Central Committee

After formed in Philosophy, it goes to act in the education where it has active participation in all the movements of interest of the professors and the education. After that, if it specializes in education and it makes mestrado in Sciences Politics and it helps to construct the Sectorial one of Education of the PSOL and writes an article series criticizing the estagnada education applied in Brazil and the Bahia and the disrespect with that it is dealt on professor and professionals it.Therefore, the candidacy of Cardozo Professor the representative, represents a great fact for the classroom and the rediscusso of a wage floor of the professor who, in fact, is beyond the importance of the classroom. Evidently, this can help in our fight in the State and allowing to a balance much more concrete politician them of what it has made Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal that they are not educators and, therefore, does not know our yearnings. Finally, the Sectorial one of Education of the PSOL indicates and launches the name of companionable PROFESSOR CARDOZO the REPRESENTATIVE to represent the party, the SECTORIAL one OF EDUCATION and, consequently, on professionals it in the elections of October of 2010 in the Bahia, by that it was said, for its history of fight and for its professional, academic preparation and of classroom, Cardozo Professor it is our federal one in the Bahia of the resistance. Our conditions are others, but therefore let us not must have little historical patience and ability politics. Cardozo professor is the representation of the two. so that this project ours to have a true representative in the parliament has success, is necessary that each one of us pedagogical and excessively professional professors, on coordinators the education makes its part. to make our partit simply does not mean to vote not, is necessary much more.

We have that to dress shirt, to take this message for each room, for each school, for each friend, relative, neighbor and, mainly, to work the importance that is to have representative class representatives in the parliament, therefore, is there that the things happen and not only in the corridors of the colleges. Our victory is resulted of our fight to dare is to fight, to dare is to be successful. Cardozo professor representative! In defense of the Education and on professionals it and for a Socialist and Democratic Left! 1 Preface to the edition of 1895 of Fight of Classrooms in France, Karl Marx. 2 We must boycott Of a State one?Published in January of 1906 as a pamphlet to the Central Committee and the Meeting of the Central Committee of the Laboring Party Social democrat Russian.

Barcelona – Middle Ages

After the Roman Empire fell under the attacks of nomadic tribes, the Spanish Visigoths kingdom was founded. Barcelona has become one of the major cities of the kingdom, thanks to the convenient porta.V 716 Barcelona was conquered by the Arabs. However, the Arabs really did not remain in the city. After only a century Pyadoso Louis, son of Charlemagne rescued from Barcelona mavrov.V 801 the first year of a new era in the development of Barcelona. Port of Barcelona became one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and the city itself has grown considerably in various aspects. It was then, and there was the Barcelona County, which became independent in 988.

Since 11 century, Barcelona has developed more rapidly. Special impetus to the development of the city to confer on the union of the County of Barcelona with the Kingdom of Aragon in the 12 century. King Alfonso the first was the first ruler of this new gosudarstva.Korol Jaime First engaged in pushing back the frontiers of the kingdom. Border Catalan-Aragonese kingdom to the south extends to Valencia. Jaime also organized an expedition to conquer the Balearic Islands, followed by Barcelona became the capital of the largest state in medieval Europe in the Mediterranean area.

The Detention

No longer first meeting of explanation of the period of training, our supervisor in them presented two articles for reading and theoretical referencial so that we could know the work carried through in day-care centers with small children. The texts had been, ' ' The day-care center and playing: alternatives for the education in the first year of vida' ' also, ' ' To take care of, to take care of and to prevent: the day-care center, the education and psicanlise' '. Very interesting texts, therefore, through these, I could enter in contact with the practical ones of taking care of in the environment considered for the period of training, the day-care center. Basically these texts not only approach the thematic one of the importance of the psychoanalysis in the work with babies in the clinical scope, but also as for the detention and prevention of precocious psychic risks. Another point of the text brings the importance of ' ' brincar' ' its implications in the constitution of the citizen. In the following week we arrive then in the quarrel, decision of the subjects and methodology that we would work with the educators in the day-care center.

At the first moment we choose, the communication between educators and parents, focando in the independence of the child and also in the erroneous paper that the day-care center assumes as of responsible for ' ' educao' ' of its children. Another boarded subject was of the external and internal communication and the infantile aggressiveness. During our meeting we speak on what Winnicott claims on the absolute dependence/partial route to independence. We also argue on the facilitador environment and the formation of the patologias and on the importance of the educators in the process of formation of self. The method of approach to the subject used for us during all the meeting, was always in form of dynamics and later a reflection on the proposal of the proper activity.