Mc Grady

The political relation between the writer and the power trasluce in the work, demonstrating the distrust of the author towards the new conditions politician-partner them that entrevn through indultos, commercial representations, financings. The life of the adventurer in an extremely corrupt world in which everything pretends a distant identity of the own one is a reference to the constant camaleonizacin of the bourgeoisie of century XVII, integrated mainly by conversos. Notes: 1. Francisco de Quevedo and Villegas, Life of the called Petty thief gift the Pablos, Espasa-Calpe, Madrid, 1956 p.116. 2. Francisco de Quevedo and Villegas, the Petty thief, Ed.

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Interparliamentary Assembly

One of the general provisions of law – the possibility of free exercise of freedoms and rights of the citizen and the man, except in cases of abuse of their rights. Subjective rights in the private sphere can be the subjects of civil rights person, but not always is present occurrence of the subject in the legal relationship himself. Go to the origins of legal carry a limited capacity, the total incapacity to facts: the absence of a permanent place of residence, serious illness, lack of special skills, etc. Exercise a personal right person the right protects Institute of representation. Legislative design of its allows one person to delegate another entity to perform certain actions person-representative on behalf of the principal. Representation is fixed as a certain pravvovoy Institute in law cis member countries since its occurrence. The Civil Code of the cis member states, adopted the Resolution of the Interparliamentary Assembly on October 29, 1994, laws governing the representation of both public relationship are contained in Chapter 8 'Office. Power of Attorney.

" ha or the model code of the cis states are not much different from the Civil Code, except that in establishing the basis of nucleation local government is not part of government agencies. Civil Code of Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Kyrgyz Republic adopted the provisions of the mc without. Such a move is very positive in terms of universalization of legislative acts, but at the same time in the legislation of countries included terminology neyasnosti.K example, the Civil Code refers to the reasons for the emergence of representation power of attorney, which is considered as a legal fact. At the same time, according to Clause 1, Article. 185 cc rf power of attorney – that authority in writing, issued by the represented person to the representative to represent to third parties. When referring power of attorney so the laws of Russia said on substitution and termination of powers of attorney. At the same time stop can only authority, but is not authorized in writing. In this case there is an assumption that legislator has used the same legal term signifying to several phenomena.