Juan Vicente Gomez

From Juan Vicente Gomez, early last century until now Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was a safe and reliable supplier of oil to USA, but given the rhetorical and political confrontation between the presidents of both nations, this has changed; USA can not depend on mood of our president and this is also one of the reasons for the approach on Brazilian ethanol is good that the supplier is nearby. And here’s another highlight on the vision that drives the action of Lula and his government. Not a few hugs and blandishments that have been lavished Lula and Chavez, soul brothers …

(But everything in its sister site, welcome to the MERCOSUR but left me with a bad theme of Bolivian oil and gas) … for Brazil is of vital importance Bolivian gas to keep operating a large part of its operations, not counting what is costing more committed huge investments of Petrobras in Bolivia after the nationalization decreed by Evo Morales, clearly at the behest and with the active collaboration of Chavez. Connecticut Senator is likely to increase your knowledge. This is a sensitive issue in the recent summit of leaders held in Margarita Island, Venezuela, it became clear that there is still a lot of fabric to cut around this as the three themes or discussion points proposed by Venezuela in the summit were of one form or another blocked or rejected by Brazil impossible, if not its inclusion on the agenda at least preventing a settlement, provided in the elegant Brazilian diplomat and one of the topics was precisely the ethanol ….

Czech Republic

Immigration to Czech Republic to open in this country his work – agree, a rather unusual proposition for businessmen from Russia. But the Europeans (particularly the Austrians, Germans and even the Swiss) is not known what benefits does registration of the company in the Czech Republic. First of all, this is due to the fact that the Czech government in the period of market economy in the early 90's, and then during the crisis in 1997 and elected a fellow Medium Business foundation of a new type of economic model. Surely there is a Czech company giants – such as 'Skoda', for example, considerable revenue to the treasury brings tourism, and the pace of developing exports Czech Republic is among the most advanced countries. However, it is the small and medium-sized businesses was punctuated by government support, as at the end of the last century and the early years of this. Naturally, this policy provides, in the first place, simplifying the procedure of state registration and 'soft' tax system. However, it should be noted that since joining the European Union, the Czechs were forced to amend many provisions of the legislation in entrepreneurship.

The opening of the company in the Czech Republic, the conditions of its work, taxes – it was closer to the harsh European standards. Nevertheless, the Czech income tax, equal to 15ti percent, remains one of the the lowest in the eu. Ohio Senator often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The registration procedure also remained extremely simple, as subject to regulation, for example, numerous resorts for tourists and souvenir shops that are too small (and which is too much) to put them to unnecessary barriers. Clearly, the Europeans easier than us. Immigration to Czech Republic from the neighboring states since last year, facilitated by the fact that the Czech Republic came into effect Schengen Agreement. With Russia, the Czech Republic remains the visa regime, and when the Schengen zone will spread to our country, it is very difficult to predict – the most probable date, apparently, 'never'. Nevertheless, the Czechs friendly to the Russians – both in person and in terms of visa policy – regardless of the infamous spring of 1968, the fortieth anniversary of which was noted recently. On the streets of Prague, the Czech capital, we can meet many people speaking in Russian, and Karlovy Vary, even the Czechs themselves dubbed the 'Russian city', referring to just the number of Russian businessmen in it. So if you want to seriously expand or diversify their business registration of the company in the Czech Republic is an interesting option.

The Legacy of Uslar Pietri

In 1974 Uslar Pietri published two books: one entitled “Twenty-five trials” that amounts to an anthology of others already published in previous books, and the second called “The Other America” to be followed in 1975, “The Globe Color “which captures his vision of the world as a tireless traveler, also sees the light of the book of essays on pedagogy “Educating for Venezuela” and the novel “Samuel Robinson.” Finally, I note its production of plays, collected in 1962 in a volume with the title “Theatre” in which includes four works: “Antero Alban’s Day,” “The Thebes”, “La Fuga de Miranda” and ” The invisible God “, which is to add” Chuo Gil “, not included in this volume to be higher. A Uslar Pietri known only one book of poetry: “Hands” dedicated to his wife Elizabeth Bravo and published in 1973. Away from active political life remained, however, very aware of the events during his long life were shaping our present, participating in the last years of his life in the “group of notables” who tried to give some sense of direction of national politics during the stormy period of the last government of Carlos Andres Perez, his removal from power and all the consequences that this has meant for Venezuela.

