Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Not everything is properly done by companies in everything they undertake. The entrepreneurs, their businesses, companies, very often they commit, they give some errors, that those who have studied have been released, plus some that our professional experience has been collected. In that letter, collect more frequent, so that those interested in the item were taken into account, and help others avoid that this is not to. Has respected the opinion of some selected and added other personal, trusting that it will take corrective action to ensure a good performance, achievements.

Alberto Nunez, on it says that currently the majority owners of micro and small businesses already know about the inescapable need to dedicate themselves to do the important issues before escalating into something important, trying to focus on those activities related to compliance with the objectives and the purpose or mission of the company and are convinced that their work as leaders of your organization consist in taking strategic decisions, design strategies to be adopted and manage processes, resources and efforts of individuals. That vigilance is needed to avoid mistakes. From him, we believe we have selected some that require frequent and be taken into account are: Not having business plans can prevent learn about new and different ways to produce at lower costs or attract the attention necessary to contact the individuals and companies that want to know, to distribute the product effectively and efficiently. A good plan, moreover, can help even eliminate the need to telephone customers without an appointment, causing a better impression.

National Congress

JOSE BRECHNER during the last 24 years Bolivia lived a utopia called democracy. It was the longest period of representative institutional life in his overwhelmed history of coups and revolutions. Bolivians could comment in the Forum, after too many authoritarian governments in which the Congress building kept their doors closed. The divergent positions were respected by the nascent parliamentarians who occupied a seat, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and civility rarely seen. But the fairy tale was short-lived.

After the first two generations of Congressmen in which in the Hemicycle discussed ideas of Lefts and rights, maintaining the decorum that makes any representative democracy, the opportunists who sought public office again to appear: buying a diplomatic status, a place in the legislative or Executive, or taking advantage of the compadreria and nepotism to bear a false dignity. The National Congress was filled with scoundrels without principles or knowledge which were sold to the highest bidder according to your personal convenience. Ideas disappeared and the only thing he imported was money; either the diets or that is generated mongering influences. The country returned to their traditional causes: of plundering the State. The most corrupt and aprovechadoras were left, who in exchange for locations, accepted any, govern them beyond all ethics and decency in order to receive part of the loot. The ideological decline was inevitable. Already did not philosophy but the piggy bank. If there is no ideology there is nothing to transmit.

Thus he ruled for 15 years, in which Lefts and rights formed an Alliance of interests to hold power. There are no ideas, stupidity gained momentum and thousands of Bolivians who understand little or no policy, decided to intervene in national events. That is the majority of the current political class, without decency, knowledge, morality and conviction, which led to a disappointed people of their tricks, chose the absolute disaster, choosing as President to the most dangerous provocateur of the animal House that bore Bolivia in the last decade.

Definitive Solution

20MINUTOS.es the platform antidesahucios PAH requires paralyze the evictions, to establish a retroactive payment in kind and social rents. The en will be in the Genoa Street, outside the headquarters of the PP at 1230 hours. The PAH requires that the moratorium be applied if the cause of non-payment is caused. Rajoy announced the cessation of evictions for vulnerable families. The platform for people affected by the mortgage (PAH) has convened an acampada coinciding with the meeting between the PP and the PSOE to give a solution to foreclosures.

The Platform wants to hear and claim that all measures deven passing by halt the evictions, to establish a retroactive payment in kind and social rents. The en is convened in the Genoa Street, opposite the headquarters of the Popular Party at 1230 hours. The PAH considers moratorium on which work PP and PSOE unacceptable if only applies to the proceedings not yet initiated. Thus, this measure would not affect foreclosures that are already in progress and therefore would out to hundreds of thousands of families who are already immersed in the procedure. Since the PAH, we demand the immediate cessation of all evictions affecting families, provided in the case of residence and good faith debtors, they asked in a statement. The PAH requires that the moratorium applies to all families provided that the cause of the failure to pay is sever and provided that in the case of residence.These and not others are the only acceptable criteria.

The platform takes 4 years warning about the situation, making visible the problem and working on the proposals, despite which no has been convened to query. In its statement added that up to the judges, the EU and UN also have criticised the Spanish foreclosure procedure. The scourge of evictions is breaking lives and literally destroying families, ensures the PAH, which criticizes both PP and PSOE have had plenty of occasions to tackle this indentation and they have not done so. To the PAH no publicity measures worth nor minor modifications in the articles. The PAH does not accept rebates, or mincing electoralistas/populist. So we want everything and we want it now. Our demands are clear, indivisible and non-negotiable: stoppage of all evictions of residence in the case of debtors in good faith.Retroactive payment in kind. Conversion of the housing stock which accumulate the financial entities in a public park for social rent. they add. These demands will arrive soon in the Congress of Deputies through an ILP (legislative Popular initiative) that have already signed more than half a million citizens.

According Events

Spain and Barcelona deal with privileged positions as a country and city that received more international events in 2008. According to the ranking of ICCA (International Congress & Convention) no other destination is among the three leaders as a country and city. According to the International Union of Associations of the International Meeting Statistics for the year 2008, Spain reached the third position among the international ranking of countries where most events are held, with 467 organized events. While Barcelona won fifth place with 193 events in the ranking of world cities in which most events are held each year. In this ranking, Spain was the only country that managed to get also a city in the top 10. Also, to The Country Brand Index, Spain won the tenth position among the top 10 countries with potential to become one of the strongest brands (FutureBrands study). A market with a strong female presence highlights the fact the high percentage of presence women in the Spanish industry events.

Faced with an economy in which women occupy 41% of jobs in the sector of occupation events for women is 64%, although they hold only 35% of management positions. According to figures and studies, one of five Spanish companies with more than 100 employees has a dedicated staff person in the organization of events. (For more information, ask us for the study: 902 90 31 90 – conclusions of the market survey Eventoplus EVENTS GROUP FOR 2010 For more information or to see the market study full 2010 event, please contact us (902 90 31 90 – Events simpler, more oriented to direct contact and less to the staging or luxury, more demanding of companies in terms of impact of the event, purchasing processes and even tougher marketing for 2010 is expected.


The power of charisma and the power of attraction if my life could convert in a single sentence in a single thought to improve humanity, then my life would be justified. Charisma, of Greek charismata, means gift of gods. Thus, the griegos identified how supernatural the extraordinary abilities that some individual manifested: athlete, sculptor, speaker. And hecho are unexplained natural gifts that have been an integral part of the human being through its entire history. Thus, Michelangelo Buonarroti for sculpture, Leonardo da Vinci to paint and creativity, Louis Pasteur in the scientific field; and in the field of social leadership we see leaders with that natural charisma, as Kennedy, Morelos, Luther King or currently Juan Pablo II or the madre Teresa of Calcutta.

Although in the field of Sciences and arts charisma not can be purchased, in the social field, on the other hand, if you can get it and master it. In my speeches at congresses, conferences or media where I have been invited to address the issue of liderazgo, people often ask me: how is the charisma of leader achieved? How is this magnetism, this force of attraction achieved? There is of course a natural charisma, there are special people that attract the attention of other children, since children and see how the child organizes his fellow, so to go to play football or to break crystals. This means that leader is the one who influences others to move in a particular direction. We see the natural leadership in people with a very special charisma, having the gift of moving others, although this does not necesariamente mean that as leader would lead his people towards the good, since the same can induce it to evil. A drug trafficker or a dictator who human people to poverty or injustice; or a hero, a dirigente that leads to freedom or prosperity, obviously are leaders; some work to build and others to destroy.