The Solar

Here are some of the symptoms:-in 1901. Sun's magnetic field has increased in 2,5 times, in 1975. overall volcanic activity increased 500% over the last fifty years, the number of natural disasters has increased five-fold;, recently recorded a significant shift of the magnetic poles on Uranus and Neptune;-since 1999. Earth's magnetic poles have also come in motion, and this process is progressing and is currently offset magnetic poles have already exceeded two hundred kilometers, which is explained by the redistribution of energy flow inside the planet due to entry into the space with different properties;-mentioned sharp increase in magnetic fields and brightness of the planets, the thickness of the plasma layer at the forefront of the heliosphere has increased ten times, which is only possible when entering the solar system in space with more highly charged with energy. Regarding the latter feature can result in very vivid analogy to artificial or natural body, within the Earth's atmosphere from space. Almost all saw on television filming events such as the frontal part of the body formed by the friction of the atmosphere of high temperature plasma layer. Learn more on the subject from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. A variety of sources point to the time when the solar system and Earth along with it will move the barrier: 2012. At the time of transition catastrophic manifestations reached peak values. It is not excluded even shift the geographic poles of Earth. On such a scenario we tried to warn in his epistles, the representatives of the older civilizations that inhabited the planet before.