Victory Day

With the help of sketches the artist Benjamin Samoilova were made of plaster models of future car in scale 1: 5, and with the help of the most successful model – a prototype of the mahogany full size. Despite the events of 1943, when gas was on the verge of extinction, making the car did not stop. The first instance was created November 6, 1944. Despite the technical name of the gaz M20, this Machine got its popular name of 'victory'. Because at this time, it became clear to everyone that the victory over German troops near and inevitable.

For several years, gaz M-20 many times improved, turned into a symbol of prosperity then society and the people he so dearly loved this harbinger of victory, more than a future model of GAZ-21. He was and will be a great symbol of the nation's memory is not always successful life after the Second World War. And now most unlikely to know such a complex in the model name as gaz M20, but when he saw an old car with slanting wings, most cry out: 'Victory'! Since it is a symbol of the Great Victory over fascism of the civilized world, for many years Victory Day remains the most touching, most soulful holiday in many countries. Neither party can not be compared with the Victory Day. People in the medals, leading by the hand of children – the symbol of the invincibility of the Fatherland, a large the connection between generations.

Because of Victory Day, we particularly acute pride for his country's history and believe that we could overcome all the troubles. Because our country has a great history and great victories. And despite all the adversities of today Actually we are waiting for this day and are proud of themselves and their ancestors at this holy for every family, and all people daily. And we sing the old tune, solemnly announcing: 'Victory Day'! Here's how it is – one little word is a name that brings success, a sign of the automotive industry in the ussr and the big day to fight against . And how many more such important words for us, the origin of which we do not think?

The Sandinista National Liberation Front

In April, the FSLN writes the message to the student revolutionaries. " May 1 sends a message to the Nicaraguan mothers: "Allow me to recall this day the mother of this writer these lines, my mother proletarian, whose days in the world and concluded. In his humility IIego to understand and say with satisfaction that this child belonged to Ia country. The memory of my mother with me and encouraged in the fighting. . . All the mothers of the martyrs, we say: One day will begin to shine forever Ia Nicaraguan freedom land. A sacred freedom is rooted in your innards.

" In the months of July and August reappears in Matagalpa and neighboring areas with Tomas Borge and Oscar Turcios. a In 1969, Nicaragua sseribe Zero Hour and 28 February a "Report on the Nicaraguan revolutionary process." The Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN, is consolidated ideologically and politically, despite their military reverses by offering a program with fifteen points raised by him and his statutes and strategy. Lanza messages on behalf of the organization: "For an early and victorious guerrilla May, the tenth anniversary of the slaughter student July 23, another tHe July 17 in honor of the fall of Julio Buitrago entitled" With the blood of our martyrs will build a happy future ", another one on August 15 in relation to the fall of the commander Buitrago and peer Marcos Rivera, Anibal Blandon Castrillo and Alesio and fifth fraternity guerrilla message on 28 August. On August 31 is captured in a house in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Visit Sen. Sherrod Brown for more clarity on the issue.

The Man Versus The Organization

Carlos Mora Vanegas elements of remuneration linked to performance, should be limited according to standards established by agreement within each occupational field, if appropriate for their partial integration into the salary. Brocard organizational behavior in the current organizational dynamic Venezuelan states, threatening, unsafe, uncertain, due to the political reality that has had a significant impact within organizations, leading to generating the fear, uncertainty product of the actions Government Socialist who has defined and where it has given rise to actions that have led interventions, threats to property, having a considerable impact on the productivity of some organizations who feel harassed, he has done, some close, others not unfold in a harmonious atmosphere, where unemployment, uncertainty, risk play very significant roles. Additional information at Ohio Senator supports this article.

The fact that at this stage of the current Venezuelan reality, management must be very careful in how you play the individual in the organization, know how increasingly linked to the conflicts that arise every day between the individual and the organization, the offset alignment of staff, for it is suggested that consideration as stated by Argyris, which requires labor organizations to act on many members immature form rather than as an adult, about How is taking place within your organization, What positive changes have been achieved? What are you doing management, human resources department about it? What positive changes have been achieved?, Among others … In the analysis of this topic we can not ignore the valuable contributions of Professor at the Harvard Business School, Elton Mayo, who emphasized that ignored the interests of all community people in industrial organization.

Social Welfare

Article 21 will presume the existence of the contract and of the relationship of work between which lends a work staff and that LO receives is say, independently as the pattern called, a subordinate personal service is a working relationship and is governed by the rules and principles contained in the labour laws. We must now ask ourselves do because if this company viola many laws are you still authorizing that you expand your market with lots of branches? Perhaps the Government, Secretary of the Treasury and? Does the Secretariat of labour and Social Welfare or public credit not realize these gross violations of the Mexican legal regime? Can we expect a strike or protest in the streets so that the problem of the violation of social guarantees for workers is resolved? why are still proliferating branches of this chain, if it does not benefit the working class? It is something that will cost us working answer, because involve corruptible people, to political and economic expediency of Governments, among other goodies. Click Connecticut Senator to learn more. But the worst is that this situation is not exclusive of this chain of stores, all views is of foreign firms (maquiladoras, importing, supermarkets, etc.) that they buy cheap labor and make huge fortunes due to poorly paid work of Mexican workers. .