation, daily on the bridge controls to the problems with the passengers. Everything is under their control and supervision. Usually it is who makes the welcome cocktail on board. 2 .- Chief (chief officer) really is the person who controls the bridge in connection with the captain. It's who you sail the boat and directs it along the route. It works in crisis situations (rescue at sea …).

Great Dragon Great

Allies in the Battle of the White Race from the Powers of Darkness People were out of the Hall of the Great Dragon. They were allowed to settle on Earth, determining place in the South-East, the rising of the sun-Yarylo. Contemporary China. Other allies, the people of the Hall of the Fire Snake, determined the place on the lands in Atlantic Ocean. Later, it came to Clans of the Great Race, this land became known as Antlan, ie Ants Earth, the ancient Greeks it was called Atlantis. After the death of Antlan, righteous people with the skin color of the Sacred Fire The strength of Heaven (Vaitmar) transferred them to the east in the Earth's entry bezkraynie Yarily Sun-lying … (Americas). In ancient times the ownership of Black People Countries covered not only the African continent, but part of India.

Indian tribes and Dravidian Nagas belong to the Negroid peoples and worshiped the goddess Kali-Ma – Goddess of the Black Mother. Our ancestors gave them the Vedas – the sacred texts, now known as the Indian Vedas (Hinduism). Upon learning about perennial Sky Laws – such as the Law of Karma, Incarnation and Reincarnation, and others, they refused to cases of indecent – of bloody human sacrifices to the Goddess Kali Ma and the Black Dragons. Great Vorogom Race and other races on the Midgard-earth, are the representatives of the World Pekelnogo (Jews) who secretly penetrated into Midgard, the Earth, Therefore it can stay territory is not defined. God Perun calls them strangers.