Victory Day

With the help of sketches the artist Benjamin Samoilova were made of plaster models of future car in scale 1: 5, and with the help of the most successful model – a prototype of the mahogany full size. Despite the events of 1943, when gas was on the verge of extinction, making the car did not stop. The first instance was created November 6, 1944. Despite the technical name of the gaz M20, this Machine got its popular name of 'victory'. Because at this time, it became clear to everyone that the victory over German troops near and inevitable.

For several years, gaz M-20 many times improved, turned into a symbol of prosperity then society and the people he so dearly loved this harbinger of victory, more than a future model of GAZ-21. He was and will be a great symbol of the nation's memory is not always successful life after the Second World War. And now most unlikely to know such a complex in the model name as gaz M20, but when he saw an old car with slanting wings, most cry out: 'Victory'! Since it is a symbol of the Great Victory over fascism of the civilized world, for many years Victory Day remains the most touching, most soulful holiday in many countries. Neither party can not be compared with the Victory Day. People in the medals, leading by the hand of children – the symbol of the invincibility of the Fatherland, a large the connection between generations.

Because of Victory Day, we particularly acute pride for his country's history and believe that we could overcome all the troubles. Because our country has a great history and great victories. And despite all the adversities of today Actually we are waiting for this day and are proud of themselves and their ancestors at this holy for every family, and all people daily. And we sing the old tune, solemnly announcing: 'Victory Day'! Here's how it is – one little word is a name that brings success, a sign of the automotive industry in the ussr and the big day to fight against . And how many more such important words for us, the origin of which we do not think?