2010, more difficult and complicated year for the Brazilian people, election this year is difficult same, I am from fear until saying, and thinking about who to vote. Dilma, Mountain range, Marina, good I find that if not to appear, but one What it will be of Brazil? It does not have nothing against woman to govern Brazil, but it will be that they are prepared, and the Mountain range is prepared? Or any one can assume the government of the country, then because I also candidatar cannot me? I am new with a full mind of ideas. But because our candidates so are interested in assuming the presidency of Brazil, it has candidate that he says that already is president of Brazil, which our future? How many people go to die because she does not have where to live? when somebody aid is not the president of Brazil and yes the population that lives daily seeing this, because I believe that of jatinho presidential it does not give pra to see this, exactly I am rebelled, yes with the candidates, because as much has debated between them, not vi interest still, nothing of different in them always the same excrement of all elections, promises and more promises, that never are fulfilled, when somebody decent thing goes to govern this country, are incredible! But I believe that to vote NULL it is not the solution, therefore Brazilian people votes with conscience! THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS!

The Invisibility Of Latin America

The results of a survey published by the Pew Research Center on America’s place in the world leaves us interesting data, because it reflects the opinions of the general public as well as leaders in this case members of the Council of Foreign Relations, the most influential independent organization in that country in international affairs. As happened after the Great Depression of 1929 or the recession and the withdrawal from Vietnam in the 70s of last century, the current global financial crisis has strengthened isolationist sentiment among Americans, the highest that has been in the last four decades. Also the results of public opinion make clear that the U.S. global weight has been reduced, although most believe that this country continues to military superiority on the planet, while economically it has been overtaken by China. There is a consensus in American public opinion, it is preferable to a system of shared international leadership, but premium view that the U.S. must pay attention to their own fundamental problems, especially from the public in general. For the public respondent, as well as for most of the leaders, there is agreement that the main threats to the welfare of the American Union are concentrated in developing nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea. To that they add up in order of instability in Pakistan, Islamic extremism, the financial crisis and climate change.

Added to these threats, are also identified as major global problems, Afghanistan, nuclear proliferation, war, terrorism, violence. American leaders who were part of the study believe that U.S. foreign policy must give priority to the reduction of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, reduce energy imports, ie reducing energy dependence on other countries combating drug trafficking and illegal immigration and other neuralgic issues. The worrying thing for Latin America, is that their invisibility is notable in the findings of the study. While Brazil and Mexico, in that order are present, the rest seems to be of importance to citizens and leaders.

In the case of Brazil, is identified as an important ally in the future, but ranks third in importance after China and India. Mexico, has an ambiguous opinions, mostly as economic ally in the fight against drug trafficking. The rest of the region is not present as an ally or priority, or as a threat or problem. Therefore, Latin American governments must take into account exceptions that American eyes this year 2010, so symbolic for the region, are primarily inward looking, and globally to distant places and problems in Latin America.


The first error is ideological: the Europeans just turn our backs on socialism because they don’t believe that you recipes of a century ago could solve the problems of today. Don’t worry both protect a growing number of unemployed as creating jobs, task for which rely more on right-wing parties. A next example: the campaign of the Party of Jose Montilla in Catalonia, with a few posters that looked to Berlusconi, Aznar, Bush does have to see the man in this story? and a legend: we will get out of the crisis those that we have gotten it? That negative appeal, without illusion of future, him has cost the PSC 200,000 votes. Worse it has done to Gordon Brown, to only two seats convert to the labour in the fourth British party, and also to the languid formation of France’s Martine Aubry, even with the Greens Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Up to the Portuguese Jose Socrates, saved to eke out of the burning, must undergo this Wednesday a motion of censorship. At the national level, things have not gone better. To the hitherto unbeaten Rodriguez Zapatero his anthropological optimism was not enough you and after the defeat of the 7-J will open new fronts: the historical Socialist Felipe Gonzalez and Joaquin Leguina, for example, question already publicly how is managing this economic crisis.

The former President, Javier Solana and several other coreligionists, oppose even the closure of the nuclear power Garona, while Joaquin Almunia, Fernandez Ordonez and some more are already talking openly of reforming the labour market, in search of greater productivity, training workers and adaptation to the new economy. They are not, therefore, few events that have occurred in just one week. Up to the untouchable Leire Pajin begins to be challenged internally by their incompetence then it will be the turn of, well, clumsy and arrogant Minister Carme Chacon and there who puts its future in turn in the Valencian Community, as the Generalitat instead of Jorge Alarte candidate.

Solve Los Problems

Sweating in the armpits can become a great discomfort, especially when it is excessive. Among the problems that can result, is the unpleasant feeling sticky and wet, stains on the clothes and the bad odor that can be seen from afar. Fortunately there are several things we can do to solve these problems of sweating in the armpits, from take simple hygiene measures until surgical interventions in the most severe cases. -The first thing is to thoroughly wash the armpit area, with abundant water, liquid soap and vegetable sponge. -Then thoroughly dry the skin with a towel. -Then there are several substances that you can apply on the skin to prevent problems of sweating in the armpits, as for example talcum powder, baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice.

However, one of the substances that has shown greater efficiency in this regard is the hydrochloride of aluminum, which is present in the composition of many antiperspirants axillary. -Cleans your underarms and apply some various antiperspirant product times a day, to avoid sweating. -Use cotton or other natural fibers, avoiding the garments of polyester or nylon. The latter do not allow the circulation of air on the skin and favour the accumulation of sweat on it. -If these steps do not resolve the problem, you can resort to the iontophoresis, which is the application of a small electric current on the skin to close the pores of the sweat glands. -The application of Botox under the skin of the armpits also helps to reduce sweating. It is an expensive technique, and its effect lasts only six or twelve months.

-In the most severe cases, problems of sweating in the armpits can be solved through a simple surgical procedure called Transthoracic sympathectomy. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for the excessive sweating.

You Work For Money? Make Your Money Work For You!

The goal of investing is to have your money work for you. The main idea is to take a sum of money, the capital, and put it somewhere, either in a company or a project, or some other place which it is believed will grow in value. If growth actually takes place, then the share of the business or project which you purchased should be worth more money than it did when you invested in it, and if you sell your share, you will make a profit. That is the nuts and bolts of investing.

The project or business in which the money is invested is called the instrument, through which money increases, hopefully, in value.  Almost all investment instruments are associated with risk. Usually the higher the risk an investor is willing to take, and then the potential rewards are commensurate with those higher risks. Investors need to always be aware that there is no such thing as a sure thing, and that even investments that seem risk-free can lose money.