It is not clear, (for he certainly never said or justified), their actual involvement or knowledge in all these events because, in his own statements to the media at that time, merely to express their views and their deep concern that he is taking the country and makes a statement for history and unflattering opinions for our current president included in the interview that I mentioned granted to Rafael Arraiz Lucca 2001 and published in book form. Arturo Uslar Pietri died in Caracas on February 26, 2001, at 95 years old, leaving a vast literary and essays that do not lose any force for having provided the ability to foresee with insight the realities of the world and its ways. .. and certainly their destinations. Today May 16, 2007 is 101 years after his birth and “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” I may as many do not share their particular political view but would be quite stupid and unforgivable to ignore and not enthusiastic to celebrate and thank humbly extremely fortunate that we Venezuelans to have among us to this great man and his vast, deep and essential cultural legacy.

Russian Government Decree

Furthermore, in our country, the model (ISO 9001-2001) has received recognition at the highest levels of government, as evidenced by the number of government decrees and orders, such as Russian Government Decree on 2 February 1998 N 113 “On some measures to improve quality assurance systems, products and services”, “Decision Moscow City Government on December 5, 2000 N 953 “On improvement of the quality management systems in the construction of Moscow” and others. Let us briefly consider the primary problem osm. We make the assumption: – the organization has developed and certified quality management system according to the family of iso 9000 and developed or are developing two more – according to gost 14001 and gost R Release 12.0.006-2002. Note that, in the heart of any system is based on the intention (policy) in a particular area organization’s activities, which should:

The quality of: – consistent with the objectives of the organization; – include a commitment to continued compliance with changing requirements and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system – create a framework for establishing and reviewing goals for quality properties, take into account the technological risks; OSH: – identify the common goal of improving working conditions and safety of workers – the nature and scope risks, and be linked with the economic goals of the organization; on Ecology: – appropriate to the nature, extent and impact of its activities, products and services on the environment into account technological risks – include a commitment to the principles of continuous improvement and pollution prevention; Any of standards focuses on the process and, consequently, and industrial safety..

Anapa Archaeological Museum

Underfoot – the earth, torn by shells, on the face – the pain and resentment for fallen friends. The monument was opened in June 1992. It should be noted This is the first monument in the Kuban region and one of the first in Russia, dedicated to Afghan developments. Located opposite the memorial sign to soldiers killed in a government job in the Chechen Republic. The monument was opened June 28, 1998 at the initiative of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. Is a memorial slab, broken into two parts. Abutting the edge of slabs of gray and red granite have irregular contours and symbolize the great torn open wound.

Gray – memory, red – blood shed. In breaking plates, as candlesticks, there are three empty cartridge cases. In the left half of the inscription: "Anapchanam fallen in the performance of military duty in republic. " On the right – are listed 16 names who did not return back. Of particular interest Anapa Archaeological Museum.

Anapa Museum is the only Russian museum, excavations in the open. Here you can see Several open archaeologists quarters Gorgippia II-early iii century ad and main streets. Its roadway is paved with slabs on the sides of houses stretching along the sidewalks. The pavement was made at a time when the only kind of Transport is a chariot, and hackery. However, it was so strong that even now on it could drive trucks to the ground. Among the items found many pottery, clay lighting home ware and terracotta figurines, from which it can be concluded that in Gorgippia was developed – the art of making terracotta statuettes.

Creatimg Wealth

* “The shortage does not exist – just seen your around-Find a piece of nature that will show limited, show an animal that lives in scarcity and bet on that animal has lived conditioned by the human mind. The shortage lies only in the human mind. Only your perception of lack can not appreciate the happiness that abounds-the thrill of being alive. Connecticut Senator follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Feel alive and thriving ray of light that show you the way to others. It’s time to flip the switch and let ( the energy flow) honors and appreciates your life.

“- Sue Bottomley * If you really think it is so easy to create wealth So why I have no money? Olivia Reyes * “The shortage does not exist – just seen your around-Find a piece of nature that will show limited, show an animal that lives in scarcity and bet on that animal has lived conditioned by the human mind. The shortage lies only in the human mind. Only your perception of lack can not appreciate the happiness that abounds-the thrill of being alive. Feel alive and thriving that ray of light show you the way to others. It’s time to flip the switch and allow (the energy flow) honors and appreciates your life. “- Sue Bottomley The preceding sentence perfectly expresses two concepts that I personally think it is important to share with you: 1.-Nature is abundant, we just have to give a glimpse, a tomato, for example, despite being so small is abundant because it contains many seeds, a single tomato could be used to plant these plants next 100 hundred plants tomatoes we could give 100 each, which in turn would multiply endlessly. .

