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Angang June in the online bookstore at Amazon worldwide – fixes a perfectly customizable future of our world, all current problems and neutralized. Economic and social political unique for everyone, as the second issue soon in bookstores. Written by a 64 retired, indicating relatively simple, feasible, customizable future past, present, and one in unique and simple way with his text. A perfectly customizable future of our world, that resolves all current issues around the world – and neutralized. This redesign of the present and future costs and that is the absolute and stunning, not a cent. The great way is simply logical. The Second Edition, this really in the thing, unique book, that has the makings of a global best seller, is currently in the works and will initially appear June at BOD and worldwide online at various retailers to rise include Amazon.

The first edition has been completely revised and supplemented. If it is of interest and it will be worth you should wait for the Second Edition. The price is about 8 euro. The “young author” who has written this exciting text without copyediting, that he cannot afford, in 1974 had an experience that in wouldn’t let go. In the Hesse Darmstadt he participated, with an Argentine friend who made a specialty camera at the ESA, for the Argentine television, on whose initiative at a meeting, in which the pure incarnation doctrine as a holistic healing method, was outlined and demonstrated.

In this meeting there was a rare incident at one of the demonstrations, you could call it also an accident. A man ended up not in the past, but in the future in the year 2042. The queries of the therapist produced things that don’t fit into our experienced world and time. It had to be something happened that everything with incredible, positive impact changes. The author of “Renewable means of payment” or “Renewable means of payments” came after years of deliberations on the idea that spawned this viable and feasible, appropriate texts. The Man is not a seasoned writer or publicist, but that what he has delivered can look and understand everyone and almost figuratively see before him. The appropriate experiences that make every day are very helpful. On the Web, see “Renewable means of payment”, we find some demonstrations of the author, he has published since his writing activity in December 2009. It may be seen from his empathy here – simply called logic and politics in our society. Lots of fun and above all skepticism is recommended – for the texts of the new author. We are may hopefully more of him read and listen above all.

Rio De Janeiro

We have that to give to credit it. Dilma has yes experience and preparation, beyond academic formation. It can not have the experience and the malandragem politics of Squid, but it has other qualities. In my vision, manager, commander in chief of governments, companies and entities must have as base of its capacity the humildade, to know to surround itself of good people, to have team to multidiscipline, at last, it must know to delegate and to hear its assistant. Probity honesty is not values that can be negotiated on behalf of the ability, is pillars of any trajectory, or at least they would have to be. With this I do not want to say that we need to have the vestal of the pureness.

Some decisions and day to day action can demand behaviors that can wound principles, but always say, some are unnegotiable. Some philosophers, of Kant the Constant and other more, dissertam on the question of the truth and the lie, but the transparency must be another pillar of the public administration. The cliche that politics if makes with lie is an error. The consuming of the classroom politics passes therefore. Now it is hour of conciliation and balance. Dilma showed a whitewashing spirit, dosed the emotion and knew to keep the balance as it agrees a president.

It is not because I did not vote in it that they give would give a truce to wait its first action, the nomination of its team and its first steps in the management of Brazil. The opposition marked presence governing states important, most important excepting Rio De Janeiro. The balance of the votes sample that a great part of the population is intent and vigilant. A necessary democracy of a strong opposition, aguerrida, that it fiscalizes, fights, points errors and the fisiologismo does not leave and the petty politics, in the bad sense, takes account being able constituted of them. I mainly find that the president will have profits, for the lack of experience in the question politics, but its reliable team and people must and can supply this deficiency. If it will have humildade, serenity and tranquillity, it goes to take its term well. The conjunctural conditions in the world-wide scene are all favorable ones, Brazil is mature in many macroeconomic beddings and alone to leave the boat to go that we will not have scares. My distrust is strikes them and the institucional crises and the lack of responsibility of that they can want to invent heterodox things. The ideology of some with a radical bias can be trap for Dilma, but I find that the maturity of Brazil does not go to leave to embark it in the vessel of the insensatos. Cake prescription does not exist, but some premises are millenarian: To surround itself of good people, humildade, serenity and balance. To know to delegate and to honor the most primitive principles of the ethics. I wait that the president follows the basic line, the force of the nation, our people and of the democracy they will make the remain. As Brazilian, I only can desire to the president much success and happiness. We go to give the credit that it needs and Brazil deserves, but go to be intent and vigilant. The price of the freedom is the perpetual monitoring. I finish here with this principle, of authorship controversa, but being one them possible authors You take Jeferson, third American president who can be an excellent example of public personality to be followed.