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It's hard not to succumb to the massive attraction to discuss the latest developments swirl curl around the former mayor of Moscow. Despite the fact that since the resignation was not much time, versions of what happened already there is plenty. Most political analysts, and simply indifferent to the event, people who have expressed a whole bunch of opinions, which requires pre-processing in order to "submit to the table," he did not cause upset mental "digestion". Therefore, in this article, I will try to give their vision of what happened, but with the difference that has developed in reading the complete picture of what happened – a mosaic, all of which are strictly tailored to each other. Immediately make a reservation. Presented at your trial version – only one and those that may have a place to be and grow in the future, because Future multivariate – matrix of its possible states – is boundless. In this analysis, attempt to predict the mindset of our potential enemy, for which the catastrophic future of Russia – the preferred option of development, because opens up endless possibilities on the geopolitical arena, and hence on the path to world domination. Based on these considerations, we should realize that this article is not intended to programming of the matrix of the future, and the disclosure of the matrix, which was programmed and implemented our potential enemy, which uses for this purpose the whole arsenal of means and methods of information warfare, and which employs thousands of private institutions to ensure victory in the global war for the opportunity to proceed unchecked, to dictate its will on the world. .


Adds Olguin, taking into account, that the man of the society is launches to participate in that race of appearances, in the typical effort of who deceives who, how to achieve best print. The world is an immense Stadium in which the pride of life playing a great match of labels, social forms and economic to compete for the social image displays, a bout in which human beings not interested be, but appear to be the truth, that when you stopped to read this letter, you have already given life to your egoYou will be faced on many occasions and will have already defined its scope, impact, everything which has generated in its growth. Eckhardt Tolle, thereon gives us, that as one grows, is forming a mental image of himself based on his personal and cultural conditioning. To this I phantom called ego. Chief Justice Roberts is actively involved in the matter. The ego is your mental activity and can work only through constant thinking.

The term ego has different meaning depending whether one person or another, but when I use it indicates Tolle, I am referring to the fake me, created by a unconscious identification with the mind. For the ego, the present moment hardly exists. Only consider important the past and the future. This total investment of truth explains why, in the ego mode, the mind is so dysfunctional. Is always trying to keep the past alive, because who would you be without him? And projected constantly towards the future to ensure survival and find in it a feeling of release or satisfaction. Says: someday, when this occurred as another or beyond, will be well, in peace, I’ll be happy. Even when it seems that the ego is in the present, does not see the present: wrongly perceived it because it looks through the eyes of the past. Or reduce the present to be a means to an end, an end that always resides in the future projected by the mind.

Charles University

There were other 'neutral' questions, to be obtained from responses to prepare a new question. Educate yourself with thoughts from CIT Group Inc.. Neutrals do not cite as its hard to remember, and has already passed a few days. But the general point is visible in key areas. Dialogue was as follows – SHE: (Confidently and tenacious eye contact) your goal of language learning? – Me: (confidently) I need a language for the development of tourism in the Crimea because our coast begin to show interest in foreigners, and English is just 'one' language to communicate. – SHE: (Uncomprehending) Why do you fly only for a month? (And very flatly and categorically) You do not learn in such a short period of time language. (Theoretically, it is at this sentence could have ended the interview, since most part of it right about applicants with a little motivation). – Me: It's not true (perhaps because it was not advisable to object) I have an example.

In 2007, I taught Czech language at Charles University in Prague. A month later, I spoke with understood speech and even writing (albeit with bugs) are small works in Czech. Therefore, I have enough months to achieve this in Canada! – SHE: (Here she just attacked me!) With these your language skills can be learned and Ukraine, anywhere without going outside! There are audio and video courses and teaching professionals. (And really, actually. For a moment I realized that even I can not argue. She is absolutely right.) – I: (I say that first come to mind) I no time for English in the Ukraine.

Administrative Department

The President and the Minister or Director of Department concerned, in each particular case, constitute the government. No act of the President, except the appointment and removal of Ministers and directors of administrative departments and those issued in his capacity as Head of State and supreme administrative authority, will have value or any force until it is signed and announced by the Minister of the Department concerned or by the Director of the Administrative Department concerned, who, for the same reason, be held accountable. The governors and mayors, as well as the Superintendency, public and industrial or commercial enterprises of the State, are part of the Executive Branch. ARTICLE 116. The Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the State Council, the Supreme Judicial Council, the Attorney General's Office, Courts and Judges, administer Justice.

So does the military justice system. Congress shall exercise certain judicial functions. Exceptionally, the law may assign precise matters judicial function in certain administrative authorities. However not be allowed to forward the case file or prosecute crimes. The individuals may be temporarily invested the role of justice in the condition of juries in professional cases, conciliators or arbitrators of the parties authorized to utter failure at law or in equity, in the manner prescribed by law. (Amended by Legislative Act No. 3 of 2002) Article 117. The Public Ministry and the Comptroller General of the Republic are the supervisory bodies. ARTICLE 118. The Attorney General shall be exercised by the Attorney General's Office, the Ombudsman, by the procurators and the public prosecutor, to the jurisdictional authorities, by municipal representatives and other officials specified by law.