The Maranho

The irregularity in the stations, with rigorous winters brought a bigger aggravation to the crisis; moreover, the railway line was damaged. years that had followed, dries, to get worse the situation. The central device was, in these conditions without substance suppliers cousin, and, therefore, soldier on barrack duty to function. Being vendido for third and resold for the Company Agricultural Progress, that also was to the bought at auction bankruptcy and in auctions for banks in the value of 90 stories, and, in a process of resales that if followed, arriving 750 stories. Through the state law n 800, of 22 of March de1918 aantiga colony where the related device was situated (today in ruins), was raised to the category of village and later by the law n 1052, of 10 of April of 1923, this village was raised to the category of known city as: They are Peter. Later, for the state decree n 75, of 22 of April of 1931, the city was extinct. After that reestablished for the decree n 121, of 12 of June of the same year. From then on, the city did not stop to grow.

In the decade of 60, the city of Is Peter had that to more than yield 50% of its lands for creation of the cities of Saint Ines and Santa Luzia. Emerso in a context bigger, Maranho, is important to emphasize that, from the decade of 20 the economic picture passed for a small alteration proceeding from the migratory flow northeastern, decurrent of droughts and economic crises, deciding partially the problem of the man power lack. The Maranho is concluded, therefore, that in the first half of century XX it continued with its primary aspects of subject production the fluctuations of the world-wide market. In the process of alteration of the economic picture, products previously considered of tip go to give place to babau and to the rice.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx: the trend of the formation of a Possibly globalizada economic society, the first author to tell to which economic routes social that the world if directed he was Karl Marx. When writing the Manifest classic of the communist party, Marx did not intend to make forecasts regarding the future world-wide economy. However, it visualized the trend of the creation of a globalizado world, without borders for the circulation of good, capital and hand of workmanship: The old feudal organization of the industry, where this circumscribed age the closed corporations, already could not satisfy to the necessities that grew with the opening of new markets. It substituted it to the manufacture. The small industrial bourgeoisie supplanted the masters of the corporations; the division of the work between the different corporations disappeared ahead of the division of the work inside of the proper workshop. However, the markets extended each time more: the search of merchandises always increased. The proper manufacture became insufficient; then, the vapor and the machinery had revolutionized the industrial production. The great modern industry supplanted the manufacture; the average manufacturing bourgeoisie yielded place to millionaire of the industry, to the heads of true industrial armies, to the bourgeois modern.

The great industry created the world-wide market chemical preparation for the discovery of America: the world-wide market prodigiously sped up the development of the commerce, the navigation and the medias for land. This development reacted in turn on the extension of the industry; e, to the measure that the industry, the commerce, the navigation, the railway ways if developed, grew the bourgeoisie, multiplying its capitals and relegating as plain the classrooms bequeathed for the Average Age. (MARX, 2010, p 7) a globalizada society would be harmful to the common citizen, and the prevention of this badly would be given, according to author, through a revolution of the proletariat in desfavor of the bourgeoisie and the subsequent implantation of a socialist regimen.

The Life

As well as he did not obtain to enclose the proper rationality of the orality, a rationality that folloies the human being throughout all the life, in all the societies, this model of school also does not obtain to enclose the complexity of the current world and to incorporate the new forms of organization, thought and construction of the knowledge that are emerging with the TICs. (BONILLA apud CIBERCULTURA, 2009, P. 33). However, being in full vigor and advance of the conditions estruturao of the new partner-cultural paradigm in the society hodierna, namely, the cibercultura, the pedagogia insists on if keeping modern centered in the logic of assimilation of techniques and knowledge. It elapses of this, that the school if keeps firm in the intention to have a relation ‘ ‘ utilitarian-instrumental’ ‘ with the education technologies. As he points Pretto, you are welcome he advances to educate in the cibercultura if the pedagogias not to give conditions to work with the difference while fundante element of the human process. (…) you are welcome he advances to think about preparing for the future as being a preparation for the market, to prepare for the future, if this preparation to continue centered in the teaching and the learning of techniques for the simple use of the technologies, understood as still on to the logic utilitarian-instrumental’ ‘ (PRETTO, s.d., P. 172).

