Bioethics Advisory Commission

Given the immense progress of mankind technically, ethics seems to be repealed. The terror and veneration to experiences such as genetic manipulation and control of “personality” are the mixed feelings that take over us. Faced with experiences such as Dolly (the sheep cloned from a few months ago) by today’s standards begin to be at least sufficient to establish to which should go in this race, it seems, nowhere. Well, well know that cloning can serve to save one endangered species (this includes people), or solve the problem of hunger in the poor hemisphere, or to accelerate research on incurable diseases until today, or simply play the pet hit by a car before our eyes, not so remote possibility of applying it in humans, we are alarmed. Not to mention the other techniques of genetic engineering components. What kind of progress, of research, manipulations, experiments, interventions can be done without going against what human dignity or against God? This is the context where it appears Bioethics.

(Of course it is in the third world where they do not discuss topics like these, as in the U.S. there is even an attached Bioethics Advisory Commission to the White House.) Apparently, “what it is like the teacher said SILVIA R BRUSSINO Argentina, is to seek ways or paths that make possible the coexistence of such diverse projects of life and personal fulfillment, while rationally justify coercion views of a common good. ” That is, establish the “moral minimum.” Search, first of all, criteria for solving these problems and objectively, then by the adoption of valid legal rules that everyone accepts. Size objective right? Search for “criteria” convertible “principles” when classical ethics to what is sought is the “good” which in turn is based on the “origin transubstantiation of moral norms.” Yes, bioethics search agreements, the panel favors subjective and therefore “the foundation of its norms is the emerging consensus or the procedure followed to reach it.” The path for technology and science can not be erased. It is necessary, therefore, a reflection of humanity over all that means as a species, what they want for their future and the future of the species that coexist with it, without undue pressure from groups whose interests are of such assets or political without manipulation information without ecclesiastical interference, but with a deep sense of morality and goodness, and above all fear of God. Only after these reflections, based, yes, on the basis of accurate information on the subject, it may adopt clear rules that channel techno activity towards the end of the common good and justice.