The Loss of Pepe Moreno Aguinaga

Two, three, even several times their cry echoed in the peace of the graveyard in this cold evening of November 14. The sun was almost hidden, the cries grew everywhere “And the corpse, alas, kept dying,” the warlike Aguinaga Moreno family, men and women, adults and young children, had already tired of both mourn, they were doing from the hospital, at home, at church, in the streets, in the cemetery, but “the body Ah went on dying.” There were so many friends, grieving, weeping, some neighborhood Avenue of the Army, other Claretian school, other college, and many of the fight, the party of your dreams for justice, democracy and socialism, all powerless an absurd and stupid death and there before us, lay lifeless body of a faithful friend, selfless, caring, cheerful, active, energetic. His promotion remembered him as the moth in the neighborhood, then, as the noted chief Brigade of the Boys Scouts of Claretian. For even more details, read what Sen. Sherrod Brown says on the issue. His college friends remembered him as the fighter who stopped his studies, his friends, his family to walk through the mountains in the north, south, sowing their dreams in every worker and every peasant in the village teaching planting Chota, Bambamarca Tocache and others to defeat the dictatorship of Velasco and Morales Bermudez and restore democracy without anything to change, without seat and without charge. And so it went, walking with his dreams and left without cumi, without charge, leaving a harvest to a legion of friends there helplessly crying, because “the corpse, alas, kept dying.” Maybe some Pythagoras remembered how right when he said “early pick a friend, because life is short” because we no longer will cross the Central market, we no longer greet the passage St. Augustine, and do not receive in my office , we shall not take a coffee to talk about politics, literature and so many things. How right he attended Cicero when he said that “life is nothing without friendship” and, indeed, and the flowers fade without the heat of the sun, so life is fading without the warmth of friendship.

Your absence has faded from our lives, it seems that the great Solomon had thought of you when I wrote a chapter of Ecclesiastes, saying: “A faithful friend is a safe haven and find it is a treasure” And there, in front of us Inert had the faithful friend, the safe haven, the treasury and yet, all our tears together, all the pain the world could not revive him!, for “the corpse, alas, kept dying. But in the midst of sadness appeared hope! hear in our hearts the voice of Mary, the same Mary who guided their steps in the Claretian, we hear the voice of Jesus Christ, the same with their immense power raised Lazarus! And they told us so strongly enough to suffering and pain! Then the body will no longer dying! Pepe Aguinaga continue to live and we will meet again to continue dreaming of a new world, with a new man, with a new society built on the basis of fair distribution of wealth. We shall meet again after death and in spite of it. Meanwhile, rest in peace, dear friend of all life we will continue listening even if you are silent, we will continue talking even when they do not respond, continue to remind you but you are no longer with us! .

The Dream of Retirement

Many people have the dream to retire peacefully without fear of the unknown: The terrible unemployment worker! There is more to go and wait. Wait and see when politicians come out of these luxury buildings where they settle the Spanish regions (in number seventeen, which exist in our “poor Spain.”) Guys and Dolls elegantly dressed as ever thought, with the first alpaca clothing, with models’ lo ewe “the latter means all, of course, latest models, and paid with monies from Spanish taxpayers. Nice picture I describe! They are certainly stories to keep you awake. And again one again: Maybe today I have raised with the left foot. And I say more: I know why there are political / as honest / as in our Spanish geography: I doubt not, of course! But went on to say: I know that democracy, as least bad form of government, must be addressed by politicians, but I prefer the latter are honest and honest. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge. I know how to accept that our fledgling democracy born in 1978, and we all know, we had to accept the establishment of 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have proved to be, economically speaking, disastrous for Spain and its citizens . What we are leaving expensive one and others! We have 17 viceroys in the Iberian Peninsula.

Well, talking about our politicians of the day we all expected of them (opposition included)) that were good managers’ public affairs, good administrators, parliamentarians excellent … In short, leaders who were in political life by his esteem and competence in private life, and I think that that is not so now, and in Spain they will know our current leaders and politicians opposition, in any event, how to live life without giving or coup-rare exceptions, staying in this valley of tears, like a king, and retire, letting the time clock, which will mark our lives perishable. Viva la vida! There should be a primary election within the current Spanish political parties, then to vote, and the ‘General Election’, by open-list system: This means one, it would be a totally free democracy: do not have power over judicial system, which had no power over the TVE, which we started, and once and for all, the Spanish language as the primary tool for learning (autonomic respecting other languages: Catalan, Basque, Galician … etc.etc. Previous teaching grammar through them, to their knowledge and development). “I want my children to know Castilian and Catalan, but also German and English,” said the good Montilla (Joseph, Joseph, born in Cordoba) to Onda Cero. And their children can do at the German School, since euro Montilla is sufficient to pay. For his part was not short in this regard, stating that two of their three children twins go to the ‘German School’.

At the end said: “Children will come away fluent in German and English.” And you say: The other Spanish and Catalan, although some prefer to be by Catalan Spanish, will have to study all subjects in Catalan language: they will very well know in depth, while they are traveling to the European Community. This is Spain my friends, all together and everybody does what he wants and wishes in their autonomous community. But of course this: everything in law.