To understand the TICs, in the nucleus of the school from this pedagogical reducionismo ‘ ‘ (…) it empties the TICs of its basic characteristics and the education continues as it is, alone that with new and advanced resources tecnolgicos’ ‘ (PRETTO apud BONILLA apud CIBERCULTURA, 2009, P. 37). Ahead of this paradoxical situation that if finds pedagogia in relation to the direction of formation of the cibercultura, the research in education needs to understand the cibercultura as ‘ ‘ (…) the set of techniques (material and intellectual), of practical, attitudes, ways of thought and values that if develop together with the growth of ciberespao.

Internet If

I suggest that it starts to divulge and to vender in sites as the free Market. Particular lessons for seduction Catching a hook in this subject, if you like and if she considers apt (o) to teach to people sensual dances as the dance of the womb, in bars or any dance that can give life to a ertica or sensual fancy, this market is an excellent option, since lessons particular with professionals of the branch they are a little expensive. All we human beings to the times want to leave the routine, and we are very pleasant to think about pleasing the (o) partner (o), we start with friends (). Informtica and Internet This modality can be one of the infinite possibilities of if gaining money in the comfort of its home. The list of activities is extremely vast, but it would like to indicate some as domestic and in such a way professionally amateur.

If you are formed (a) for example in Accounting, exactly that she works in some company and it on some vacant time, you you can try to obtain extra works, a good tip you are to try some partnership with some office of accounting that to repass services the independent professionals. To mount one home Office, many companies use professionals of this type for diverse areas, are much more income-producing, economic and with much more quality of life. Other activities in the world of the Internet If you really like to sail in the Internet, you possessed computer, printer, and connection broad band of Internet, knows that it has many forms to gain an extra money in house, confers the relation: – Services of research in general; – Digitao of pertaining to school works and texts (one remembers the risks, if not to type well or worse still, if not to know to write in correct way this activity is not fit you); – Elaboration of resumes (since that it knows the best ones, more appropriate and more used models of the same); – Printed matters in general (impression of brochures, posters, in end leves in general); – Its printer will be of the multi-functional type, will be able to execute works of act of receiving and transmission of FAX, digitalizao in general; To carry through these simple and too much works cited throughout this post, I recommend that you spread some posters for the quarter, as in markets, bakeries, schools/colleges etc.

The Agricultural

Amazonian Afronteira which Becker affirms above, in which the capital goes impondopleno control in the formation of the Amazonian space establishes ' ' new coordenadas' ' so to speak, that they print new Nessecaso in question valley to point out in lower court that the national elites eas national companies (even so they had the objective to create companies with capitalnacional) had a legislation that she allowed to the presence of investments and foreign ousociedades, flexibilizando the legislation and allowing associaode foreign transnational corporations with the national companies – and emsegunda instance for the model to tripolar between the government, the national empresasinternacionais and elites and the institutions you would bank that if favorecemcom legislaes produced with purposes you specify that for its criampolticas times you publish tendenciosas and total bring damages without precedents incurring quaseque into state of social exclusion, according to BECKER (1997). The autoranos> modelotrip described for BECKER (1997) if benefit mutually excluding desseprocesso the population that lived in entorno of the companies who fixed for todaa Amazon region. Saying still to sobreos historical and occupational processes of the Amaznia authors REYDON MUNIZ (1982), add that the occupation of the Amaznia, were tied aosfenmenos geopolitical and economic decurrent basically of substances-primaspara the external market, corroborating with the ideas of Becker. They affirm that at as a moment, aocupao passes to be defined by the necessity of territorial expansion defronteiras to take care of> contingents of populations agricultural exceeding, donordeste, south and Southeastern of Brazil, with described causes for some authors, quevo since the phenomena of the droughts, mechanization of the agricultural production, danecessidade of search of the speculation space and or survival all concatenated essassituaes give to sufficiently proper characteristics the region assimcomo the diversities and inaqualities between the regions (grifo mine). We will see logoa to follow that the Brazilian government is bigger responsible for the creation of polticaspublicas and projects in the Amazon region. .