Understanding The Danger Of Tanning Beds

When it comes to getting a tan in a tanning bed, there is much controversy. For starters, people across the country have been building for decades golden tan. While a tan is attractive, the problem is that there are also many tanning bed dangers, some people know and some that are hidden. Today, tanning salons account for an industry of $ 5 billion a year in which only continues to grow. If you were to watch commercials, magazine ads, and many people of high society, is toned and tanned bodies.

But all this is nothing more than represent a false sense of health and beauty. In fact, tanning beds can be very dangerous, causing burns, suppression of the immune system, damage to the cornea, cosmetic and drug photosensitivity, and increased risk of developing melanoma cancer. Because there are no laws governing the use of sunbeds, people are free to use as long and as often as they wish. Note that most tanning salons have restrictions on use, but these are the rules established by the living, not the government. Unfortunately, we see that adolescents have about their smoking restrictions, which cause cancer, however, the tanning bed that has also been shown to increase cancer risk does not have that structure. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. The conclusion is that all persons interested in developing a tan via indoor tanning should have a full understanding of the tanning bed dangers so they can make safe choices and education. For example, most tanning beds release very high and dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation, which has proven through massive testing to cause premature aging, while increasing the risk of skin cancer.

In addition, indoor tanning using the short term, usually causes itching, dry skin, while long-term use causes wrinkles and sagging skin. To make things more difficult is the fact that many people also have tanning accelerators as a means to accelerate the tanning process. However, these accelerators containing derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine and tyrosine, both which are ineffective and have the potential to be dangerous. Even so, manufacturers push these products while the Food and Drug Administration has not approved. Undoubtedly, tanning beds have become a popular choice to maintain a tan all year round. Just remember that in exchange for the golden light, the body is adversely affected. In fact, because tanning beds emit from 50% to 100% the amount of UV rays of natural sunlight, it would be safer to the beach extends for several hours. If you want a tan, be cautious about the amount of time and frequency of use of indoor tanning beds. Guido W. Stiehle tanning offers general tips and valuable information about the safe use of tanning beds

The Future Of Spain And The Creative Economy

In the recent debate on the state of the nation, Zapatero announced the establishment of a fund for the sustainable economy worth twenty billion euros for the years 2009 and 2010. It is a measure-star, but will have to see how it fits in practice This will be sent by way of urgency a law of sustainable economy, which should mean the long awaited change of economic model. I have my reservations in this respect, because as I said a few days ago, give the impression that they have developed these proposals with some haste, but with them are welcome if we began to lay the foundations of Spanish economic future. Possibly in the parliamentary process of law, and given the current balance of forces there, the Socialists were forced to agree on certain issues, I hope that this, in addition to serving for everyone to stand next to the Ember sardines, means that approve a law that is useful and workable for its intended purpose.

In this sense, is also scheduled to be discussed in the Bureau of Social Dialogue and the forthcoming Conference of Presidents, from my point of view, I think a good idea to address this law with the cooperation of the various parties involved. With the idea of improving the future competitiveness are also the proposal to equip all students with a computer and easy connection to the Internet, and free tuition to study for a master to the unemployed between 25 and 40. In the current frame of mind, in which Spain became the eighth economic power theory (I say theoretical because it has demonstrated the fragility of the model), it is clear that we must look forward to leading countries, and the economic model is established must be based on productivity, quality, creativity … and not in the price (although we would like to compete there, it would difficult given the globalization of markets, and low cost production in emerging economies).

In my opinion, one of the aspects which Spain stands out is the creative side. We have plenty of professions in which we can consider ourselves among the world elite, and in which perhaps could be reached to strengthen the “brand Spain”, which uses beautifully France and President Sarkozy, in his case as a symbol of elegance and distinction … In this way in the field of architecture known to Rafael Moneo and Santiago Calatrava, join many other internationally renowned names such as Antonio Lamela, Carlos Ferrater, Patxi Mangado, Bofill, et cetera. Another area that is highlighted in the advertising, which is common for companies or get creative Spanish international awards for creative classic and Lluis Bassat, who later teamed up with global giant Ogilvy, joined Ms. examples like Rushmore, Tiempo BBDO, and so on. Periodically we also know Spanish as small software companies, without having the means of the giants of industry, open space in various niches. So, we remember the great success that marked the launch of Commandos game from Pyro Studios, or super fluid modeling software developed by Next Limit Technologies company, which created digitally Lava Lord of the Rings, or water from Ice Age, for example The last example of creativity made in Spain also serves to highlight that, in addition to “thinking heads” can be a good idea for the future to promote certain sectors mean more value, but require an investment in equipment and training , and that is where governments can act clearly.